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    Zhan Hu's face was very ugly. When did he end up in such a situation? It simply made him have no place to stand. He couldn't help being afraid of evil. He shouted, "Li, don't be aggressive. In Shenxuanzong, am I afraid of you, Zhan Hu.." "Stupid-" Li Qiye didn't even bother to look at him. He made a big move and heard a loud bang. A divine seal floating on his head was instantly suppressed and pressed down to Zhan Hu. " Open- "In the face of such a divine seal, Zhan Hu roared, and the white tiger roared to the sky and blasted at the divine seal.". However, "bang" sounded, under the seal of God, the white war was crushed in an instant. Point to the end. Zhang Yue was startled and heard a loud roar of "Woo". The wolf roared more and more. The wolf's claws stretched out to pull out the divine seal of suppression. "Bang" under, even if Zhang Yue shot, also the same can not pull out the seal, his whole person was shocked "thump, thump, thump" back again and again. In the sound of "Pa", Zhan Hu was suppressed on the ground and knelt down in front of Li Qiye, unable to move. If you lose, just be happy. You're asking for trouble. Li Qiye glanced at Zhan Hu. Li, you, you dare to touch me, Shen Xuanzong,x52 line pipe, there is no place for you! Zhan Hu could not help roaring, when did he ever suffer such humiliation! The hot list of the world's beauties is open! Who is the most enchanting beauty in the world? Who is the coolest? Who is the most arrogant? Who is the most Lolita? Come here, pay attention to Wechat Public Number "Xiaofu Legion", view historical news, or enter "Zhengfeng" to view relevant information! 百度搜索【云来阁】小说网站,让 你体验更新最新最快的章节小说, 所有小说秒更新。 Chapter 3328 Iron Whip Demon King. Zhan Hu a roar, voice and expression are fierce, although his words are desperate, but it is not unreasonable,uns c70600, when he roared to say such a threatening voice, it is indeed a bit of weight. After all, he, the elder brother of Kingfisher Peak, has quite a good influence in Shenxuanzong. What's more, he is also the son of the Iron Whip Demon King. Their tiger demon clan has a pivotal position in Shenxuanzong. It really offends their whole family. So, it's really not easy to be in ShenXuanzong immediately. At this time, all the disciples looked at Li Qiye. They all wanted to know what Li Qiye would do. If they were other people, they would think enough was enough. After all, Zhan Hu had lost now, and Li Qiye had won very well. If he spared Zhan Hu at this time, he could get a good name, and he would not tear his face and hurt his harmony. However, Li Qiye is not someone else, he is Li Qiye! "No place to stand?" Li Qiye smiled and said, x56 line pipe ,uns s32760 plate, "I'm interested. I just want to see why Emperor Shenxuanzong has no place for me." As soon as the words fell, he exerted himself at his feet. Bang- "Li Qiye stepped heavily on Zhan Hu's face, and suddenly stepped on Zhan Hu's face on the ground.". "You-" At this moment, Zhan Hu was angry, in front of all the disciples, in front of all the elders, he, the elder brother of Kingfisher Peak and the son of the Iron Whip Demon King, was stepped on his face by Li Qiye. How embarrassing it was for him! It was a naked humiliation! All the disciples looked at such a scene, many disciples took a breath of cold air, dumbfounded, they can not help but look at each other, the heart inside some hair, Li Qiye this hand is really too ruthless, in front of everyone to step on the face of Zhan Hu directly at the foot, this is simply humiliating Zhan Hu face, how can he raise his head in front of the same door? "What's wrong with me?" Li Qiye smiled faintly and said with a smile, "Are you not convinced? If you are not convinced, I will trample your face. As soon as the words fell, he stepped down hard. Do not hurt people- "At this time, far away from the horizon of the angry tiger peak came a tiger roar.". The sound of the roar of the tiger came, like a huge wave, beating in an instant, like a tsunami flooding everything. Under such a mighty beast, I don't know how many disciples were suffocated by it, and even their legs were weak under such a powerful beast. Before the sound fell, a huge shadow came from Nu Hu Feng, which was far away from the horizon. Hearing a loud noise of "boom", the huge shadow broke through the air and discharged clouds, pressing Li Qiye's side. Under such a huge shadow, Li Qiye was as small as ants. In fact, when all the people present looked up, they saw a huge shadow covering the sky. Under such a huge shadow, they were as small as dust, which made all the disciples shudder. This row of clouds from the huge shadow, it is a huge palm, this is the giant palm of the iron whip demon king, others are still in the angry tiger peak, a giant palm probe, across thousands of miles, can suppress all the disciples present, such strength, how terrible. Under such a palm, not to mention the ordinary disciple, even Zhang Yue, who is also the leader of the peak, is difficult for him. Dharma Heaven and Earth! Seeing such a huge palm suppressed,x52 line pipe, I don't know how many disciples were so frightened that they turned pale and screamed. Dharma looks like heaven and earth. This is the magical power possessed after reaching the body of the God of all phenomena. After practicing to the state of the body of the God of all phenomena, the body can become as high as the sky in the blink of an eye, stepping on the sun and the moon!. lksteelpipe.com

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