A Riot representative confirmed that Zed is really a member of the Riot team

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    A year LoL accounts after, Riot Games decided to to take additional action, allegedly by security team member Zed reaching out to the Chronoshift folks. That interaction did not go well, and when the conversation was leaked onto the League of Legends subredddit, it went viral. Screenshots showed a dialog involving Zed -- who said his job was to"find people and things" -- and a Chronoshift developer. The conversation moved viral because of Zed's threatening and unprofessional approach to squashing the project, also including a couple of quippy lines.

    "You've clearly put a lot of effort into Chrono shift, but I assure you that the Chrono fracture is coming," Zed wrote.

    A Riot representative confirmed that Zed is really a member of the Riot team, also supplied Polygon with the following announcement:

    First, to confirm that a few details, on Monday our legal counsel delivered the Chronoshift development group a letter formally requesting they stop development on the job. This follows an explicit request our developer relations team created a year ago when the project was first announced. Our stance on jobs such as Chronoshift is also explicitly called out in part 3 of our legal guidelines. We realize that the Chronoshift team is disappointed, but they shouldn't be astonished by our request.

    Concerning the exchange using Riot Zed, we are disappointed with the tenor of this dialogue and we'll be addressing this logically. We frequently attempt good faith reach-outs before issuing documentation.

    We fully expect this to make fresh memes and copypasta and totally deserve it all, so place it on the shelf right next to'200 years' and all the others.

    Since a couple Individuals have asked about if this suggests a'League Classic' is in the works, never say never but Best place to buy LoL accounts we have addressed this previously and afaik our stance is the same

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