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    Zhao Renyuan saved his strength and tried his best to pick up Leng Mo. In front of him, the Koryo swordsmen under Jin Tianba and the Jurchen clans outside the Shanhaiguan Pass also swarmed in. All of them were grinding their fists and hands, and hundreds of swords came! Zhao Renyuan shouted loudly and held Leng Mo in his left flank. His right palm rolled over. In a twinkling of an eye, he had knocked down a dozen enemies. Seeing that Zhao and Leng were in danger, the disciples of the Great Eagle Claw Sect came to their rescue! In the chaos of a soldier, the fifth gentleman has broken through the tight encirclement, in the hands of no knife to kill! As soon as Ren yuan raised his eyebrows, he gave Leng Mo to a disciple of the Eagle Claw Gang and rushed to the fifth gentleman. Seeing Zhao Renyuan stop like this, he knew that he wanted to stop the fifth gentleman with his body to save himself. He shouted loudly and pushed away the Eagle Claw Sect disciple, who also came from the other side! The fifth gentleman laughed and said, "It's good to be here." As soon as the voice fell, the person left the saddle, then like the wild waves sword dance, the right hand is also a probe to Zhao Renyuan. Zhao Renyuan, instead of avoiding the attack, put his arms into his feet and let the sound of the fifth gallbladder strike his chest. Then he took advantage of this moment and put his arms around the waist of the fifth gentleman. On the other side, he was cold and silent, as if he didn't want to die, and let the sound of the sword come. The fifth gentleman did not want to avoid, but because Zhao Renyuan clasped his waist tightly, it was not convenient to dodge. Besides, Zhao Renyuan and Leng Mo both killed each other desperately, which was really amazing. As soon as he was wounded by the sword of Leng Mo, he wanted to drink in his mouth, and his body turned sharply like a wind wheel,warehouse storage racks, then he threw Zhao Renyuan Leng Mo away. The disciples of the Eagle Claw Sect are well-trained on weekdays, and are much more organized than the members of the Koryo sects and the Jurchen clan led by Quan Tianba. After a night of fighting, although they were caught in a pincer attack, after an hour or two, not only were they not scattered, but they fought more and more bravely. Besides, Huoshan is the place where they play and hunt on weekdays, and naturally they are very handy. Zhao Renyuan and Leng Mo were seriously injured and fainted in front of their eyes. Immediately, several Eagle Claws helped the disciples to help and save them. They took advantage of the chaos to get on the horse and rushed down the mountain. At the same time,industrial racking systems, the entire offensive did not collapse with the absence of the four hosts, it is still an orderly offensive and defensive difficult to reach! The fifth gentleman is excellent in martial arts, and his sword courage is in the world for no reason. Seeing this wave of desperate offensive, he will be secretly alarmed. Coupled with Leng Mo just that a knife is really fierce, the moment will no longer hesitate, anti-leg a clip horse, make from the reverse to the north of Huoshan. Network book sweeping and proofreading 07\mydoc014 Chapter 13 The Struggle of Ao Ba and the Rebellion of Mad Shark Jin Lei could only sigh at the disciples of the Great Eagle Claw Gang who swarmed up. I don't know which bastard struck the Gong and destroyed the two layers of the plan to destroy the enemy for no reason. Jin Lei sighed and said to Jin Bao with a wry smile, "I didn't listen to you just now. It's too late to regret." The Golden Leopard sighed and said bitterly, "Qi Erlang has gone to the East China Sea first!"! The boy saw the opportunity quickly! "What are you going to do?" Asked Jin Lei. The Golden Leopard pondered a little. In my ears came the sound of cutting and killing; in my eyes was the light of fire and the flying of swords. "Go back to Korea!" He said in a deep voice. "Back to Koryo?" "What face do you have to go back?" Jin Lei asked sadly. Jinbao gritted his teeth and said, "After being defeated by Yu Ao a year ago, I hid in Yunshan to practice my swordsmanship.". If I go to find him, I will come back to the Central Plains! Jin Lei nodded and took a long breath. "Brother Leopard, please take care!" Stunned, the Golden Leopard said, "Won't Brother Lei go?" Jin Lei shook his head and looked halfway up the mountain and said slowly, "Our disciples are fighting a bloody battle. How can Jin Lei, as the Headmaster, retreat before the battle?" "Brother Lei.." said the Golden Leopard. With his sword in his hand, metal racking systems ,push back racking system, Jin Lei shouted, "Brother Leopard, I'll leave the matter of revenge to you in the future." Jin Lei finished and shouted down the hill: "Su Xiaohun, Jin Lei is coming!" Jin Tianba moved the tiger-skin chair to the battle terrace. On hand, is the report of the East and the West. The West Road is completely collapsed at the beginning of the morning, the gold is electrocuted, and the fifth gentleman is gone! The only consolation was that the fifth gentleman had wounded Zhong Mengshuang, Leng Mo, and Zhao Renyuan; the East Road was routed at the end of Mao Shi. Qi Erlang first step back to the East China Sea, Jin Bao missing, Jin Lei was captured by Su Xiaohun! As for their own control of the road, I'm afraid not to stand to the noon time makes in the three groups of people under attack scattered. He Jin Tianba is not a person who can't afford to put down. The purpose of coming back is to fight Yu Ao with Shen Tu's ghost knife. Now, no matter how many deaths and injuries there are, it is useless. Jin Tianba Hu stood up from his chair and shouted, "Pass on the order, and all our disciples will stop fighting!" This order, suddenly rolling straight down the mountain, fell into the ears of Yu Ao! Jin Tianba's challenge has finally arrived! Yu Ao a knife, frighten ghosts to cry God. Tian Ba Gui Dao, Kuang Tian Ao Di. Yu Ao walked a total of eighty-one steps since he saw Jin Tianba on Junzhan Ping and stopped three feet in front of Jin Tianba step by step. Jin Tianba's eyes lit up and he said with a smile, "Very good." Yu Ao nodded and said, "Very good." Between two people, there is no more words, only cold. By this time, Su Xiaohun, Zhong Yushuang, the six-armed Dharma Master, the Great Mercy Monk, Ge Haoxiong, and the disciples of the Eagle Claw Sect were already around the Junzhan Ping. In addition, the people brought by Jin Tianba also occupied a corner to observe attentively. At this moment of concentration, Zhao Renyuan and Leng Mo also asked someone to carry them up, and the two riders beside them, Zhu Fusi holding Zhong Mengshuang, also came to watch the duel between Koryo and the first swordsman in the history of swordfighting in the Central Plains! With a slight smile on his face, Jin Tianba looked around, only to see the cluster of flags clapping in the wind, and thousands of eyes were cast on himself and Yu Ao. This look down, can not help but look up and laugh, a full laugh for a moment, Fang will stare at Yu Ao, do not blink. Yu Ao did not move, but faintly felt the murderous domineering power emanating from Jin Tianba in front of him; as expected, it was called Kuang Tian Ao Di. As soon as Yu Ao thought of this, he couldn't help being heroic. With a sound of dragon singing in his mouth, he started with a knife! Then at this time, Jin Tianba has also thrown the scabbard out of the knife, ran to Yu Ao! Two Dao, one is the ghost Dao used by the three immortals in the universe in the past years, and the other is the cicada wing Dao used by the famous Dao makers and scholars in the past years. The cicada's wings are like gauze, fog and dream. The cicada's wing is a knife, and the blade is like silk, like thread, like mark, like hidden. Ghosts are like shadows,shuttle rack system, like emptiness, like nightmares, like death. kingmoreracking.com

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