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    Do I have enough money? Is 100 taels not enough? It's more than enough to buy one back! Costume? Looked at myself, very good, in order to catch up with bad luck, I specially wore a new dress, quite gorgeous, the most important thing is that it is still men's wear! So, where to go? There seems to be a lot of brothels. A flash of inspiration, "Xun Chun Lou"! Weather: dark night, high wind; geographical location: is in the "four sides to meet"; people: gender is male, location, money is enough. Xun Chun Lou, I'm here! "Ouch!"! Childe, please sit inside. I haven't been here for a long time. My daughters miss you so much. As soon as she stepped into the doorway, the coquettish procuress greeted her with a smile, and her wrinkled face, covered with powder, blossomed with a smile as if she had seen gold. It's okay if you don't smile, but when you smile, it involves your facial muscles, shaking, and the powder on it falls down. Hey, it makes me evil! Damn, when did I rise from a first offender to a recidivist? Why don't I know? Listen to it, and the daughters say that I seem to have gone through flowers, stallion behavior has always been my most despised! But since you think I'm a playboy, if I don't show some "color", it seems that I'm sorry for you! Respecting the elderly is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation! I am an authentic descendant of the Yellow Emperor, and what should be carried forward must be carried forward! Striding in, wow, it is indeed a brothel. The main tone is always ambiguous pink. There are about ten tables in the lobby, separated by seven or eight screens. There are about fifty or sixty people up and down. Men and women are talking happily, and some are even unrestrained. The scene of debauchery, warblers and swallows, singing and dancing, filled with general laughter. Give me all the good goods you have here. This is a gift! The words fall then boldly threw out ten two silver, "light one can not feed me!" There was a burst of laughter. The procuress looked at the silver, her eyes were almost straight, and she kept shining: "Spring, summer, autumn and winter,Carbon in Pulp, come down quickly. I've seen this gentleman. He's a distinguished guest of our'Tibetan Spring Building '. Be sure to entertain him well!" Cut, send you silver, can it be a disaster star? Sure enough, the ring fat swallow thin, the same many, beautiful face, exquisite figure, snow-white skin. No wonder men linger on places like this. Although as a woman, I also like to appreciate beautiful women, not abnormal, people love to pursue beauty, whether people or things, this matter is not related to "male" and "female". I admit that they are all beautiful women, but none of them can please me because they are too vulgar. The beauty without connotation is just a vulgar fan at most. Play or do the whole set, but I am a good actor! Approaching one casually, she raised her chin frivolously and raised her eyebrows: "Smile for me." She was like a group of plasticine that was kneaded round and flat, and immediately returned with a charming smile. Suddenly, no interest, too boring! This is the end of the brothel trip. Turn around and plan to leave. Who wants a cooked duck to fly? When the procuress saw that I was leaving, she was so anxious that she said incoherently, chrome washing machine ,portable gold wash plant, "My guest, haven't you even drunk yet?" Trouble is, I'm here to be a whoremaster, not a drinker, and besides, can your wine compare with "murder time"? No, at least I threw ten taels of silver, at least change something and then go, otherwise is not too bad? My cauliflower's principle of being a man: I will never do business at a loss. Alas, look at what I am doing now, tasting a little wine, eating side dishes, and looking at the living sex palace. Buddha, do you think I am depressed in this brothel? Buddha: Amitabha, emptiness is appearance, and appearance is emptiness. The brothel is not within my scope. You can ask for more luck. I really can't take care of you. Forget it, just make up for my regret that I haven't seen porn in 20 years, but will this text version of reality show jump too fast? Fortunately, my stress ability is strong enough, otherwise there will be another interesting story tomorrow. Deceased: "Murder Time" boss cauliflower. Cause of death: nosebleeds, which eventually led to excessive blood loss and death. I glanced left, an R-rated! Right aim, more hot! Turn up, wow, hot! Down, it's too hot! Damn, none of them care about me as a spectator! On the contrary, I twisted and felt guilty, my eyes were rolling, and I was like a thief, who let us be moral, so we can't look at private things! Do not look at indecent assault! The business of "Xunchunlou" is too good. None of the "young ladies" is idle. Wrong, there is a fish caught in the net! When her eyes turned away, she just looked up and looked at me. My God, it's so cold! I couldn't help shivering. The comely face, the thin body and the simple appearance are totally incompatible with the degeneration here. On the contrary, this abruptness constitutes a unique scene. Curiosity can kill the cat, and I will give up the fun? You can guess the reason why no one cares about her: too cold! Want to know how icebergs freeze? Just put her by a river, and you wait. Don't worry, it won't be long! But it's not her coldness that arouses my interest, but the reason why she is cold! Not naturally cold, nor aloof, nor aloof, not playing hard to get, nor trying to attract attention through alternatives, not to mention any contemptuous eyes. Take away all the reasons that make people "cold", the only thing left is: "the living dead"! Yes, there are people alive and he's dead, and she's one of them. Like a lifeless doll, you can not touch her vitality, even breathing is difficult to feel, now she seems to be just a body, and the soul is in the distant horizon, indifferent to all this. Suddenly, I found that we are the same kind of people, and we all live because we are alive. We are not the same kind of people, because I know to live happily, and she, I doubt if she knows she is still alive. Interpersonal communication is very delicate, some very familiar friends may not be in your heart, and some people, such as her, no intersection of people are inexplicably mixed into my breath. I am a person who is afraid of trouble,small gold wash plant, but I can't believe that I want her to live like a person! Action is better than heart! Called the procuress, pointed to her: "I want her!" " The procuress was stupefied: "My guest, are you sure?" 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com

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