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    It is reasonable to say that spaceships can fly into the dark universe as long as they exceed the speed of light. In the dark universe, although it is said that there are some terrible creatures, at least there will be no interstellar pirates and bandits. But in fact, their spaceship did not exceed the speed of light, and had been flying at sub-light speed. This is not because the spacecraft can not reach the speed of light, it is, because flying in the dark universe, the energy consumption is too terrible, coupled with their long distance, if they have been flying in the dark universe, it is indeed much safer, but the terrible energy consumption will definitely consume the financial resources of the White Dragon Chamber of Commerce. This is no joke. You know, flying in the dark universe, not only the spacecraft itself needs to consume huge energy to supply the power of the spacecraft, but also to consume energy to resist the erosion of the dark universe. The larger the size of the spacecraft, the greater the consumption, and it does not mean that the size of a spacecraft is ten times larger than another spacecraft, the consumption is only ten times, if the size of the spacecraft is ten times larger,a333 grade 6 pipe, the consumption is enough to reach hundreds of thousands of times. Even a big chamber of commerce like the White Dragon Chamber of Commerce can't stand such consumption, so generally this kind of long-distance flying large spacecraft will not fly into the dark universe, but rely on the space jump points set up everywhere in the universe, commonly known as wormholes. If they really only fly at sub-light speed all the time, they can't reach their destination even if they fly for ten thousand years, but it's different to jump through the space jump point. This space jump does not consume the energy of the spacecraft, but belongs to the ability of the universe itself,x70 line pipe, while entering the dark universe depends entirely on the energy of the spacecraft itself to cross the endless space, which is naturally quite different. Before Chu Tianming for this aspect is not very understanding, until this time Liu Quan told him these, he gradually understand. This also let him understand, no wonder this time the mission is from the maple forest star to the blue moon star field will take seven or eight months, originally because of this. Hey ~! Waste! Chu Tianming suddenly shook his head in his heart and said with a wry smile. Think of the first two times I let the spacecraft fly directly in the dark universe, and did not go to those space jump points, I think now the energy in the spacecraft is about to be exhausted! Sure enough, Chu Tianming's consciousness penetrated into the space of consciousness, and after a look, only five percent of the energy stored inside his spaceship was left. According to the consumption of the spacecraft, a top-grade energy stone is enough to supply the spacecraft to fly in the universe for ten thousand years without running out of energy, and the price of a top-grade energy stone is generally between 1000 cosmic coins and 1500 cosmic coins. Inside Chu Tianming's spaceship, uns s32750 sheet ,347 stainless steel, there were five top-grade energy stones, enough for a small spaceship like him to fly normally for fifty thousand years. But now, only five percent of the 100% energy is consumed, which shows the horror of the energy needed to fly in the dark universe. As the saying goes, I don't know how expensive the firewood and rice are. Chu Tianming didn't feel anything before, but now by comparison, he finds that he is really a prodigal! Immediately, Chu Tianming roughly calculated in his mind that if the White Dragon Chamber of Commerce, a large spaceship, wanted to fly in the dark universe and reach the Blue Moon Star Field directly, it would need to consume tens of millions of top-grade energy stones, which would need tens of billions of yuan if converted into cosmic coins. How much money does the White Dragon Chamber of Commerce have? Chu Tianming, who doesn't know much about the White Dragon Chamber of Commerce, can probably guess a rough figure. It should be less than the above figure. A flight can exhaust the funds of the whole Chamber of Commerce. As long as the leaders of the White Dragon Chamber of Commerce are not stupid, they will not do such a silly thing. Tens of billions of cosmic coins! I remember that a piece of the best fairy can only be sold at a price of about 100,000 yuan, and tens of billions of yuan need to sell hundreds of thousands of pieces of the best fairy to raise money! Chu Tianming sighed with emotion in his heart. After a meal, the food on the table was basically wiped out by Xu Wen. As for Chu Tianming, they only ate a little symbolically, not like Xu Wen. How delicious! This is life! Xu Wen stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, expressing his feelings. "Ha ha ha!" Chu Tianming smiled, then pressed the button next to it, the table cracked again, the plates began to descend slowly, and then some desserts rose. Xu Wen is a rare gentle once this time, but in Chu Tianming's view, maybe this guy is full. Brother Xu, what do you think of this mission? Chu Tianming asked as he ate the dessert. Xu Wen has so many friends and so many friends, obviously he should know a lot. The mission this time! Xu Wen put down the spoon in his mouth and said with a smile, "The White Dragon Chamber of Commerce has hired so many mercenaries all of a sudden. Obviously, what they are going to transport this time is very unusual. The interstellar pirates and bandits who heard the news along the way will surely come, and then there will be a bitter battle!" Speaking of this, Xu Wen's face was also a burst of sighs, without the smiling appearance before. m Chapter 743 Precious Taste Pavilion. "Then why don't the people of the White Dragon Chamber of Commerce deliver it secretly?" Chu Tianming raised his own question. If it is transported secretly, it should be much safer! But what about the fact? "That's not true!" Xu Wen shook his head, "there is no impermeable wall in the world, once the wind leaks, it will also attract a large number of interstellar pirates and bandits, so that they can not even resist the ability." "In the past, some chambers of commerce have tried to do this, but it turns out that even if you fly alone in the universe, you will encounter those interstellar pirates and bandits,316ti stainless steel, which is inevitable, so if the Chamber of Commerce needs to transport valuable goods to other distant star fields, it will certainly bring a large number of escorts and hire a large number of mercenaries." Only in this way can we ensure safety. Xu Wen's words made Chu Tianming understand.

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