Confuse the country and poison the imperial concubine

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    Listening to the Heavenly Book calling her aunt, Li Mammy was not unhappy. The Heavenly Book always felt that it was inappropriate to call her Mammy, and only called her aunt. Li Mammy looked at a small bird standing on the hand of the Heavenly Book, with round eyes, black as black beads, rubbing the hand of the Heavenly Book intimately, and then jumping in the palm of his hand to eat. Heavenly book stretched out his hand and gently stroked his little head. The whole person seemed to be gathered in a shallow spring sunshine. He was never the most beautiful of the four sons, but he was the most gentle and elegant. That kind of peaceful atmosphere made her heart lake, which had always been calm, ripple inexplicably. But I do not know where came a cool breeze blowing, the book seems to be unable to stand the general, coughing up in a low voice: "Cough.." Cough.. Mammy Li hesitated for a moment, then walked over with the bird's nest in her hand. She took the bird food from the Heavenly Book and put the bird's nest in his hand. She said in a gentle voice, "Although it's already the end of spring, the childe's cough is not good all the time. I think I'm still too close to these birds. The bird feathers are fine, like catkins. Weak people can't stand those fine feathers." Tianshu took the bird's nest in her hand and looked at her with a smile: "Aunt is always so meticulous, Tianshu can be saved." Li Mammy smiled and sat down holding the Heavenly Book. She and the Heavenly Book often need to discuss things in the building, and they have the same views. They are also close friends. Earlier, when she read the Heavenly Book,interactive panel board, she seemed to have a different idea about the Four Minors, and she was worried about how to solve it. But for more than a year, the Four Minors seldom appeared, and the Heavenly Books seemed to calm down. Those thoughts seemed to be scattered, which saved her time to enlighten her. She looked at the book from heaven and used the bird's nest to feed the birds. At the same time, she carefully looked at the population of birds, especially the homing pigeons. The Heavenly Book looked at her as if casually asking, "How does my aunt know that these pigeons are homing pigeons?" Mammy Li looked at the pigeons for a while and found that there were not only homing pigeons,touch screen board classroom, but also some that were not homing pigeons. She thought to herself that maybe the book from heaven really just liked birds. She smiled and said, "The feathers of homing doves are always longer than those of ordinary pigeons, and their body lines are different." As she spoke, she hugged a small carrier pigeon that flew up to her palm and pecked at it, and showed it to the Heavenly Book: "Look, its head and neck..." The smile on her lips suddenly froze at the sight of the pigeon's leg. The Heavenly Book looked at her and suddenly did not speak. He only stared at the pigeon. His eyes were slightly cool. "What's the matter, aunt?" Mammy Li suddenly raised her eyes and looked at him sharply. "Heavenly Book, Si Shao treats you well. Why did you betray Si Shao?" The Heavenly Book looked at her, slightly frowning, as if puzzled: "Aunt, are you in a daze? Have I ever betrayed Si Shao?" "Do you still want to quibble, Heavenly Book? I really misjudged you!" Li Mammy coldly raised her eyebrows and looked at her with a calm expression. "Aunt said so, what evidence is there?" Mother Li looked at him coldly and said, touch screen whiteboard ,classroom interactive whiteboard, "Look at the legs of this homing pigeon. Although you have mixed the homing pigeon with ordinary wild pigeons and removed the letter boxes from their feet, you have not noticed that once the legs of the homing pigeons are tied to the letter boxes, they will leave fine light-colored marks on their legs." The book from heaven fell on the leg of the homing pigeon, and sure enough, the right leg of the homing pigeon had a very slight trace of light color, which was slightly different from the color of the left leg. He narrowed his eyes slightly, did not speak, and coughed lightly. Who are you? Why are you lurking in the Green Bamboo Building? Who are you sending messages to? Li Mammy asked again in a cold voice. Then she saw that the Heavenly Book seemed uncomfortable. Remembering the feelings they had worked together in the past, she softened her tone: "If you tell the truth, if you really have to, I'll report it to Si Shao, but.." Her voice did not fall, suddenly felt something was wrong behind her, and on the ground behind his own figure I do not know when more than a strange shadow, according to the distance, I do not know how long behind her! As soon as Mammy Li's heart tightened, she lifted her feet and ran to the side, but it was still too late. Suddenly, someone pinched her shoulder. Then she felt a strong wind in the back of her head. She felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck. Her eyes were black and she fell to the ground. She looked over in a daze and vaguely saw another tall figure standing behind her. She tried to look over, but she couldn't see the man's face clearly because of the backlighting, until. The Heavenly Book raised its eyes to look at the man and said lightly, "Heavenly Painting, you have gone too far." A man in his early twenties rubbed his wrist and sneered, "Why, do you still feel sorry for Mammy Li? She knows your secret." His appearance is more handsome than the book from heaven, hanging nose and thin lips, only a pair of fox-like peach blossom eyes make him look a little more frivolous, less elegant than the book from heaven. If it is said that the book from heaven looks like a fairy on the precipice, then his pink clothes set off his appearance like a peach blossom demon, or a fox fairy. Li Mammy lying on the ground couldn't help shaking all over, it was a sky painting, even a sky painting. Betrayed Si Shao! Tianhua stepped over Mammy Li and walked to the Heavenly Book. She glanced at the bird's nest in his bowl and said sarcastically, "No wonder Mammy Li has always taken good care of you, but she's different from us." The Heavenly Book raised his eyes and looked at him coldly. "What are you doing here?" With a sniff, Tian Hua's eyes, which were as long as a fox, were slightly raised: "I had something to say to you, but now it seems that the matter in front of me is more important. How are you going to deal with her? Is it closed or.." He drew a knife to his neck. The Heavenly Book said lightly, "Aunt Li can't be killed. If she dies here, you and I will be in trouble." "Are you afraid of trouble or reluctant to give up?" With a snort, Tianhua suddenly straddled his long legs and sat on his lap facing the Heavenly Book. He put his arms around the Heavenly Book's neck and said with a charming and intimate look, "If you're afraid of trouble, you can give it to someone else. After they've played with it, they'll handle it well without leaving any trace." As he spoke,75 inch smart board, he grinned and licked his lips. "Well, it must be interesting to say that no one has ever made her so serious." "Auntie is not one of your guests. Don't use your disgusting tricks on her." Tianshu cold tunnel, conveniently the sky painting around his neck hand pulled down.

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