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    The county master said with his left hand, "Bang!" He clapped the startled wood and shouted, "Who is crying out for injustice?" "Civilian woman and black dog sister-in-law!" "Why did you lead the crowd here early in the morning?" "The little dog has been missing since yesterday afternoon. I can't find him anywhere. Please show mercy and send someone to help me find him. I'm very grateful!" "Bang!" There was a loud sound of startled wood! Bold shrew! This officer is busy every day. How can he have the leisure to deal with such trivial matters? Be sensible and step down quickly, or you will be punished for the crime of'disturbing the court '! "My Lord!" Stand down! Ah Steep listen to the sound of "snatch", the county master nailed a bright short dart in front of the case! "Come on," shouted the county magistrate hurriedly. "In.." "All hands out, quickly looking for the fool!" "Yes!" Black dog sister-in-law is anxious, overtired, the person has nearly collapsed, under the comfort of the villagers, lying in bed, while thinking and crying, I do not know when, leisurely sleep in the past. Outside the hut, Ah Shui and the others rushed to build a new house! Suddenly I heard an angry voice: "Brothers!"! "Excuse me, is the hut in front of you the home of a fool?" Brother Ah Shui was building a wall. Hearing the sound, he immediately looked back and saw more than a dozen people dressed in animal skins and ferocious looks staring at them. The leader was a tall man, wearing a wolf-skin coat and a bearskin cap with frost-white temples on the brim. He was estimated to be about fifty years old. But his face was flushed, his eyes were bright, and he was not old at all. There were four men behind him, the youngest of whom was no more than twenty years old, with a white face, thick black eyebrows,Pallet rack supplier, eyes like bright stars, and handsome. The oldest was nearly forty years old, with a blue face and fangs, and an ugly appearance. In the middle were two middle-aged men of about thirty, one in a yellow wolf-skin cloak and the other in a sable robe, all of them ferocious and ugly. Look, the first one is the father, and the four behind are the children. Brother Ah Shui managed to suppress his panic and answered in a stammering voice, "Not bad!"! What are you looking for him for? "It's none of your business. Get back to work!" Led by the voice of the old man-fall,Steel racking system, walk to the hut! Steep listen- "Xiao Lao Lang!"! Please stay! More than twenty people shot out of the woods behind the hut in the sound of "brushing". The leader was a man with a square face, a mighty face, a huge iron plate in his hand, about forty years old, followed by a group of big men. Old Wolf Xiao Ying looked up and said, "Oh!"! Shijiazhuang Shizhuang Lord unexpectedly also poured out of the village to come here, it is really a pleasure to meet! Nice to meet you! "All right!"! All right! Wolf! What are you doing here from far beyond the Great Wall? Xiao Ying was holding a tobacco pouch. The tobacco stalk was more than three feet long, and it was like a walnut. He took two puffs of the tobacco and splashed out a few sparks. He laughed and said, "Boss Shi, we don't lie. We've traveled thousands of miles and taken the trouble to come here just to find the'Little Maniac 'and ask for a'Cafe de Coral' number." "Not bad," said Lord Shi with a loud laugh! We are all in the same way here. Things have happened one after another. The Villa Leader came earlier. You can wait for the next issue. Hsiao Ying's face sank. "Your appetite is too great," she said. "Humph!"! That's the business of the Villa Leader. Be sensible and go back! "What an arrogant fellow!" Xiao Ying shouted. At that moment, he picked up the tobacco pouch and stepped forward. Xiao Hao, the big wolf, grabbed his father's head and said, "What Villa Leader is not Villa Leader, long span shelving ,Narrow aisle rack, Dad!"! Why kill a chicken with an ox knife? Why kill a dog with a sword? Let me meet him! Xiao Ying smiled and said, "a lost dog can also bite people. Be careful!" It seemed that he told his son not to underestimate the enemy, but in fact he did not put the Lord of the Stone Villa in his eyes. Shi Chong, the deputy of Villa Leader Shi, was furious. He immediately rushed forward and said, "Villa Leader, please let me skin a wolf for you. I'm afraid this mangy wolf is not to your liking.". Lord Shi said with a smile, "The stinking wolf skin can't cover a human body, but it can be used to wrap a corpse. You can give this wolf skin to Old Wolf Xiao." "Don't show off your tongue," Xiao Hao shouted. "Look at the stick!" He was seven feet tall, with a bigger mace in his hand, and when he hit him with a stick, his power was amazing. Shi Chong used a thick-backed machete, and as soon as he stood up, he knocked Xiao Hao's mace back. Shi Chong's mouth was sore and numb, his body was shaking slightly, Xiao Hao's blood was surging, his chest was hot, and his foothold was unstable, so he could not help taking two steps back. The two sides fought hard, but their strength was just as great, and no one suffered losses. When Xiao Hao met his opponent, he got up and roared loudly. The mace swept over again. Shi Chong thought to himself, "I have to keep a little strength before the old wolf comes out." At that moment, Panlong walked around, avoided the move, and quickly used the trick of "Phoenix Seizes the Nest". He followed the knife and turned the tables. All of a sudden, he grabbed Xiao Hao's favorable position, and the blade was cut out in the form of "obliquely cutting lotus root". Shi Chong this flying body to seize the position, is completely with the skillful force of play, knife skill exhibition, Xiao Hao's left and right in the three routes, all under the light of his knife. Xiao Hao shouted, "I'll fight with you!" He was half a head taller than Shi Chong. He hit him with a mace and thought to himself, "Even if I take a knife from you, I will smash your heavenly spirit cover." He is playing such a wishful thinking, Shi Chong's knife may not cut his vital point, he hit this stick down, but can take Shi Chong's life. Shijiazhuang people were cheering loudly, at this time to see Xiao Hao used such a fierce play, can not help but be surprised. At that time, the whole audience was silent, and everyone was in a cold sweat! In the shadow of the sword, only to hear the sound of "Keng", Xiao Hao leaped three steps. Shi Chong, however, stood calmly in his original position. He stroked the back of his sword and said with a smile, "Lord Duocheng Shaozhai has made a concession!"! Ha-ha When Xiao Hao looked down, he saw that three of the nails on the mace had been broken. His stick was hit from top to bottom. Shi Chong cut it with a knife that cut the lotus root obliquely. He cut the nails on the stick without hurting his arm. This knife was really just right! The people in Shijiazhuang breathed a sigh of relief and were able to drink. Ordinarily Xiao Hao lost a move, should admit defeat, but he moved the wild,Drive in racking system, but is not willing to admit defeat, under the red face, is still back and forth.

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