I don't believe in taking things away that lower the skill ceiling unless it's overpowered

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    Eliminating switches isn't going to mend decreasing population and I highly doubt it's a variable. It's misleading to say RuneScape's population is OSRS gold declining due to the learning curve and clunky mechanics, considering we've enormous content droughts, poor PR with MTX, and an overall lack of enthusiasm throughout the RuneScape playerbase. Brick-wall learning curves do not prevent people from getting into games if word of mouth is strong. Dragon Hunter and Warframe are games that display those illustrations perfectly, even when the former did make some QoL changes to make it even more mainstream with World, and Monster Hunter is a series that is notorious for being known as"clunky". In spite of World that's the situation, being super willful and slower in comparison to Capcom's other series Devil May Cry.

    I don't believe in taking things away that lower the skill ceiling unless it's overpowered, like Planted Feet (that can be barely any skill while providing you a massive buff) and Spellbook Swap (that does move too far in creating Magic too versatile). And more importantly there will always be some scapegoat for individuals not getting into PvM. In 2013-2015 it was set articles and elitism. It's switches. In any situation, it's some boogeyman debate. Sooner or later, address it and these people today need to find a solution themselves.

    Because people cant be bothered to learn anything out of their comfort zone so that they come here and start whining like a bitch when they cant do something other people may, no matter what about its whatever the hot topic is at that instant. I dont understand why people think removing each and every thing that needs some kind of effort to pull off will create combat better. No change in RuneScape game is really NEEDED to get kills. They act as though they are somehow at a disadvantage from the others in learning how to pvm, when in reality everybody started out on the same level. Im willing to bet alot of those people dont even use keybinds, which is possibly the most significant part enhancing, and in that case id suggest make a fantastic keybind setup and get acquainted with them.

    Switches back afterward worked than now. I stopped before Kiln so I can not talk on it first hand but in Fight temples, we had switches (range for main battle, Guthans to heal up) but it was not like in the middle of battling Jad you are flicking between 3 different styles. For things such as Corp, we had BGS (or some folks attracted SWH god bless you) where you'd spec but immediately switch to Z spear. Tanking wise we had a spirit shield + leaf blade but that was not like today where we would have a sunshine rotation and at the next 15 seconds you'd be making a crap ton of switches (say at aod you would pf switch, Sunshine, adren bud, 2x thresh, change to flank, etcor hell at Solak basically switch an whole style midfight with basically 15 of your stocks devoted to switches.

    If you watched any school that is older PVM clips, you'll notice the majority of the inventory was dedicated to food. People camped supervisors like GWD1 for one hour+ at a time with things such as Bones to Peaches or even Guthans whereas today with all the boss portal site things have changed a lot. You literally can not even cheap RuneScape gold compare PVM as it's now versus 10 years ago.It's not mandatory at all just makes the kill simpler.

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