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    The head nurse thought that Jiang Shao was very irascible, and she asked Meng to take off her coat in a gentle voice. Meng Ting took off his coat because he had to pull the sweater down from his shoulder to show his arms. Her skin was white, and she was good enough to show half of her shoulder as instructed. The head nurse flicked the needle and raised her eyes. The girl's shoulders were white and delicate, her collarbone was beautiful, and her tawny eyes looked over with uneasiness, with a kind of soul-stirring beauty. The head nurse couldn't help saying softly, "Don't be nervous. Close your eyes and don't look." Meng listened and nodded, listening to the head nurse's words and closing his eyes. Her eyelashes trembled, and the head nurse raised her eyes subconsciously and saw the dark eyes of the teenager. He did not know when he did not keep his promise, turned his head, and his eyes fell on. Meng listened to the white shoulders. The head nurse looked at the little girl again, but she felt nothing. Chapter 22 playing hooligans. The head nurse's action of injection was very skillful, and she asked Meng to cover the cotton swab after the injection. She went out on her own, leaving the medical room for two students. Meng listens to hang down long eyelash to look at cotton swab, really not very painful. The girl's skin is delicate, and the milk-like porcelain white skin is dyed with some bright colors. She turned her head and looked at the black eyes of the teenager. His eyes fell on her naked shoulders, with three colors, but he noticed that she turned back and slowly looked at her eyes. Meng did not expect that he had been watching,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, she did not care about the wound, threw the cotton swab, sweater pulled up the shoulder. Meng listens to blush: "You said not to see." There was a smile in his eyes. "No." Meng listened to think that he really did not agree, she suffered a dumb loss, can only get up and go outside the medical room. Jiang Ren said, "Where are you going?" She was not angry, but ashamed: "My friend is still outside." "That girl,304 Stainless Steel Bar, can you ask the head nurse to call her?" Meng listened and then turned around. Zhao Nuancheng is afraid of pain and is very afraid of injection. Just now the nurse didn't stick the needle and almost scared her to cry. Meng heard that the head nurse played very well, which was a good thing. She nodded and whispered, "Thank you." He suddenly approached her and said, "Can you be nice to me, even as an ordinary classmate?" Don't ask for too much, a little is enough. Meng listened for a pause and finally nodded gently. He seemed unable to believe that she had really agreed, holding the lighter tightly in his fingers for a long time before releasing it, and his eyes were bright. Meng could not help but not open his eyes. She actually did not think too much, she and Jiang Ren were in different schools, even according to the trajectory of the previous life, she and he did not get along much. In the end, he will return to Jiang's house. She remembered that when she had an accident, Jiang Ren had already returned to B city. They wouldn't have much in common, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, but he didn't know. Outside the hospital crowded, Jiang Ren let her go out first, Zhao Nuancheng he will arrange. Out of the hospital, the air outside is fresh. Since the beginning of winter, H city has been turning cold. This is a city where it doesn't snow. Meng Ting was born here and died here. She had lived for nineteen years in her previous life and had never seen a real snow. She walked along the camphor tree road for a long time, and looked back to see Jiang Ren still following him. "What are you doing with me?" Meng heard. He put his hand in his pocket. "I'll take you home." "Don't." Her face was pink and her eyes were clear. "You said you wouldn't pester me after the injection." He couldn't help laughing and finally compromised: "See you tomorrow." Meng listened and thought, I won't see you until tomorrow. There was a bus stop outside the hospital for her to go home, and she walked for five minutes to wait for the bus. Meng looked at his watch, and the winter wind blew like a knife. The cleaning aunt swept away the garbage on the platform and was too tired to stand up straight. She saw Meng listen and bent down to help her pick up the broom. He looked up and smiled. "Thank you, little girl." "You're welcome," the girl whispered. Only then did the aunt see how handsome the little girl was, and her smile softened people's hearts. "It's not easy to wait for the bus on this platform," she warned. Aunt saw that she was not wearing much, and felt pity in her heart. "If you really can't, let your family pick you up." Meng listened and thanked her, and the aunt left with her pocket. It's really cold when the wind blows. Especially today, the weather is not good. At nine o'clock in the morning, the coolness of the morning has not yet dissipated, and the lungs hurt when I take a breath. When Jiang Ren came over, he saw her standing in the wind, with small camphor leaves falling in the wind. She is beautiful just because of a quiet side face. Meng turned his head and saw that he was a little annoyed. "Aren't you all gone?" He laughed a little badly: "I can't bear to part with you." "Jiang Ren, don't talk like that." The tips of her ears were slightly red, and the two curses finally came out, "dirty." Her tone was soft and soft, and she said that he was dirty and sweet. He laughed. "Call me dirty?" That year, he wore a black down jacket, because he dyed his hair back to black, and his whole body was sharp and full of game. Eyebrow peak is like a sharpened sword, which can easily make people shrink back. He approached her and unzipped her. Her face was flushed with shame, and there was a shy light in her eyes. "What are you doing?" He Tut: "Teach you what is dirty ah." Just as Meng was about to push him away from him, a down jacket with body temperature was draped over her. She raised her eyes in amazement, and for a long time she realized that she had misunderstood him, and her cheeks were red. Meng heard: "You put it on, I am not cold." Jiang Ren grinned, "We dirty people are not afraid of the cold." She bit her lip, held it for a long time, and finally smiled. She smiled at him for the first time, if only because it was funny. When she smiled, she was so beautiful that people were confused and her heart was trembling with sweetness. Meng also felt very sorry. She blinked and tried to bite her lips to suppress the laughter. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it." But Jiang Ren is a dirty embryo in her eyes. In the winter of December, he wore a thin shirt with two buttons unbuttoned at the collar. There is a kind of unruly feeling. How can such weather not be cold, she was about to return the clothes to him,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, he was very impatient: "Let you wear you wear, you dare to dislike?" Meng listened to stay for a long time, but he himself frowned: "Is there any smoke?" 。

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