I am the only immortal

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    The sea dragon disdains "compensation?"? Can you compensate for it? What the shadow should have lost has been lost. Your plan must be to let her lead the holy family to grow and grow. Without the threat of the sea of ghosts, you can expand outward. I'm not in charge of the Holy Family, but there's one thing I don't want you to forget. When you let the shadow follow me, you said she was a gift to me, so the shadow is my person, she no longer belongs to your holy family, I came here today to take her away and take my own woman away. Chapter 113 of the main text is a promise of three hundred years. Chapter 113 a promise of three hundred years. The temperature in the room of the withered elder suddenly dropped sharply, and the air between him and the sea dragon seemed to burn. His body was slightly twisted, and his thin face was full of strong murder? Unless you kill all our holy warriors. For our Holy Family, the Holy King represents everything, and I will not allow anyone to hinder the revival of our Holy Family. The wooden staff in his hand was slowly raised, and he had already raised his mana to the limit, ready to attack at any time. The sea dragon calmly looked at the withered smell and said lightly, "I have never been stingy to kill and poke. If you have to force me to do so, it is not difficult to slaughter and poke the holy people completely." The space changed again,Inflatable 5k obstacle, and Kuwen was surprised to find that all his abilities had temporarily pushed the control of the whole room to become calm. In front of the sea dragon, he had become an ordinary old man. There was a cruel smile on the sea dragon's face. "Feel it?"? This is my absolute space, in which none of your holy ones can yet oppose. Withered to hear the elder's breathing gradually rapid, the naked feeling of the sea dragon made his heart more and more fear, although he knew that the sea dragon had benefited a lot after the combination of three Yin and Yang,Inflatable water park on lake, but he did not expect that he would be so strong that the first elder of his holy family did not even have the power to contend. "Is there really no room for manoeuvre?" The sea dragon said proudly behind his hands, "Yes, there is no room for manoeuvre. I want to take away my woman, and no one can stop me.". You go to find the shadow. I'll give you ten minutes. If I don't see her in ten minutes, you know the consequences. Absolute space suddenly disappears. Kuwen has his own ability again. He glared at the sea dragon to make a move, but hesitated for a long time but never used his powerful ability. He knew that the sea dragon was far from what he could compete with. "It's been a minute," the sea dragon said coldly. "My patience is very limited." The strong pressure from his body made Kuwen's breathing more rapid. With a heavy pause, the crutch in his hand withered and strode away. Looking at the background of his departure, the sea dragon showed a faint smile at the corners of his mouth. Yes, no one can take his woman, no one. Now that the shadow has a bond with itself. She would never be allowed to have sex with any man again. The sea dragon closed his eyes and began to breathe the magic in his body. He also knew that Kuwen would easily let him leave with his shadow. I'm afraid it will be a big battle. He is full of confidence in himself and no one can stop his decision. The shadow sat quietly in his room. When she was young, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable bounce house with slide, she knew that she must give everything for the holy family in her life. Under the supervision of the elders, she worked hard to cultivate her abilities all the time. Finally, she became the youngest elder in the clan, and. The elders also hid a big secret from the outside world. As early as three years ago, she had surpassed the power of the elders and possessed the fourth ability. But Kuwen Elder and others thought that her ability was not enough to lead the Holy Clan, but she had just stepped into the threshold of the Holy King level. For the next two years, no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to advance her ability, which not only brought her confusion, but also puzzled the elders. Ying grew up with Konglin. In the eyes of the clansmen, they are the most suitable pair of childhood sweethearts. As the days go by, the feelings between them are getting deeper and deeper. Their relationship had already reached the stage of marriage, and the empty forest loved the shadow and loved him as well. However, their marriage has never been approved. Both Konglin and Ying are courteous people. Although they rub their ears and temples all day long, they have never done anything beyond it. The shadow did not understand why the elders could not fulfill their love. In her heart, she did not want to be a holy king. She just wanted to be with her beloved every day. That was enough. The appearance of the sea dragon disturbed her life. That night, Kuwen waited for the oldest elders to call her. Only then did she realize that her ability could not be further improved mainly because of her congenital deficiency. So they decided to use the power of the sea dragon to help her complete the process of growing up as a holy king. Everything that happened after that was like a dream with the sea dragon. Everything she had experienced during that time was something she had never thought of before. Until now, she could not forget the heroic posture of the sea dragon when he fought against the six sects of Zhengdao in Jietian Square. When Xuan Tianbing let her with the sea dragon three Yin and Yang, her heart beat so fast, she did not expect that the plan of the elders would come true so soon. The shadow of the empty forest kept flashing in her mind, but did she have a choice for the sake of the clan? The combination with the sea dragon did not bring her pain, but a deep shock, which was the deepest resonance from the soul, when she and the sea dragon climbed to the peak of desire at the same time, the shadow was drunk and deeply intoxicated. After the end of the three Yin and Yang, because the shadow is the weakest, it is also the last one to wake up. She clearly felt that there were many more things in her body. Lyra told her that the sea dragon was helping Piaomiao. She wanted to help the sea dragon, but she suddenly found that she was the only outsider in front of the sea dragon, Piaomiao and Lyra. With loneliness and their own do not understand the mood of the shadow chose to leave directly back to the underground city of the holy family. On the way back, she found that she had not only perfected her fourth ability, but also added some other abilities, but this had not brought much excitement to what she had expected most in the past. Just a few days after she came back, the elders changed their usual attitude of opposing her association with Konglin and agreed to let them get married as soon as possible. The shadow found that she had changed, which had been her greatest hope,inflatable amusement park, but now she was not interested in it. She felt sorry for Konglin, after all, her body was no longer pure. joyshineinflatables.com

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