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    Ji said, "Compressing the magic and attacking the hidden magic is actually equivalent to a single combination skill of its own.". Simply put, it is to superimpose one's own magic layer by layer in the body, and then condense the superimposed magic on one point of attack, at that time, the instant burst of attack power will exceed the attack that one's own magic can achieve. The more layers you stack, the less you compress the magic when you output it, and the more powerful the attack is. But this kind of attack still has great limitations for our non-elemental magicians. Because we don't have the defense of the nine-crowned magician, it's almost impossible to compress and stack magic without affecting other actions like the Supreme Strong. But it's okay as a close kill. Just now, when I made the last attack on Tianxie, in order to achieve the effect of killing it in seconds so that it had no chance to resist, I used similar means of attack, compressed and superimposed the extreme double fire magic, and injected these compressed magic into the outbreak of the other side's body after close attack. The effect of the combination of Yin and Yang attributes was also severe in the other side's body, which caused great destructiveness. There was a trace of surprise in Yin Chaoyang's eyes. "So you have mastered this way of compression?" Ji move also do not conceal, at the moment, will oneself on the holy evil island to get the jade of heaven, and practice the process of destroying the God strike simply said again. It was only now that he knew that the magic strike was the unique skill of the nine-crowned magician, but he had learned it ahead of time. After listening to Ji Dong's narration, Yin Chaoyang's expression became slightly dignified. "What a good way to destroy God. You should practice these ten skills well,Oil Dropper Bottle, which will be of great benefit to your future.". You can teach him to Fury, if you like. Ji Dong nodded without hesitation and said, "No problem, Shizu. I was going to ask you to guide me to practice this divine strike." Yin Chaoyang smiled and shook his fork. "I don't need it.". My way of compressing my own magic has already been formed, and it is not good to switch to other courses. It is very important for any magician to be single-minded. What about chaos? You haven't said yet. "Shizu," said Ji Dong, "I think your application of the fire of chaos just now seems to be so stiff. If I'm not mistaken, you lost at least half of your chaotic fire under the blow just now. Yin Chaoyang's face changed slightly. "How did you see that?" "Because what you output is pure fire of chaos,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle," said Ji. In order to break the opponent's extreme double-water combination magic attack, you should rely on your huge nine-crown magic to force the chaotic fire condensed in your body out of your body, and then attack them as ordinary flames. The meaning of chaos is creation. When the fire of chaos comes into contact with the opponent's combination magic, its creative characteristics destroy the balance of the opponent's combination skills, and the dual attributes of Yin and Yang bite each other back in a state of no balance, defeating the opponent at one stroke. However, you probably haven't mastered the real use of Chaos Fire yet. Otherwise, after the attack is over, your Chaos Fire will not be weakened much, but should remain unchanged. And, as far as I know, when you attack with the power of chaos, what really appears is not the fire of chaos, but the fire of the soul. Because only when the power of chaos is integrated with the spiritual power of the soul, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Blue Bottle Serum, can it be used by us and truly exert its creative characteristics. Shocked, listened to Ji move these words, Yin Chaoyang heart only shocked, for many years, he can be said to be an ascetic way of practice, in constant seclusion penance, just gradually touch the edge of chaos, especially in the beginning after feeling the chaotic origin of Ji move, by its guidance, these years have the fire of mixed waves. But after all, he had no experience, let alone how to use the fire of chaos. It can only be output in its own way. At this time, after listening to Ji's words, he really understood some of the mystery of chaos. The combination of chaos and soul, the fire of the soul, Yin Chaoyang kept repeating these words in his mind, vaguely, he had grasped something, he knew that the door of the mixed waves had finally opened to himself at this time. Shizu, you're all right. Ji Rui has never seen the face of Yin Chaoyang so unpredictable, I do not know whether it is happy or angry, cloudy or sunny, eyes constantly flashing with the light of thinking. He didn't say anything for a long time. Yin Chaoyang breathed a sigh of relief, and his face returned to normal. He looked at Ji with burning eyes. "This is what the woman wearing a bamboo hat taught you." "Huh?" Ji was stunned and hesitated for a moment before he nodded. Yin Chaoyang thought for a moment, sighed, and said, "Ji Dong, thank her for me.". I will have an epiphany in the future, thanks to your words today. Your growth rate is much faster than Shizu expected. Shizu has nothing to teach you. You have to go by yourself in the future. You and, uh, Ray, are the future of my fire. In the near future, the mainland is likely to undergo drastic changes. You two brothers should always unite closely to fight against foreign enemies. After this, I will go back to the seaside with your teacher's wife to retreat. If there is anything important, you can come back to look for us. Ji Dong and Frey looked at each other and said respectfully, "Yes." Yin Chaoyang took a deep look at Ji, the most powerful man in the mainland suddenly found that his fate was no longer within his control, and he could not see where his future destination would be. Just then, the voice of the water moon sounded from not far away, "under the crown of victory." Yin Chaoyang slowly turned around, only to see the water moon and cold wind and cloud are coming together, at this time, their faces have been very calm, it does not seem to have just received a huge blow. The two men came to Yin Chaoyang and bent down and bowed at the same time. Yin Chaoyang did not stop them and let them bow down. Straightening up, Shui Mingyue said, "We understand the painstaking efforts under the crown of victory.". Thank you for pulling us back from the wrong path. Fengyun and I have understood. From then on,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, we will close our doors separately, hoping to see the door you have guided. If he needs something under the corona of the sun, the water and the moon are duty-bound. 。 penghuangbottle.com

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