FIFA 18 News: Rome Barcelona 3-0 into Semifinals

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    We have realized this through the preceding versions. It was confirmed . By way of example, when a foul is committed or a participant is broken, and the bat does not break, when the first break of the match or the exit of this ball, the referee FIFA 19 Coins returns to provide the yellow or red card. Ensures that the game is very realistic and more significant is you will notice the accuracy of the referee and also the focus on all things, particularly in return to all previous mistakes and also on this making the referee in the last game participant who has the smallest mistakes.

    FIFA 18 is the very best thing in most players. Real players have a true power. There is no terrible rate in other matches, so the actual one has to play with a distinct strategy and control each player and how to move on the pitch. This is only one of the most crucial items that distinguish us. Making you prove all your thoughts and the development of your team and also can distinguish yourself from many players who play the identical group, but the distinction is a strategy that you use.

    In conclusion, FIFA 18 is the best and the most beautiful in that you like all the details and changes in soccer and feel full of realism at each moment, and therefore continue to professionalism!

    It would not have been easy. After losing the first race in home with a bombastic 3 to 0 Juve just had to conquer, transcend their limits for even thinking of being able to perform the qualification in Madrid. Juventus arrives in Madrid filled with hope and ready to play everything, having nothing left to lose. Allegri's team starts off with a big, enthusiastic and enthusiastic start playing a competitive game from the first minutes, placing Real immediately in apprehension.

    The bianconeri need a goal instantly to have even the slightest expectation of passing the flip. They find it with a lightning attack carried by the right, a ball recovered aggressively in midfield, depth and soft cross in the center. Mandzukic does not wait to throw it with an exact header. The game started well but Real doesn't stop trying. It generates and puts in difficulty the Juventus defense, Bale and Ronaldo are the best threats.

    The goal, however, remains Juventus to evaluate it. The same Mario Mandzukic ST 83 sends in a couple of minutes at the end of the initial half a perfect cross from the right. 2 to 0. At this point Juventus must believe it. At 60 Buy FIFA 19 Coins requires the deserved attraction. Always a cross in the core of the actual area awards an incursion of Matuidi CM 86 that exploits a mistake in carrying Navas and scores 3 to 0. Incredibly and against all odds the outcome is back in a tie, the Real is below three goal at home and Juve seems projected to finish an excellent comeback bringing home the eligibility.

    The last minutes of this game are very delicate and it is then that a crossover in the middle is in elevation Cristiano Ronaldo that intercepts the ball and directs him weakly within the Juventus little location. Vazquez approaches the ball that comes towards him, is a couple of meters away from the door, is touched by Benatia who presses him to take out the ball. The referee is secure. Penalty, Buffon expelled for protests. Ronaldo comprehends the punishment which attracts Madrid from the semifinals.

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