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    "What happened to the ancestors of the Xian family?" In a medicine garden in the ancestral land of the country of medicine, Ming Ye Xue strolls in it, quietly enjoying the elixir of immortal grass. White Mammy comes and tells Ming Ye Xue the latest news. After telling the news to the snow tomorrow night, the white Mammy could not help saying such a sentence. Mammy Bai said, "The ancestor of the Xian family is not a muddle-headed person. How can he get involved in such a grudge against the younger generation?"! I really don't know what benefits the Huangfu family has promised him! The night snow is quiet to enjoy the elixir of immortal grass. She is so charming and fascinating no matter when she looks. It is certain that the ancestors of the Xian family were bewitched by the ancient holy ancestors of the Huangfu family. Ming Yexue withdrew her gaze and said, "For an ancestor like him, it doesn't matter what benefits the Huangfu family promised him.". Is there anything in the Huangfu family that can impress the ancestors of our medicine country? Ming Ye Xue's words are really good. As the ancestor of the country of medicine, Xianjia Yao Zu can be said to have what he wants. A family like Huangfu Family can't come up with anything to impress him at all. The ancestors of the Xian family did not hesitate to be born, did not hesitate to tear their faces, and even set a trap for Li Qiye to jump inside, nothing more than to covet Li Qiye's secret art of medicine. Ming Ye Xue said slowly, very elegant and elegant. With a wry smile, Mammy Bai said, "The ancestor of the Xian family is too greedy. He himself is already at the peak, one step away from the Emperor of Medicine.". Moreover, our medicine country has the secret art of four generations of medicine emperors, which is completely enough. "Mammy, that's different." Ming Yexue shook her head lightly and said,temperature check kiosk, "If we say that the ancestor of the Xian family is just a legendary medicine man, that's all.". But he was only one step away from the Emperor of Medicine! "Can it be said that the ancestors of the Xian family still want to be the Emperor of Medicine?" With a wry smile, Mammy Bai said, "At his age, and to the extent that his longevity blood has dried up, even if he realizes it, can his longevity blood and his blood gas bear the last hurdle?" Ming Yexue nodded lightly and said,smart interactive whiteboard, "Yes, he just wants to be the Emperor of Medicine.". The old man also practiced the supreme medicine of his ancestors, but he could not understand it, but he could not cross that barrier! He needs other secret arts of medicine to help him become a generation of medicine emperor! "Li Qiye's way of medicine can't make him the emperor of medicine." White Mammy doesn't believe such a thing. Their medicine country in the medicine position, look at the whole stone medicine world, no one can shake, their medicine country has before and after the four medicine emperor, they have the world's most complete medicine secret, the world, no inheritance of medicine can be compared with their medicine country. Ming Yexue shook her head gently and said, "It's hard to say. But when the ancestor of the Xian family heard that alchemy was like fried beans, he would certainly be moved. At least, temperature screening kiosk ,interactive whiteboard prices, he couldn't do it. He must see it with his own eyes." "When he saw with his own eyes Li Qiye's way of medicine against wood and insects, he was afraid that he had already made up his mind to take Li Qiye, and he needed Li Qiye's supreme way of medicine." Ming Ye Xue said this with a gentle sigh. Li Qiye's medicine way imperial wood and medicine way imperial insect are really very evil. Mammy Bai couldn't help admitting this and said, "But we have the secret art of the four generations of medicine emperors. Even the secret art of the four generations of medicine emperors can't make him a medicine emperor. Li Qiye's medicine can." "It's hard to say." Ming Ye Xue hesitated for a moment and said, "We four medicine emperors can be said to have come from the same source. We have already taken the road we should take.". The ancestor of the Xian family needs another angle and another height to understand the last barrier! "What's more, Mr. Li's way of medicine is really evil. I've never seen or heard of it before." Ming Yexue said, "I even suspect that Li Gongzi's way of medicine does not come from a certain medicine emperor, and it is very likely to be passed on by the medicine God.". ” "The inheritance of the God of Medicine!" White Mammy can not help but face a change, for thousands of years, although the medicine emperor, but no one dares to call God, this is not only to pay tribute to the medicine God, but also because even if you medicine emperor, I am afraid you can not reach the height of the medicine God! Mammy Bai couldn't help saying, "It's impossible. The inheritance of the God of Medicine has been lost for countless years. The ancestors of our medicine kingdom have also searched for it, but no one has ever been able to find the inheritance of the God of Medicine!"! How can Li Qiye get the inheritance of the God of Medicine? "The world is unpredictable, and who can say for sure?" Said the night snow. I had something to do today. I went out for a trip. I didn't come back until now. I was exhausted. The second watch is at six in the evening. (To be continued.) Chapter 761 the plan of the night snow. White Mammy finally sighed, she also could not say anything, now the fresh family medicine ancestor hand, this is already a foregone conclusion, such a thing, is not what she can control. How did the ancestors make a statement? Tomorrow night Snow asked Mammy Bai. With a wry smile, Mammy Bai said, "Miss, the ancestors have not made any statement. In fact, I'm afraid they don't need to make any statement. In the eyes of the ancestors, such a thing is just a trivial matter.". Li Qiye is the younger generation after all, this does not need all ancestors to worry about at all. "It's true that Mr. Li is a junior." "Age is not everything," said Ming Yexue. Besides, Li Gongzi is extraordinary. If you despise Li Gongzi, no matter who you are, you will suffer losses one day. "Miss, not everyone thinks as you do." White Mammy said: "Our medicine country is deep-rooted, not to mention us these people, is the ancestors, no one can shake our medicine country!"! A trivial matter, why do we need the ancestors to intervene? Now as soon as the ancestors of the Xian family make a move, I'm afraid it will soon calm down this matter. Such a thing, to be exact, does not require the efforts of the ancestors. "What if the ancestor of the Xian family died tragically?" Ming Ye Xue could not help saying in a deep voice. Mammy Bai's face changed and she said, "Miss,information kiosk price, it's impossible. I'm not sure if Li Qiye can be so powerful.". Even if he really has such strength, in our medicine city to kill our medicine country's ancestor, even if the thousand pine tree ancestor also wants to weigh! 。 hsdtouch.com

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