Black bag group of the goddess of war

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    Meng Chunyu seemed to be trying to say something. Zhao Ge suppressed the fire in his heart, and then calmly said to Meng Chunyu, "Pack up your things and report to the personnel department. You can be transferred to the reference room for the time being." Hearing what Zhao Ge said, everyone breathed tightly. In the secretarial office, only those who have made mistakes will be directly driven away or transferred. After all, the work here is trivial, but at least the salary is good, and it looks good to the outside world. Hearing that Meng Chunyu was going to be transferred, everyone immediately became nervous. So you made a mistake? But Meng Chunyu came back crying yesterday, and this is why General Manager Shan is still angry. Meng Chunyu was also stunned, after the reaction came over, the tone also followed a lot of stiff: "But, Zhao Ge, I had sent a resume, is to be a secretary ah." "On the first day of the induction training, did the responsible personnel take you to distinguish between the normal elevator of the company and the special elevator of General Manager Shan? Whose elevator did you get on this morning?" Zhao Ge originally did not want to speak out in public, so that Meng Chunyu embarrassed. However, Meng Chunyu did not have any letters in his heart, which made Zhao Ge angry again. Hearing what Zhao Ge said, Meng Chunyu's face turned white. I tried to struggle again, but I didn't know what to say. Finally, he mumbled twice and turned to pack up his things. I just entered the secretarial office yesterday, and I was transferred today. Meng Chunyi was so wronged that he shed tears as he packed up his things. But no one around her dared to come and help her or comfort her. Are you crazy? Everyone's first day of employment, were taken by the personnel,tape measure clip, carefully understand the single total of the special elevator, Meng Chun did not make such a low-level mistake. Either his work attitude is not correct enough, or he has other thoughts. Either way, it was not acceptable to other secretaries, so no one came out to help. Meng Chunyi saw that there was no one to help him, and his heart was even more aggrieved. Fortunately, she had just arrived and had not received any work at all. After all, newcomers in the workplace.. Just entered the secretarial office, when a period of time to serve tea and water younger sister,Fish measuring board, is a normal thing. So, if you don't have any work to hand over, you can pack it and send it directly to the reference room. Meng Chunyi felt aggrieved, packed up his things and followed Zhao Ge. The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt. Finally, his tears kept falling. Brother Zhao was still upset, but he didn't say much. New people are not easy, Zhao Ge knows, but if even the most basic attitude is not, made such a low-level mistake, Zhao Ge does not feel that Meng Chun is pitiful. So, Cheng had nothing to say and sent him directly to the reference room. Meng Chunyu felt pitiful, but Dongshu still felt wronged. After sending people out, they have to start their day's work. In addition to some information that needs to be signed and e-mails that need to be reviewed, there are two remote meetings that need to be held. There is no time to take a bath in the middle to wash off the smell of soybean milk. Then, Dongshu was smoked by the smell of soybean milk all morning, and the whole person was not very good. Very not easy to stay up until noon, Walking measuring wheel ,Diameter tape measure, we go to eat, time is not so tight. Dongshu took a shower in the past, then changed her clothes again, and asked Xiaohe, the assistant of life, to prepare clothes again. I wanted to rest for a while and then work in the afternoon. As a result, the friend of the original owner sent a message in the WeChat group. This is a small group, and there are only a few people in the group. Chen Yan: Come on, be pretentious! Lv Bin: What's wrong with pretending to be your sister? Home confinement lifted? Chen Yan:.. No, when Miss Fang returned home, she insisted that I organize a get-together. I thought, let's get together. Lv Bin: No, it's hot and annoying. Chen Yan: Give me face. They begged me to come here. Lv Bin: People beg to come to you, but their target is not you (smirk) …… The two of them are just like doing cross talk, and you say one word to each other. However, Dong Shu from two people's chat, but saw a little thing. The reason for the sudden organization of a small gathering is that Miss Fang is coming back. This young lady of the Fang family, because of the memory of the original owner, so Dongshu knows who it is. Fang Yuqian, with the original owner of the family is a family friend, we have a good relationship, it is not too much to say that childhood sweethearts. And the two families also have the intention of marriage. But it was only an intention, but it was not mentioned. And this Fang Yuqian may really like the original owner. Because in the dialogue between Lv Bin and Chen Yan, this is the meaning. Chapter 2133 I have an overbearing aura 11. Look, there are women coming and going again. This is the opportunity. So, immediately jumped out: "Host, this is an opportunity ah, is a woman!!!" 526 is very excited to see a woman at this time. But do not know, if not Dongshu suppression, this morning in the elevator, Meng Chunyi almost touched his chest, the body is estimated to spit out. This misogyny is scary to think about. Go to find Fang Yuqian again at this time? Heh! Are you afraid that the vomiting is not obvious? But it's really not good for everyone to get together and not go by themselves. Dong Shu sneered and joked, "Come on, give me a catty of cherries to eat first." Hearing this, the whole system shook and scrambled for a while. Reaction to come over, hurriedly opened his mouth: "No, can't, need to complete the task, have points reward, can change the goods in the mall, so the host, still need the task, in fact, three lines is really not difficult, and complete a sentence, you can continue a lot of life, very cost-effective." "However, you have a free experience in these fruit zones, no more than 500g at a time, I did not ask too much, come on, let me taste it first, and then decide whether to do the task or not." Dongshu's ability to exploit loopholes is still good. So,fish measuring tape, at this time, it is particularly justified. I think this is really hard to die. However, there is a free experience area in the mall. And it has no right to refute.

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