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    [Xiaocao's daily special number: [Advertisement] Thank you for your support, we won the first place in the gardening competition! Without further ado, it's better to be happy alone than to be happy together. Let's have a lucky draw. No strings attached, just forward. Draw 50 free cheeses (all 1 kg portions, random flavors). Draw 30 and send vanilla butter (1 kg). Draw 40 for ice cream (1 kg each, this flavor is also different, I don't know exactly which flavors, some may be experiments made by Guangzhong [laugh cry]). Draw 50 pickles to send pickles (about 500g, the dishes and tastes are all random). Draw 10 to send a comprehensive gift package containing all the above products. Note: The food is all home-made, not expensive brand goods. The lottery time is one week later [sample from the refrigerator.jpg]] After sending out the micro-blog, even if it is late at night, there are many people immediately forwarding, in addition to fans "ah ah congratulations to the grass master", there are also many "I counted, 300 places! This time there must be me "," thank the local tyrants for sharing the happiness of the rich "," brave denominator "and other passers-by to join in the fun. Xiaohua looked at the painting style of Weibo, which was very normal, and went to sleep at ease. At the same time,86 smart board, some people in Wanwu Commercial Street were too worried to sleep, such as Jenny. Jenny was busy looking for a way to make friends with noble people a few days ago, so she didn't pay much attention to the competition. But in the early morning, she was suddenly overtaken by a work that was short of more than 100 votes. It was too late for her to react. Finally, the voting deadline was in the early morning. Her No.9527 work lost to others by 6 votes, and only won the fifth place. The fifth place means that there is not even a trophy, which means that there is no difference with the last place. She knows a little inside information. The top four not only have titles, but also mean that they are officially recorded in the time government. The more titles they get in these official activities,4k smart board, the faster they can upgrade the level of the judges. And now, she only got the fifth place, which means she can't enter the organization she wants! I will get the trophy next time! No, I'm sure I can get the first place next time! Jennie was kneeling in front of the old man with a look of remorse and chagrin. Originally, she had calculated that her garden would definitely be in the top four, but she did not count that the competition had produced 23333 works, which directly squeezed out all the entries. Jenny Shan, of course, can't hate the owner of No.23333, or the first one this time can't make anyone jealous. After all, the gap is too big. It's not as simple as drifting and overtaking on a curve. They're flying combat planes. Everyone's sports cars are still chasing each other on the ground. They've already taken off to the sky with an acceleration. So what Jenny hated was the fourth place this time, the person who suddenly overtook at the last moment. She was thinking about how to find that person for revenge, but she heard the 50-year-old man snorting coldly. Hum I have provided you with so much information in order to help you enter the organization this time, smartboards for business ,smart interactive whiteboard, but you can still fail, which is really disappointing! The old man shook his head and waved to Jenny. "Go back and reflect on yourself." "Then what you said last time recommended me." Jenny asked again unwillingly. You don't have a trophy, you can't make any achievements, and you still want to join the organization? The old man laughed coldly and waved his hand again, like an eyesore. "Go down." “……” Jenny wanted to say something more, but she could only salute respectfully and leave. When Jenny was far away, the door on the side of the room opened and a young man came out. "I said, this little girl's eyes are too shallow and her brain is not good. She just has a little talent and can't become a climate.". You think too much of her. "No one is available now." The old man shook his head, took a sip of tea from the teacup on the table, and turned to ask. "Well, did you find out where the first one came from?" "Just some basic information, codenamed Hua, female, looks about 20 years old, very rich.". The young man shook his head, "Too mysterious, in addition to printing hundreds of millions of advertising leaflets in XX printing shop, there is basically no information about her presence in Wanwu.". It's either a great power that hasn't been born for a hundred years or. Newcomer? How can it be a new person? It's impossible to be a genius. She has mastered many levels of time and space. The old man was also shaken by the young man's unreliable speculation. "Anyway, let's see. If you can draw in, you must draw in. If you can't draw in, you must avoid it. If this level of power is hostile.." "Never be hostile, the organization has managed to operate under the eyes of the time government for decades.." The young man also sighed, "Recently, the TV channel organized by the government is about to be opened, and it is a step closer to victory." Don't make any mistakes. "Yes, with the ability to see and respect adults on a moonlit night, it is really remarkable to gain the trust of the government of time so quickly!" The old man hurriedly echoed, but suddenly opened his mouth with a fantastic idea. "You say, is the author of the 23333 number fierce, or is the Lord of the Moon Night fierce?" “……” …… Not only the mysterious organization of the God, want to know more information about the little flower from all sides are not a few people, the 23333 number of works fans, the other upper circle of the competition players, all kinds of people want to make friends for the benefit of hope, and the time government officials are no exception, but the time government is official, want to know more information about the little flower is much more convenient. At this moment, at the headquarters of the government building of the time government, outside the door of a conference room of the huge Tianshou Pavilion, which is towering into the clouds, the fox who is in charge of Xiaohua Honmaru is nervous. This is the first time it has entered the headquarters and met high-level people! The barrier door opened, and in the traditional and style, there were a group of high-level people dressed in various hunting clothes. …… The understanding of space and time has obviously gone beyond the level that human beings should have, but now disguised as an ordinary golden level of God,interactive panels for education, there must be ulterior motives! A, wearing a dark red hunting suit, was chattering. "This kind of judge of God should be strictly monitored as early as possible!" 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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