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    Fu Liangxiao didn't know how to explain, so she conjured up a lantern in the shape of a rabbit and handed it to him. "Don't be angry," she said ingratiatingly. "This is for you." 090, eat hot pot, put lanterns Fu Liangxiao stretched out his hand to take the exquisite lantern with a surprised look on his face. Du Xiaoyu said with a dry smile, "Isn't it the Shangyuan Lantern Festival today? I happened to see it when I went to town, so I bought several of them back. This one for you is the most beautiful!" See her a pair of carefully ingratiating appearance, Fu Liangxiao feel funny for no reason, the heart of the depression also faded a lot, his face showed a knowing smile. I haven't seen him smile like this for about five or six days since the deep ploughing. Du Xiaoyu's mood immediately became happy, and he took the opportunity to ask in a low voice, "then you." Aren't you mad at me? Although she has not yet figured out when she made him unhappy, she has always felt that Ah Fu's brother is a "good baby" type, it is absolutely impossible to ignore her for no reason, it can only be what she said or did in an unconscious state to make him feel bad. Fu Liangxiao was slightly stunned. He also tried to avoid her, lest his mind was too strong to frighten her, did not expect this girl to misunderstand so much. Fu Liangxiao had no way to explain, so he had to follow her meaning and shake his head to show that he was not angry. Du Xiaoyu's eyes were slightly bright. "Will you go out to have dinner with us later?" These days, he even eats in his room,water filling machine, the door is closed tightly, and he hasn't been on the table for a long time. Fu Liangxiao nodded. Du Xiaoyu's heart was full of joy. This was probably the first time she had such a big head to coax people. Before crossing, she had been held in the palm of her parents where she had encountered this kind of thing. So she could coax Ah Fu. She felt a sense of achievement for no reason. Even the smile on her face was a little deeper. As soon as she smiled, Fu Liangxiao could not help but raise his hand. He wanted to touch her face gently, but he suddenly realized it and immediately drew his hand back. Du Xiaoyu did not know what he was thinking, but felt that this action was a bit silly, and could not help laughing out loud. When he looked over,juice filling machine, he immediately forced himself to hold back, and when he really couldn't hold back, he turned around and ran away. That night, Ding Li and his wife from the old house brought Ding Wenzhi over for dinner. Du Xiaoyu made mutton hot pot. There were no fresh vegetables in this season, and the garden in the backyard had not yet started to grow vegetables. Du Xiaoyu went to the town and only bought a few cabbages. He also went to the dry goods shop to buy some day Lily. Lian Shi made some tofu. The soybean sprouts sent two days ago were just edible today. He scraped together here and there, and there were several side dishes. The whole family sat around the Eight Immortals table, holding chopsticks and eager to try. This is not the first time that Du Xiaoyu made hot pot, but everyone still thought it was very novel. Last time she made grass carp hot pot, because the taste of the soup base and dipping water was very positive, so several people who could not eat spicy food were all riveted to eat vigorously. As a result, they suffered from excessive internal heat and stomachache, which made several people suffer a lot. Du Xiaoyu did not dare to put spicy this time, early picked part of the sheep bone out to boil into soup, Vegetable oil filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, used to make soup base. You can rest assured to eat, this is a clear soup base, not spicy. Du Xiaoyu glanced around the crowd and said with a smile. Only then did they dare to put their chopsticks into the pot. Mutton is fat and lean sheep meat with bones, the entrance is soft and tender, and the smell of mutton is not heavy. Ding Wenzhang ate the first bite and couldn't stop. He hurriedly praised Du Xiaoyu and stuffed his mouth bulging. Seeing that Tuanzi was short and his hands were too short to reach, he laughed and gave him a few chopsticks of mutton, which piled up the bowl of Tuanzi into a hill. The soup that had not yet been rinsed tasted the best. Du Xiaoyu stood up and filled a bowl for everyone, and then put a few pieces of mutton in Fu Liangxiao's rice bowl. Fu Liangxiao looked up at her. Du Xiaoyu said, "Brother Ah Fu has been eating in his room these days. It's rare that you're willing to come out and eat with us. Then eat more. You've been busy in the field a few days ago. You've worked hard." Fu Liangxiao smiled and lowered his head to put the mutton she had picked up into his mouth. Ding Wenzhang and Lian Shi looked at each other and saw a look of relief in each other's eyes. Parents may not know, but their husband and wife are very clear, these days Xiaoyu sister seems to have quarreled with Ah Fu brothers, Ah Fu does not come out to eat, also do not talk to anyone, Xiaoyu sister there is a tight tone, did not reveal a word, they are caught in the middle of all kinds of difficulties, it is not good to take the initiative to ask, the atmosphere in the house is very strange every day. Now, these two people are finally reconciled, and it will be more convenient for everyone to get along under the same roof in the future. This night, because of the reconciliation of Fu Liangxiao and Du Xiaoyu, everyone gathered together happily, and the atmosphere was high. Ding Li, who drank too much, was helped back to the old house by Hu after dinner. As soon as the two elders left, the younger generation was basically unrestrained. Du Xiaoyu took out the lanterns he had bought and proposed to put them by the river. This is the first time that Ding Wenzhang and his wife have personally set off lanterns, and both of them have a look of expectation on their faces. Not long after, a group of people went back and forth to the river with oil lamps. The night wind by the river was very cold, but it could not hold the young people's hot hearts. They lit the lanterns one by one, found a place to squat down, and made a wish before putting them into the river. The dark night by the river was dimly lit by several lanterns, which were colorful and beautiful. Ding Wenzhang looked at Lian with a smile and asked her, "Wife, what wish did you make?" Lian Shi covered his mouth and chuckled. "This kind of wish can't be said. It won't work if you say it. I won't tell you." Ding Wenzhang made a hurt look on his face. Lian Shi just doesn't care about him, the mouth is closed tightly, do not say is not to say. Du Xiaoyu looked at Tuanzi, "little guy, what wish did you make?" Without thinking about it, Tuanzi said directly, "Tuanzi hopes that she and her sister can eat meat every day, sleep in a big soft bed, and not be cold or hungry." When they heard this, they couldn't help laughing. Du Xiaoyu nodded with satisfaction,PET bottle Mold, "Well, yes, it's a good wish. You're so sincere that you're sure to come true." 。 gzxilinear.com

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