Android Live Wallpaper for Christmas

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    This Christmas, have a little fun in your very own, one-of-a-kind, “My Christmas Wonderland” Live Wallpaper! Get it today!

    See more screenshots of the app from:

    • Magical Christmas Tree, Ferris Wheel, Space Flyer, its all there and more!
    • enjoy little interactions and discoveries, and be surprised!
    • make snow fall.
    • change background colours and size of view.
    • sync day and night scene with real time!

    Have FUN with this NEW interactive and discoverable My Christmas Wonderland LIVE Wallpaper, SPECIALLY made for the holiday season!

    Turn on the 40+ animated effects! The switches are everywhere across the Wonderland. Just tap to discover.

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    Stop advertising your stuff here. This is not a place for you to plug your software.

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