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    Girl's heart, at the moment can be described as thousands of thoughts! The eyes, full of countless thoughts: miss, love, bitterness, anxiety … … According to Adeline's nature, when she saw Shaya, her first thought was to run up recklessly, then throw herself into the arms of the woodlouse, and then bite him hard, complaining bitterly about her yearning for many days, crying and laughing, so that all her emotions could be vented in the heart of the man in front of her. Well, it's better to have a very hot kiss! But if it is really according to Adeline's original intention, she does not even want to appear at the gate of the reception team-after all, the girl's heart is still a little shy, although she is Xia Ya's fiancee, but after all, they are not married, she is a little shy to appear in front of everyone as a "hostess" role. If she had to choose,ultrasonic extraction cbd, she would prefer to stay in the gate of the sheriff's house, waiting for the hateful turtle to come home, and then jump into the guy's arms when no one was there. There were some intimate gestures that Adeline was reluctant to do under the eyes of the public. After all, she is also a woman of aristocratic origin, and she still pays great attention to these manners. However, she still appeared under the city gate. Watching Shaya walk towards herself step by step, Adeline's infinite thoughts suddenly reminded her of what Daphne had said to herself this morning. Adeline, in any case,ultrasonic cutting machine, you must appear in the welcoming line and stand where everyone can see you! Make your presence visible to all, military and civilian alike! You have to show your presence in the Union Army in this way! In this way, you will silently declare to everyone that you are their true mother and true mistress! "But.." Sister, after all, we are not married, so I suddenly ran to stand in front of everyone, I. At that time Adeline is still very perturbed, although the heart miss infinite, want to kill that hateful woodlouse, but after all, the girl's thin skin: "I still want to wait for him in the chief mansion, under the city gate in full view, I.." "This is no time to be shy!" At that time, Daphne, ultrasonic cutting machine ,sonicator homogenizer, a beautiful girl who came from the Duke of Minas family and had the status of queen of the empire, said calmly to Adeline in an almost serious tone: "If you want to really tie this man, if you don't want your position to be challenged by other women in the future, you'd better do as I said!" "Why, how?"? What you said is so serious. Looking at the ignorant sister in front of her, Daphne sighed. Although she was born in the royal family, the princess, who had been far away from politics since childhood and was not welcomed by the emperor, had no keen sense of politics. In contrast, she was born in a rich and powerful family and married to the royal family very early. She was much more sophisticated than the princess: My sister, you don't understand yet. Now Shaya is not Shaya a few months ago! A few months ago, Shaya was just a small army head in the north, with a little land, a little military forces, and in this troubled times, he was just a wild warlord, and even his northern military region was made up by himself-don't look at me like that, I know the royal strategy well. It is absolutely impossible for any courtier to give such an official position as the Commissioner of the Northern Military Region that all military and political powers are imposed on one person! Such an official position, simply can not be a minister can bear! He was just a small independent warlord before! But things are different now! He defeated a legion of Odin, killed an Odin hero like Manninger, conquered the whole territory of Siltan County, conquered the Corsica region, occupied the land of three counties with one man, and became a hot figure on the mainland with a brilliant victory that the Imperial Army had never had in a hundred years! Didn't you hear the news of the imperial capital this time? He has been officially canonized by your brother, the general of the northern garrison, which is equivalent to the most authoritative and legitimate recognition of the empire. With his present age and the land and army he owns, it can be imagined that in the next few years, he will be officially canonized. With his legitimacy and righteousness, he will cross the northern frontier of the empire and become the most powerful and top figure on the real mainland! Don't forget, he's still young and not married! I know you have a good relationship with him, but for men, most of the time, feelings are not the biggest factor they measure things! Especially for a big man like him, who bears the fate of the whole group, what he bears, can not let him be emotional! Don't look at me like that. Marriage is always one of the oldest and most effective means of any political problem! He is now famous in the mainland, and will soon become the target of many forces, when the time comes, I am afraid there are countless rich and powerful and countless powerful princes, will be scrambling to send the most beautiful woman in his clan to him! As long as you can marry him, you will get the most powerful foreign aid, and you will get the support of tens of thousands of sabers from the Northern Military Region! Even if he really loves you, Xia Ya Lei Ming. But men in many cases, for the cause, will choose to give up the feelings! If he can rely on marriage and give his group a strong foreign aid, maybe he will. “…… It won't! Although Adeline was said to be a little pale at that time,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, she still shook her head: "He.." His heart to me, only I understand! I believe he is sincere to me, but he won't.

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