Jimmy Butler in many ways is that the Philip Rivers of the NBA

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    Together with the 2019-2020 NBA season in full swing, we'd love to reflect on some of the best Minutes of the Week MyTeam cards at NBA 2K20. The MyTeam mode in NBA 2K20 along with other titles in the series is awesome since it provides both historical and live weekly content. One of the neater card series is the Minutes of 2K MT the Week collection that attracted new cards to the first 11 months of the season and rewarded players with high overall cards depending on the top players of that given week. Players were rewarded for showing out for 7 days and showing up. Let's now take a look at the 10 best Moments of the Week MyTeam cards in NBA 2K20 and position them from worst to first.

    It still feels fresh and new to say, however, NBA Champion Kyle Lowry is right back to being the unquestioned leader for the Toronto Raptors following Kawhi Leonard's death to Los Angeles. Since Lowry appears more like an enthusiast playing pickup and less like a starting NBA point guard, we frequently disrespect his game. The guy's a solid all-around player who now has a 95 overall card that reflects the best parts of the game. Lowry might never posterize a rival, but together with his scoring ability and tenacious defense, he is more than capable of embarrassing someone on any given night.

    Unfortunately for Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, till he establishes himself as a star player in the NBA, he will mostly be known among the players the Los Angeles Clippers traded off for Paul George. He's now making a name for himself using the Oklahoma City Thunder, as he is averaging 19 points per game and over 6 rebounds. His growth hasn't gone unnoticed, as he was rewarded with a 95 complete card for his efforts during the 10th week of the year. He is a solid scorer and has good size at 6'5" when up against other shooting guards.

    Jimmy Butler in many ways is that the Philip Rivers of the NBA. He's an ultra-talented man, but he has never seen any tournament victory and has a very divisive personality. Butler's a world-class defender that can put up points pretty consistently and has shown the willingness to become a team's #1 superstar player. His 95 overall Moments of the Week card for Week 7 is one of the better defender cards in the game, also, though not extraordinary, he has some strong attributes in regards to scoring from anywhere on the court.

    Imagine being the superstar of your own franchise, averaging almost 27 points per match in an NBA season, and not producing the game. That is precisely where Devin Booker finds himself right now, however, unlike the game voters, MyTeam knows how to reward people who place in the work. Booker received a 96 complete card to buy NBA 2K MT the Week 10 set of the Minutes of the Week series, and he's an absolute game wrecker from outside. He sports 98 for consistency, a 96 to get 3-point shooting, and a 95 from mid.

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