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    Coming so soon? Zhao Huan hesitated for a moment, or passed Zhao Gou in. Brother Huang, I heard that Qin Zhen was captured by the imperial army. I don't know what mistakes she made. Please let her go. I'm willing to be punished for what she did! Zhao Gou unexpectedly lowered his posture and apologized as soon as he met. Zhao Huangan smiled twice and said, "Brother Jiu, please get up. I'm not arresting Qin Zhen. I'm just asking her to come to the palace to help investigate Fan Lou's smuggling of grain and grass. Now it's clear. You can take her back." "Oh?"? So that's it. Zhao Gou didn't want Qin Zhen to stay in the palace for a moment. After a few words of gossip, he took her away from the palace quickly. What's going on here? Qin Zhen was so angry that he beat the cloth in the carriage and said, "Yige is really my good sister. She really doesn't say anything. She actually told the King of Yun all about me in Liao." "Is it them?" There was a flash of cold light in Zhao Gou's eyes. He comforted Qin Zhen and said, "After you know what kind of person she is, you should be more careful in doing things in the future. Don't confide in others at will." Qin Zhen nodded and said, "Fortunately, Big Brother has been arranging the transfer of Fanlou for the past few months. Even if the emperor sends someone to seal it up now, the loss will not be too great." Zhao Gou said happily, "It's just right. If Boss Fan suddenly disappears for no reason, it will attract attention. If there is such a thing as'smuggling 'this time, others will only think that he ran away with his money and will not have much idea." He thought for a moment and then asked, "Didn't your brother embarrass you?"? How could it be so easy to transfer all your charges to Fan Lou? Qin Zhen shook his head and said, "I don't know what he thinks. It seems that he intends to let me go." This matter can be light or heavy, Zhao Huan took the way of avoiding the important and dwelling on the trivial, following Qin Zhen's excuse,fine bubble diffuser, pushing her mistakes to Fan Lou, can not but say that he did not take into account the reasons for Zhao Gou. Their childhood things Zhao Huan has been in the eyes, and then look at today, Qin Zhen front foot was brought into the palace, he immediately rushed to, enough to show that Qin Zhen is important to him. Although his heart has been on guard against Zhao Gou, but he also knows that if Zhao Gou really hurt his heart,rapid sand filters, then it is tantamount to forcing him to rebel, at least at this time, he does not want to force him like this. You go to Lin'an with Wu Shaofen. Zhao Gou suddenly said. Qin Zhen asked in surprise, "Didn't you say you could take me to the front?" Zhao Gou explained, "Brother Huang now knows your identity as the princess of Liao. If I take you there again, he will inevitably think too much, thinking that we have other intentions. If someone reminds him, he may think that I want to use Liao's forces to confront him.". In this case, not only is it not conducive to the war of Liao, but it will also deepen the misunderstanding between each other. Qin Zhen nodded, although do not want to believe, but Zhao Huan is really suspicious at this time, can not care. Seeing that Qin Zhen was somewhat disappointed, Belt Filter Press ,Rotating sludge scraper, Zhao Gou said, "Don't think that I asked you to go to Lin'an to play. When you get there, you can help me keep an eye on the guard factory. When the things ordered years ago are ready, you can send someone to send them over. It's good to try the power first on the battlefield." Thinking of the things that the Third Elder Martial Brother had played with, Qin Zhen was not so disgusted with going to Lin'an. He quickly said, "I must urge them to do it quickly. Look at the power of those things!" On June 15, Zhao Gou served as the military governor of northern Liao and supervised the imperial censors to leave for Nanjing of Liao. At the same time, Qin Zhen and Qingmei, with their main servants, brazenly withdrew to Prince Kang's Mansion in Lin'an. Wu Shaofen led the Escort Agency under Linlang Pavilion to secretly escort Fan Tianxiang and Li Shishi to Lin'an. Volume 2: The Eagle Strikes the Sky 104, the flames of war are scattered. When Bianjing went to Lin'an, they had to pass through Huainan West Road and Dijie (now in Anhui), where turmoil was breaking out. Although Qingmei had sent people to explore the way in advance to avoid colliding with the "rebel army", unfortunately, they still met the peasant uprising troops. Because of the large number of supplies in their convoy and the gorgeous clothes, the "rebel army" recognized at a glance that this was the team of officials and officials traveling. Without a word, they came forward to grab things and smash the car. In the chaos, Qin Zhen and Qingmei were separated. Escaping from the pursuit of the "insurrectionary army", Qin Zhen plucked up her courage and walked into a small town controlled by the "insurrectionary army". She looked so dirty at the moment that no one would rob her as an official again. Walking towards the city, she carefully carved the plum blossom mark on the road, which was the secret signal agreed with Qingmei in advance. As he was walking, Qin Zhen suddenly found black smoke billowing in a big yard in front of him, and from time to time there was a howl. She ran to the main gate of the courtyard, which was already surrounded by a lot of people. The crowd of onlookers roared in confusion, and from time to time there were broadswords in the crowd. Qin Zhen listened carefully. It turned out that a small group of "rebels" were looting the mansion of a big landlord in the city. Qin Zhen turned his head and did not prepare to take care of this matter, she was alone at the moment, how to fight with the "rebel army" that controlled the whole town? But before she had gone two steps, she heard the screams of a young woman in the crowd. One, two, tragic cries for help mixed in the waves of laughter into Qin Zhen's ears, let her clench her fist! Is this the so-called "rebel army"? Shouting righteous slogans, but acting like animals, is worse than the corrupt officials they scold! An impulse. Qin Zhen touched the ground on tiptoe. Turned over and jumped into the crowd, grabbed the big hand that was tearing the girl's clothes, and at the same time, a bright knife was on the neck of the big man. Qin really surprised, looking back, there was a woman in red and she stood out at the same time, to stop the atrocities of this person, two people can not help but look at each other appreciatively. Several women, who were kneeling on the ground and crying, crawled to the half-naked girl's voice and hurriedly took off their long gowns to cover the girl's body,lamella clarifer, crying bitterly. But the girl's face was expressionless except for tears. Looking at the girl's desperate expression, Qin Zhen bitterly rebuked the "insurrectionary army" who was on guard with a knife and asked, "Is the abuse of women and children what you call equality? Is this the life you seek? 。

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