Male protagonist, please don't twist the plot [wear the book] -- Nan Wei

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    Perhaps they are not the strongest one, but the refugees are terrible because they are not afraid of death. The place it passes through is like a locust passing through, and it is also like a snowball rolling bigger and bigger, until finally it is like a spark starting a prairie fire, which can not be stopped. Big Childe Shen Qiongshu finger knocks the table the speed to be faster and faster, closes the eye to meditate, that solemn appearance, lets Shen Yaolin atmosphere not dare to come out. After about a cup of tea, the eldest son Shen Qiongshu suddenly stopped and opened his eyes, which were awe-inspiring and dignified. Within four months, the Shen family must leave Luoyang City. If you leave in half a year, when the world is completely chaotic, it will be difficult to leave. Shen Yaolin and Shen Fu looked at each other. This Is it so urgent? He There are a lot of people in the Shen family. How to go? Take that route? How to arrange the cost of food and clothing along the way? Shen Yaolin has a headache when he thinks about it. However, seeing his elder brother Shen Qiongshu's slightly white face because of excessive use of his brain, Shen Yaolin could not say another word of doubt. I am responsible for sorting out the list of relocation personnel and mobilization matters. "And fill the remaining thousand." Shen Yaolin took the initiative to ask his eldest son Shen Qiongshu for work. Then I will be responsible for the mobilization of these old people of the Shen clan. Those old people of the Shen family have lived in Luoyang for generations, and if they are asked to move to Longxi out of the blue, they are afraid that there will be resistance in their hearts. Yan Nu and Ji Nu are the younger generation, this kind of thing or he comes forward to take care of the most appropriate. Big Childe Shen Qiongshu also does not refuse,fine bubble diffuser, "good, these two matters are troublesome father and younger sister." Three months to move the whole clan to Longxi, is not a small matter, he has too many things to do. But the most important thing is to write two letters. A letter to Shilang who stayed in Longxi. Isn't it just for this day that he put the younger generation of the Shen family in three places to experience? The other one. Nature gives to whom it is due. If you want the Shen family to go to Longxi like this, how can you not express it? …… The author has something to say: from Luoyang to Longxi, a journey of thousands of miles,wall penstocks, an aristocratic family, in troubled times, surrounded by wolves, moving and pulling the whole body, the small bell is really unable to take a trip on the go, smoothly meet with the man.. Looking forward to the little angels who are in the same frame with the male and female protagonists, they can save up and see again. Chapter 72 "Niang, eat the cake." A little girl of five or six years old, with two small twigs on her head, tied with hemp rope, wearing a half-new coarse cloth, was weighing her feet, trying to put the cake in her hand into Ying Niang's mouth. "Mother is not hungry, filter nozzle ,Mechanical fine screen, and Sanya will eat." Ying Niang smiled and touched the yellow hair on Sanya's head, and her eyes were full of love. Although Sanya was as thin and weak as ever, Ying Niang was very satisfied compared to the way Sanya was dying of hunger in her arms before. She is now assigned to the kitchen to do some menial work of washing and selecting vegetables. With food to eat, a house to live in, and her third daughter to accompany her, Ying Niang had nothing to be dissatisfied with. Had it not been for the fact that Shen's daughter had saved them and let them into the Shen family, she and Sanya would not have known where they had died. Mother, please eat. I earned it by folding clothes. The third girl still didn't give up and stuffed the cake into her mother's mouth. "I can earn a cake by folding my clothes for a day. You don't have to give me your share.." "San Ya'er Niang, this is San Ya'er's mind, you just eat a mouthful." The old man in the other bed opened his mouth and said with a smile, "It's rare for Sanya to be so filial." The old man was the old lady who had been begging with her under the city wall. Her husband's family name was Wu. It was her son Wu Dashan who brought Shen's Green Villa to recruit people and encouraged her to come with her. After entering the villa, Aunt Wu lived with Yingniang Sanya and two other pairs of mothers and daughters. On weekdays, Aunt Wu took care of them a lot, and Ying Niang was always grateful. Thank you for taking care of Sanya on weekdays. If you hadn't watched her, how could I have time to help in the kitchen? Ying Niang said gratefully. Sanya is only six years old. She can't take her with her when she goes to work. She can't see her and she's worried about being bullied by others. "If it hadn't been for Aunt Wu, she wouldn't have known what to do." Don't say that. With a wave of her hand, Mrs. Wu said with a smile, "I was just trying to earn a mouthful of food. It doesn't take much effort to see these children. Plus I have to take over the work of folding clothes. It's enough for me to support myself." Aunt Wu is very satisfied with her present life. Self-reliance makes her live very calmly in the villa, and she doesn't have to worry about being driven out as a burden. He is also full of admiration and gratitude to the owner of the Green Villa. Ying Niang envied in her heart. Aunt Wu herself got a cake because her son had entered the Green Villa. If she chooses to look after the child, she can get a cake, plus the work of folding clothes, while folding and looking after the child, without delay, she can get a cake. Without her son Wu Dashan, she can take good care of herself and have a full meal. Look at their own three Ya-er, Ying Niang heart is gratified and distressed, even three Ya-er can now earn a cake. However, two cakes a day, or too little, Sanya is the time to grow up, Ying Niang wondered if she should change to earn more work to do. Like learning to farm. Sanya Niang, are you going to learn farming?! That's a man's job, dirty and tiring. "Oh," said Aunt Wu with some concern. I am not afraid of hardship and tiredness. I used to work in the fields when I was at home, and I could compare with more than half of the labor force. The most important thing is.. If you go to learn farming, you will get a good salary and a lot of money. In this way, Sanya can eat more, and when she saves some money, she can add some thick clothes to Sanya. So.. When Dashan comes to see me, I'll ask him to ask you about the rules. Wu Dashan,fine bubble diffuser, the son of Aunt Wu, was one of the first to learn farming. He could come back to see her every seven days. Counting the days, he should be able to come back to see her tomorrow.

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