Daxia is very poor (time travel, supernatural spirits) Author: Twilight Ice Wheel

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    By the way, what about the secret room where I was locked up? I caught a little sparrow there. Lu Yu remembered the little sparrow that had saved his life and felt that he could not forget its great kindness, so he asked Zhou Congyu. Filial piety people did not go back, probably left some kind of surveillance bamboo seal or something. Knowing that you had been rescued, I ran away in case I left someone waiting there. But I did bring you back your little sparrow. Zhou Congyu went to the study to find two bamboo tubes and handed them to him, saying, "Your Huang Daxian has also been found, but fortunately he didn't take it away.". Here, this is a sparrow. I asked the bamboo seal master inside the door to destroy the rune in the basement, release it, and then catch it in the bamboo tube to bring it to you. With thoughtful consideration, Lu Yu happily held the two bamboo seals and released them all in one breath. As soon as the sparrow saw him, he stood affectionately on his head and pecked his scalp. Wong Tai Sin, who had been indifferent to him, crouched on his lap. As soon as he saw the sparrow making out with Lu Yu, he became jealous and rushed up to catch the sparrow with a strange cry. Startled,PET blowing machine, the sparrow flapped its wings and flew to the window. The little guy is jealous. Zhou Congyu raised his eyebrows and said clearly. Jealous? Will it be jealous? He doesn't like me very much. Except when you feed it. I think it just wants to eat sparrows. Lu Yu said with a strange feeling in his heart. That's not necessarily true. Maybe it's just indifferent to you on the surface. Now when you see a new bamboo seal sticking to you, you immediately become jealous. Zhou Congyu laughed. Wong Tai Sin chases the sparrows around like a cat. The sparrow was frightened and chirped, and finally Lu Yu took it back so that the two little ones could not fight endlessly. Only then did Wong Tai Sin stop, but began to scratch the bamboo tube with his claws and bite it with his teeth in a strange way. Finally, the bamboo tube was put away by Zhou Congyu, so that it would not scratch the runes. It seems that it will be very difficult for you to collect bamboo seals in the future. Zhou Congyu sighed. With a bitter face,Edible oil filling machine, Lu Yu said, "He is not afraid of anything but a wolf who loves to lick his chrysanthemums." Zhou Congyu sighed, "Was it the one caught on the way to Beijing?" "Mmm." Zhou Congyu immediately went to fetch the bamboo seal and handed it to him. "I'll give it to you. But it's not too dangerous. It's good for you to keep it for self-defense. Otherwise, it would be a pity to burn it." Lu Yu was flattered to take the bamboo seal and called it out. As soon as Wong Tai Sin, who was lying on his lap and playing with his tail, saw the giant wolf, he gave a strange cry and flew out of the window. The giant wolf, with a cry of excitement, also flew out of the window. As a result, he got stuck in the window. It took him a long time to remember that he could turn into a virtual body, and he succeeded in getting out of trouble. The tables are turned. Lu Yu tutted and sighed. The status of the protagonist is as follows: [Lu Yu] (Status: Sailing) Occupation: Disciple of the Eight Diagrams Talent: Protagonist Aura Skills: Spoken Ancient Chinese of CET-4, plastic bottle making machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, Written Ancient Chinese of CET-6, Primary Antique 36. Miraculous doctors have been arrogant since ancient times.. Identification, Bamboo Seal Skill (LV: 5) Specialties: Daydreaming, pouring tea, gags Companion: yuan Zhejian (leaving the team), Zhou Congyu Money: 0 Item: Gold Bracelet X2 Objective: recover from injury Adventure: I saw a proud doctor, received a confession, and got two bamboo seals. One was afraid of his Wong Tai Sin, who was afraid to die, and the other loved his Wong Tai Sin, who loved him to death. Tut-tut Comment: I don't know why, but he always feels that he and Wong Tai Sin have the same trouble of being coveted by chrysanthemums. 37 37. Headmaster is a fox spirit.. Thirty-seven? Headmaster is a fox spirit. The carriage moved slowly on the official road and ran over a pebble with a "bump". Lu Yu in the carriage bumped half dead, carefully protecting his feet that had not yet healed. The buttocks are almost broken into four pieces. Who says this carriage is specially modified for earthquake resistance? Where is the earthquake resistance?! Lu Yu looked gloomily at the wheelchair placed in the corner of the carriage. He had underestimated the level of ancient craftsmanship before. Although the wheelchair was not advanced enough to be controlled by itself, it looked more like a chair with four wheels under it, but it was quite comfortable to sit on. It was much better than this cheating carriage! Zhou Congyu pushed aside the curtain of the carriage and jumped in from the outside. When can we get to Qiong County? Lu Yu asked lazily. Tomorrow should be fine. I haven't seen my brother for a long time, but I miss him a little. Zhou Congyu said with a smile. Lu Yu gave him a sidelong glance: "You are so full of bad water that you should have such a simple cousin as a donkey egg. It is simply a genetic mutation." For a long time, Zhou Congyu had been used to the words that kept popping out of Lu Yu's mouth that he didn't understand. He could even guess and understand most of them. At the moment, he didn't care. He just comforted him by saying, "I know you're bored sitting in the car. Isn't this coming in to accompany you?" Lu Yu snorted twice, but said nothing. Raised for a month, the bruise on his back has been completely healed, but the hamstring is more troublesome, this thing did not pick up the rest of his life on the sprain, Zhou Congyu meant to leave him in the capital, but Lu Yu heard that they planned to get filial piety in Qiongxian County to get the original Mu Yu also got Xu Yanwu who pretended to die, immediately could not sit still, anyway to come to watch, but also euphemistically called: revenge. How can you miss the drama of the enemy at the end of the road? Besides, I haven't seen Donkey Egg for more than a month, and he misses him a little. Donkey egg this bear child followed the original Muyu was all the way to kill, even if the right way to get involved, the people of the magic religion secretly also several times want to take away the life of donkey egg. Hey, donkey egg, this unlucky child. Being a man is a failure. Had it not been for Zhou Congyu's communication with the donkey egg while communicating with Zhengdao Xu and Wei Snake, the two men would have been caught. Filial piety people than they want to be calm, the last time caught Lu Yu but was Zhou Congyu design after the transfer has been cautious,water filling machine, until recently Zhou Congyu got accurate information from the strange man, filial piety people appeared near Qiongxian, it is estimated that they are also ready to attack the original Mu Yu. gzxilinear.com

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