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    Shadow leopard, whose body surface is covered with a layer of mottled and colorful fur, can even change its color with the change of light and shadow around it. In addition, its breath can converge to an imperceptible extent. It is an assassin who can hide in the dark, wait for an opportunity to move and deliver a fatal blow. The strength of this kind of wild beast is not weak, face to face the ordinary foundation monk may not be able to win, more like it was attacked, in that case, unless it is the top of the foundation, otherwise it is normal to be injured or even killed. At this time, this can only let the ordinary building friar fear, in the wild absolutely do not want to encounter the terrible beast, but like a lost dog, fleeing, even panic, ran to the control of the heavy Xuancheng. Want to know, like the spot shadow leopard this level of wild beast, already can be regarded as a certain degree of wisdom, naturally understand that there are many immortals in Chongxuan City, no matter how dangerous, if not be chased dizzy, when not so. Bang ~ A muffled sound suddenly came from a huge stone standing abruptly in the wilderness. Immediately, a shadow bounced back, showing a figure, at the same time in the mouth "whine" unceasingly, is the spot shadow leopard. This boulder appears not in the place,gold CIP machine, its speed is too fast to stop, this is the body of the wild beast is strong, if replaced by an ordinary beast, hit at such a speed, can only end up with a brain burst. As a rather strong beast, the spotted shadow leopard was not a big problem, but shook his head and stood up again. At this time did not have the body to turn the afterimage the terror speed, the spot shadow leopard flummoxed appearance completely revealed. His body was black and blue, dripping with blood,portable gold wash plant, his beautiful fur was damaged everywhere, and only his tail was intact all over his body. If it were not for his extremely strong body, the terrible blood loss alone would be enough to kill him. Behind it, a trail of blood splashed on the ground, leaving a bright red trail, like a road sign. While tucking his tail between his legs and preparing to run again, the spotted leopard, who had come to his senses again, did not forget to look back at the end of the bloodstain, as if there was something horrible that might jump out of the darkness at any time. Just as it looked back, a thunderous sound suddenly burst out of the darkness. In an instant, the purple lightning broke through the darkness and turned into a tall thunder beast, bowing its head, roaring like thunder, with a single cone-shaped horn coming straight out. Not even daring to roar, the spotted shadow leopard thought he had suffered a loss and ran away without hesitation. Unfortunately, the road was blocked by boulders, which delayed time, Portable gold trommel ,tin beneficiation plant, but now it is too late to start speeding up again. In a flash, the thunder roared and came at the waist. Not to mention that the leopard was at the end of the oar, even when it was in its heyday, it could not stop such a powerful blow. With a roar and a final roar and wail, its vigorous and graceful body was thrown into the air. When it landed, it twitched a little, and no longer moved. Trembling, the image of the thunder beast disappeared in midair, the lightning flashed on the purple electric cone, and suddenly disappeared, and when it reappeared, it was already clenched by a palm. The darkness was like a fog, and two figures, a man and a woman, stepped out of it. Zhang Fan glanced at the silent leopard and cast his eyes on the huge outline of the sky. Chong Xuancheng! PS: First watch ~ ~ Chapter 321 robbery? I want to rob, too! The huge outline in the distance is vaguely like. Instead of breaking the mountain city like a fierce beast, it showed the vigorous atmosphere of attracting guests. There, that is, the destination of Zhang Fan's trip-Chongxuan City! Along the way, relying on the jade slips provided by Feng Cheng, he avoided some dangerous positions and took the shortest route, roaring directly over the wilderness in the roar of a group of wild animals, and trudged here for three months. This or Zhang Fan's repair is strong enough, dare to cross the wilderness without shelter, otherwise in others, afraid is to add more than double the time. At this time heavy Xuancheng is already in sight, is Zhang Fan, also can not help but breathe a sigh of relief. Stretch out a hand, under the urging of his spiritual power, the strong wind blade cut from the tail of the shadow leopard, then the hard and soft transformation, conjured up a breeze, sent it to his hand. Plush and supple, mottled and gorgeous without dazzling. Warm and with a musk-like smell, it is the most valuable and coveted part of the leopard's body-the tail of the leopard! Although the strength of the shadow leopard is not weak, and it is cunning enough to find, but the immortals who specialize in hunting wild beasts are still very interested in it. The fur of the spotted shadow leopard is not bad. The key is its long tail. It not only has the function of changing color with the environment, but also is warm and soft. It is also the favorite of female monks and one of the best ornaments. This is the crime of being innocent. Just because a tail grows well, the spotted shadow leopard has changed from an assassin hiding in the dark to a prey being hunted, and this time the disaster of killing itself has also come from this. The tail of the leopard in his hand, because Zhang Fan deliberately avoided it during the attack, was well preserved without any loss. It shook off all the dust with a slight spiritual shock. For a moment, it was bright and beautiful, and the fragrance was overflowing. In their eyes, it changed into a variety of soft and beautiful colors. Waner, wait until the city to let the special master deal with it, and then take it up to see if it is suitable. Zhang Fan handed the leopard velvet tail to Waner and said so. This is also the spot shadow leopard bad luck, sneak attack who is not good unexpectedly want to sneak attack Zhang Fan. With its method of invisibility, it is not difficult to avoid the divine consciousness of other monks, but it is impossible to avoid Zhang Fan's exploration. Now that he has been promoted to Dzogchen, Zhang Fan's divinity is catching up with Master Jiedan. How can he be deceived by a wild beast with a low rank? Originally drove away is also, along the way such a thing is very common, but good death, let Zhang Fan recognize its identity, this just see "tail" idea, to turn it into a scarf. Waner took over with a sweet smile, many years have passed,magnetic separator machine, Zhang Fan has only given her two gifts, whether good or bad have been treasured by her, and now there is one more. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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