Live on your face [wear it quickly]

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    Ji Changli thought that perhaps he had drunk too much tonight and was too drunk to be sober, so he mistook himself for someone else. Nevertheless, he also felt very happy. He knew that Shen Jingyu would laugh at others, unlike him, who was treated as a stranger. But now, they are Taoist couples, no longer irrelevant people. Everything about Shen Jingyu was related to him, and he could no longer be driven away from him. He stroked Shen Mian's drunken cheek and teased, "If you beg me softly, I might be willing to tell you what you want to know." Shen Mian looked up at him, but shook his head and lowered his head to continue tasting the wine. Ji Changli pinched his chin and kissed him on the lips. The wine was clear, but not as sweet as the lips. Shen Mian raised his hand and wiped his lips, his fingertips trembling as he held the flagon. At ordinary times, Ji Changli may have been angry, perhaps earlier, when Shen Mian asked about the whereabouts of the two people, he should have been angry, but he achieved his wish today, so he was particularly patient. He took Shen Mian's hand and filled the cup in his hand, but he took Shen Mian's hand and handed the cup to his lips. The cup was empty, and Ji Changli seemed to be drunk, not because of the wine, but because of the man in front of him. Shen Mian pulled his hand out of his hand and said, "Tell me,Diameter tape measure, where did he go?"? Are you alive? "Elder Martial Brother," said Ji Changli, "you shouldn't have mentioned him on our big day." As soon as he stretched out his long arm, he took Shen Mian into his arms. Their eyes collided. Ji Changli said, "Why don't you look at me?" They looked at each other clearly, but he asked him why he refused to look at him. Because he couldn't see himself in his clear eyes. "I promised him that I would only look at him in this life," said Shen Mian. Ji Changli's eyes sank slightly. He raised his hand to cover his lips and said, "I don't like you to say these words. So don't say them again." "I just want to know if he's all right," said Shen Mian. Ji Changli looked at him steadily. After a long time,Fiberglass tape measure, he said, "I can't die." Shen Mian nodded slightly, "then I'm relieved." He picked up the pot of jade dew nectar and drank it directly from the neck of the flagon without a cup. Then he stood up and staggered to the inner hall, thinking that it would be better to get drunk and let Ji Chang go than to wake up, so that he would feel less guilty, after all, he would not remember anything when he woke up. He went to the warm jade bed, fell asleep, Ji Changli stood on the side of the bed for a long time, eventually picked him up, and went to the open-air Lingchi in the rear. There is a spirit stone array around the spirit pool, which is laid by Ji Changli himself, which can prevent the outside world from peeping and probing. He took off his clothes, untied his headband, and covered his perfect, snow-white body with his hair. Ji Changli breathed, Walking measuring wheel ,Walking tape measure, and the skin under his palm was so delicate and smooth that people were reluctant to leave. He was so vigorous that he could not resist the temptation to leave several marks on Shen Mian's Adam's apple and collarbone. Noticing that the man in his bosom murmured uncomfortably, Ji Changli stopped and held him in his arms with a strong desire to step into Lingquan. The spring water was a little hot, and Shen Mian woke up a little. He hugged Ji Changli's neck and called out in a low voice, "Your honor.." There was a strong nasal sound in his words, as if he had suffered infinite grievance, and as if he was asking people to pity him and love him. Only these two words, let Ji Changli like falling into the ice cellar. "What good is he?" He asked. He was the only one who could be heard in the temple. "What good is he?" He asked. Shen Mian on the white jade carved pool wall, the familiar situation, but in front of this person's face is really not good-looking, Shen Mian head like paste, did not realize what he said. But Ji Changli seemed unable to hear his answer and refused to let him go. So he thought for a moment and said, "If I hadn't met you, I would have died." That day in the stream at the foot of Haoxuan Xianzong Mountain, without the purple crows, he would have fallen from the cliff waterfall and been crushed to pieces. Ji Changli was slightly stunned. He didn't expect such an answer. He took me back to take care of me when I was a useless person waiting for death. He went into the secret land and broke into the temple, all for me. He was a high demon, but because of people like me, he stepped into danger again and again. His eyes were reddish and he murmured, "I don't owe you anything. I only owe him.". ” Ji Changli only felt like a thorn in his heart, more and more into the heart, the past things can not be remedied, he has already lost. But he is still not reconciled. Ji Changli took Shen Mian in his arms, pressed down the dull pain in his heart, and the waves in his eyes seemed to have made a decision. He stroked Shen Mian's cheek and said in a very gentle tone, "Elder Martial Brother, forget the past. From now on, let's start over." Shen Mian was silent. "If you can't forget," said Ji Changli, "I'll help you forget. You may not know that there is a kind of flower in the secret land of Xuanqiong, which is called "forgetting love". Its pollen will make people forget the love of this life. From the time you meet, all memories will disappear. Shen Mian slightly stiff, struggling desperately in his arms, but inherited the divine power of Ji Changli, now this continent has been difficult to find opponents, Shen Mian's resistance to him, can be directly ignored. Ji Changli picked him up and walked out of the spirit pool. The mist on their bodies quickly evaporated, and Shen Mian's body was covered with a layer of brocade shirt. Ji Changli placed him on the bed, he did not impose immobilization, but only with gentle, but no doubt the strength to suppress Shen Mian's wrist, and even legs, so that he was not bound, feel the absolute power from the Kingdom of God. Something was fed into his mouth, slipped down his throat, and slept in the crook of his arm, retching desperately, but nothing came out. ……” Shen Mian looked at the void with an expressionless face and said, "007, remember to make a backup for me." However, the system says, "Love Forgetting Pollen works immediately." Shen Mian slightly stupefied, how he has not forgotten the demon Zun, also has not forgotten anything should not forget. Did you take fake medicine? But as the Lord of the Secret Land,Pi tape measure, Ji Changli, who has the inheritance of the temple for ten thousand years, how can he make such a low-level mistake? But he really didn't forget anything.

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