A Pool of Green Lotus Waiting for the Moon to Blossom

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    Before he had finished speaking, Tang Jiyao had already rushed forward. Lan Haoyue called out to her and ran after her, saying, "Cousin, maybe the man pretending to be Jixun is the noon of the Dream Tower. If you meet him, you should be careful." Tang Jiyao flew over and said casually, "He only deceived us by transfiguration. Now he's exposed. Can't we deal with him?" By this time, whistles had sounded everywhere in Tangmen. When the two sisters arrived at the suspension bridge, there were ten people on both sides of the river bank, all holding sharp blades to handle the pass. Torches swayed in the night, floating in the shadow of the faint river. Tang Yunsu and Yang Zhanhong were interrogating the guards on the sentry. Aunt, where is the thief? Tang Jiyao rushed forward. Tang Yunsu's question was interrupted by her. She felt a little unhappy and said angrily, "I haven't caught it yet." "But just now my father's men said they saw the man coming to the drawbridge!" Tang Jiyao did not hear the displeasure in her words, but looked around eagerly, as if she wanted to catch the other party first. Yang Zhanhong sighed, "When we got here, we didn't see anyone at all.." "Father and mother!" Suddenly there was a cry from the bushes on one side. As soon as they were shocked, they looked for the sound and saw a young man in a blue shirt running towards here. He stumbled and stumbled. It was Tang Jixun, the son of Tang Yunsu. The couple couldn't help being alert. When Tang Jixun came near, he gasped, "I was attacked before. When I woke up, I found that you had all gone to the hall. But before I went in, I saw that the hall was dark and someone was flying out of the side window.". I followed him all the way here,Prison toilet for sale, but there was no sign of him. Only then did Tang Yunsu confirm that this was his own son. He could not help stamping his feet and saying, "You have really ruined my great event!" Immediately called a large number of people, let them cross the river to search carefully. Everyone went their own way, but Tang Jiyao and Lan Haoyue were left out in the cold. Haoyue, don't care about them. Let's go out and find them ourselves. Tang Jiyao became angry and pulled Lan Haoyue to jump over the river in the courtyard, in the distance. The two men did not bring torches when they came out, but the moonlight was bright and thin, flowing evenly over the plain,Concealed Flush Valve, reflecting the shadows of trees far or near. At this time, Lan Haoyue was sure that the person who pretended to be Tang Jixun should be Noon. As soon as she thought that this person had stolen the treasure again under her own eyes, her heart ignited the flame of wanting to capture him in one fell swoop. But the two of them did not know the direction of escape at noon, just blindly searching along the river, after a circle or no harvest. Seeing that there was already a fork in the road ahead, Tang Jiyao said anxiously, "Haoyue, which way are we going now?" Lan Haoyue saw two paths, one leading to the Wanli Bridge and the other passing through the Ginkgo Forest. She did not know where to go. She pointed to them and said, "Where does this road lead to?" "Behind the ginkgo forest is a slope, and further on is the wilderness, where there is no place to hide." Lan Haoyue looked up at the deep and dark ginkgo forest. After a moment's thought, she whispered, "Let's take a look at this forest." Although Tang Jiyao is a hothead, he also knows that the darker the place is, the more dangerous it is. At that moment, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Time Delay Tap, he shoots a few hidden weapons with two fingers. The thistles whistled through the forest, knocking down many leaves before they fell to the ground, but there was no sign of anyone around. Go Lan Haoyue saw that there was no ambush for the time being, and took Tang Jiyao to jump up to the treetop, tiptoe lightly, tossing and turning between the tall ginkgo trees, and heading for the depths of the woods. The woods came to an end at the bend of the river. The blue moon stepped on the branches, leaned between the thick branches, and looked into the distance by moonlight. Not far away, the river was murmuring, slowly flowing to the sky under the silent moon. There was no building in front of it except a temple that had been in disrepair for a long time, and behind it was a low mound of earth, which stretched across the slope, overgrown with miscellaneous trees, shadowing under the moon, as if it were covered with black veil. She frowned. It was unexpectedly quiet all the way. Could it be that she had gone in the wrong direction, or that the people in the Dream Tower had already left here? "Shall we go back that way?" When Tang Jiyao saw that the four fields were empty, he hesitated. The blue moon is hesitating, while the night wind comes slowly, blowing the green leaves dancing, and under the quiet moon sky, suddenly sounded the long flute sound. The voice was clear and mellow, diffused above the water waves through the bright moonlight, with the sweetness of the clear spring in the mountains, and with a little chill in its bones. Tang Jiyao was stunned and wanted to ask, but Lan Haoyue made a gesture to stop her from making a sound. At that moment she suddenly recalled the sound of the pastoral flute she had heard that day in the mountains of western Hunan. Although the two sounds were not exactly similar, they were enough to remind her of the appearance of noon. Maybe the people in the dream building are sending a message. She lowered her voice and tried to warn Tang Jiyao. Tang Jiyao's eyes brightened, and without waiting for Lan Haoyue to finish, she jumped forward. Lan Haoyue was startled, afraid that she would frighten the snake, and hurriedly followed her. By this time the breeze had stopped, but the sound of the flute was still fluttering, and it could be discerned that it was coming from behind the temple. The blue moon jumped onto the roof of the temple and saw a man standing quietly with his back to her by the slowly flowing river. The surface of the water rippled and the stars flashed, reflecting his sky-blue clothes, which made him more quiet. Also do not know why, although can only see his back, but it seems that he should be in harmony with the faint moonlight. The sound of the flute is flying leisurely, which seems to intoxicate the green mountains and waters and awaken the lotus flowers in the pond. In the dreamland, lotus flowers overlap, one after another, one after another, rippling in the heart, here, competing to blossom. Lan Haoyue was so intoxicated that she couldn't bear to break the song like the sounds of nature. But Tang Jiyao was just stupefied for a moment, then lightly shouted, ten fingers flying, a few points of silver light toward the green shirt man's legs shot. Ji Yao! Lan Haoyue was startled, but he saw that the man suddenly swept his sleeve, and the flute in his hand flew out, making a whine sound in the air. Between several turns,stainless steel squatting pan, the hidden weapon that had been forced behind him was shaken out several feet away. When Tang Jiyao saw that he really had martial arts, he snorted and drew his sword in his hand. Together, he jumped down from the roof and brushed several swords to pick up many vital parts of his shoulders and back waist. cnkexin.com

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