Love is like sand between the fingers

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    Zhang Qirui watched him walk away with a smile. He turned to Pan Kaixi beside him and said, "Does Mr. Pan need to go back and change his clothes?"? I'll ask the bellboy to send your clothes to the dry cleaning, which is the responsibility of our hotel. "No." Pan Kaixi smiled like an old fox. "It's a good thing to splash the wedding wine.". Manager Zhang, I'll do it myself if you are busy. There was a spark in the air between the two men's eyes. Zhang Qirui gently hooked the corners of his mouth, said no more, staggered him, and strode out of the auditorium. Pan Kaixi looked at his hurried back and narrowed his eyes. Suddenly a man ran past him and chased Zhang Qirui without looking back. Pan Kaixi was really shocked. That man is Sun Dongping. Put my official forum address, welcome everyone to play: mibao82 points 5d6d points com. Replace "point" with "." Reunion 7 Zhang Qirui chased him to the lobby, but Gu Xiang's figure was already nowhere to be found. The man must have been so confused that he didn't know where he would go after such a big shock when he was unprepared. He must have a good talk with her. Zhang Qirui took out his cell phone and dialed Zhu Qing's phone. Gu Xiang? Isn't she on holiday today? Zhu Qing looked at the lounge, but Gu Xiang was not inside. Gu Xiang came back. A waiter next to her said, "Xiao An's boyfriend went to the hospital, and she came to change shifts with her." "Where is she now?" "It seems that Mr. Qian should be given lunch, but she didn't get it back.". I met the nanny just now and asked me where Gu Xiang had gone. Zhu Qing shook his head and said to the phone: "General Manager Zhang, Gu Xiang is not upstairs.." General Manager Zhang? Zhang Qirui mercilessly closed the phone. He tugged at his collar and strode out of the hotel lobby. The crowds outside, the good weather and the winter discounts in the nearby shopping malls have attracted countless young men and women. Zhang Qirui looked for Gu Xiang in a panic in the crowd. The purple-gray figure flashed through the gap in the crowd,alumina c799, and Zhang Qirui was so excited that he pushed aside the passers-by and ran towards her. Gu Xiang- Gu Xiang, like a rabbit who heard the wind, turned around in horror. Zhang Qirui's anxious and worried face appeared not far away, and she breathed a sigh of relief, but did not stop. Just then the street light came on and she hurried across the road. Wait a minute Zhang Qirui called her, but Gu Xiang turned a deaf ear. He had to run after him. Gu Xiang fled hurriedly,Kamado bbq grill, her brain was blank, and her body seemed to be manipulated. Tall buildings in the city, strange streets, busy people coming and going, she is so small in this world, so out of place here. She felt anxious and afraid, but she knew in her heart that it was not her fault. She could only choose to run away because she was not ready at all. When she knelt on the ground to dry the wine stains on the shoes of the guests, the voice behind her almost sent her to hell. I can't see him! He can't see me! Unable! She ran, like a small animal pursued by hunters, fleeing in panic, ceramic bobbin heater core ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, but could not find a place to escape. Gu Xiang- "Zhang Qirui is a man in the end, it did not take long to catch up with her," you wait, I have something to say to you. " Gu Xiang looked back at him across the road, sad and panicked, and his eyes were full of disappointment. She shook her head and turned to run on. Zhang Qirui is about to catch up with him. A car honked in front of him, and the driver cursed loudly in Shanghai dialect. Zhang Qirui did not have the patience to wait for the green light. He took advantage of the lack of traffic to rush across the road and catch up with him. Zhang Qirui lost the trace of Gu Xiang again. He took a deep breath and let it slow down. There are many tourists on the riverbank, the people in the tour group speak with different accents, people are busy laughing and taking pictures, and the happy atmosphere is in the air. Zhang Qirui kept walking until he reached a secluded part of the dam. Gu Xiang sat on the long board, with his back slightly arched and his head bowed. Her hair, which was coiled up, had fallen loose in the run and hung over her shoulders. Only then did Zhang Qirui discover that her hair had grown a lot, but it was still a little yellow. He walked over gently and stood behind Gu Xiang. Although the winter sun is warm, but the temperature is not high all the time, there is wind by the river, Gu Xiang's back is shivering. I don't know whether it was because of the cold or because what had happened before had stimulated her too much. Zhang Qirui neatly unbuttoned, took off his clothes, and put them on Gu Xiang's shoulder. Gu Xiang shrank for a moment, but did not refuse his kindness. Zhang Qirui went around and sat beside her. Long silence, it seems that time is frozen up, and then heavy fall. Zhang Qirui felt that the thing falling in his stomach made him feel very uncomfortable. But he didn't know what to do? He had thought about this situation before, after all, there is no lie in the world that can not be broken. But at that time, he didn't know how to deal with it. Because at this point, apologies and pleas don't seem to solve anything. He never knew how to explain to Gu Xiang his motives for doing all this. Yes, he doesn't know why. Why Gu Xiang finally opened his mouth and asked the first question, which Zhang Qirui did not know how to answer. So he chose to answer honestly, "I don't know." "You know that." Gu Xiang turned his head and gazed deeply into Zhang Qirui's eyes. The strong feeling in her eyes so easily overpowered him that he could not move, like a worm in a net. You always knew where he was. You knew about them, didn't you? Zhang Qirui nodded, "Yes, I know." Gu Xiang looked away. She shook her head with a wry smile. Do you know? I really don't understand you! What are you thinking? What are you doing for? I don't know. Sometimes, or just yesterday, I think maybe I know you,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, maybe we are close. But then something happened that told me I was all wrong. With a deep sigh, Zhang Qirui held his forehead and whispered, "I'm sorry.." 。

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