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    As soon as the figure flashed, the man entered the room, but after listening to the child's stuffy hum, he was silent. Immediately, the lights in the room came on again. Grandma Long was pale and panting on the corner of the table, but the child was caught under Cao Wandou's left flank. His limbs were soft, and it was obvious that the acupoint had been closed. Cao Wandou looked at Granny Long with a smile on his face and said, "Granny, you can't mention True Force and True Qi any more. If you mention True Force and True Qi any more, your skill will be completely transformed into running water.". Here! Here! Here! I have a'Qinghuo Pingqi Pill 'here. Take it quickly. After an hour, you will recover your strength. It is no different from the past. Granny Long opened her eyes wide and said resentfully, "You've already done something to the old man!" Cao Wandou grinned and said, "I'm sorry. That was a last resort. I was so kind that I took a fancy to your grandson and wanted to accept him as a disciple. But your grandmother refused to let him go. I had to use a little trick to control your strength for the time being. Let's talk about it calmly." Granny Long: Humph! "Sun is in the hands of an old man like you," he said. "What else is there to talk about?" Cao Wandou smiled and said, "There are still a lot of questions to talk about."! Why don't your grandmother take this pill first, calm down, and have a sincere talk about the child's future? Long grandma was obviously in the second shot, excited by Cao Wandou secretly under the vicious hand, painful, she had the determination to die, but, heard the child's future, there is room for negotiation,ceramic bobbin heater core, can not help but have a glimmer of hope, put the pill into the mouth. As expected, the medicine has a miraculous effect. As soon as the efficacy of the medicine is dispersed, the True Qi returns to the original and the pain is eliminated. She closed her eyes and breathed for a moment. "Why don't you just take this opportunity to kill the old man?" She sighed. Cao Wandou said, "We don't want to hurt you for the sake of your grandson, so I hope your grandmother can cooperate with us and make your grandson an invincible master in the future." Granny Long gave a wry smile and said, "You have robbed my grandson, and you want to use me. It's really vicious to the extreme." Cao Wandou smiled and said,7g Ozone Generator, "Actually, we want to use you, but why can't you also use us? As the saying goes, 'If you stay in the green hills, you're not afraid of no firewood.' Your grandmother is the child's grandmother. In the future, the child will listen to you. Aren't you happy to pick up ready-made? Have you thought of that?" Only God knows whether the child will listen to her when she grows up, but this is a glimmer of hope, and this glimmer of hope is the temptation that no one can refuse. Grandma Long was defeated by this faint hope at that time. At that moment she was stupefied for a moment, and after a moment of hesitation, as expected, she calmed down a lot and sighed softly. Way: "The child has already fallen into your hands anyway, or he won't come back. Well, for the sake of the child, the old man will compromise and talk to you." Cao Wandou said with a smile, "Granny is really a sensible person. She knows a little about it. In this way, you are good, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,Kamado bbq grill, I am good, our proprietor is good, and your grandson is even better.". Isn't everyone happy? Granny Long: Humph! "Cut the crap," he said. "How can I cooperate with you?" Cao Wandou said, "The matter of cooperation is very simple. As long as you change your mind, when I take your grandson away, it means that we are willing to eliminate all misunderstandings, and we are very grateful to let me take your grandson away, so as to eliminate the psychological shadow of your grandson first, so that your grandson can concentrate on his work and make progress in the future." Granny Long thought for a moment and said, "But the old man also has one condition. I hope I can see him once a year and spend seven or eight days with him." Cao Wandou laughed and said, "That's not a condition at all. Even if your grandmother doesn't say it, our proprietor is going to let her spend ten days and a half months with your grandson every year.." The voice suddenly paused, and then said, "It's just a little bit. In order to save time for your grandson to go back and forth, I want to ask your grandmother to move to the Fushou Hall that we have prepared for you." Granny Long shook her head and flatly refused, "I can't leave here.". ” "You're afraid your granddaughter won't be able to find you, aren't you?" Asked Cao Wandou. Granny Long was obviously worried by what he said. "So what?" She asked. Cao Wandou said with a smile, "You can rest assured that we will send someone to stay here and wait for your granddaughter to come back. As long as you leave a word, we will take your granddaughter to meet you. You see, we are very thoughtful to your grandmother!" Granny Long hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said, "Well, I'll make a deal with you." Cao Wandou said, "Now that Grandma is willing to cooperate with us, please keep your word. I'll explain the acupoint for your grandson." Granny Long sighed and said, "Untie his acupoint." Cao Wandou solved the child's acupoint, and without waiting for him to wake up completely, he handed him over to Grandma Long. When Granny Long caught the child, she couldn't help feeling sad. In her old eyes, she shed two lines of tears. The child moved his hands and feet in Granny Long's arms. Granny Long quickly wiped away the tears from her face and called out softly, "Wind, wake up, wake up. It's all right." The child slowly opened his eyes and looked at Granny Long and said, "Granny, did you beat them all away?" He turned his back to Cao Wandou, apparently not seeing Cao Wandou. When Granny Long looked at Cao Wandou and did not know how to answer, Cao Wandou said, "Yes, those people have all been beaten away by us." The boy looked back at Cao Wandou and frowned. "Who are you?" He asked. Just now, the room was dark, and the child obviously did not see Cao Wandou's face clearly, so he asked such a question. Cao Wandou was really an old fox. He acted according to circumstances and said, "I'm your sister's friend. I just came to see you, so I helped your grandmother beat those people away." The child blinked his eyes and said, "a friend of my sister came here just now. You are not all the way, are you?" Cao Wandou nodded and said, "We were all the way together, just because I had something to do. Later, where did he go now?" Said,ceramic igniter electrodes, a pair of eyes rolling around, looking around more than. "He's gone," said the child. 。

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