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    "No one took the mission, but, according to my investigation, before the mission was released, Skinn invited Don, a famous flame mage known as the Miracle Mercenary, and talked for a long time in the Castro chapter, so I concluded that Don, the flame mage, probably took Skinn's commission." "Keep a close eye on the movements of Flame Mage Tang." …… "The nine-star mission, this Skeen is really." Tang Fan took Guret and Skinn, riding three galloping horses, and left the city of Camaza for Auckland, the royal city of the Kingdom of Oran. Naturally, soon after Tang Fan and Guret and Skinn left the city of Camaza, all the forces had received the news. Oh, he left Camaza? What is the task to be accomplished this time? Lord Robert and Cech both speculated: "But even Skeen is together, I'm afraid it's not that simple." "Well, it seems that that thing is really on them. Prepare to go out and intercept them." "Yes." …… Originally, it was Tang Fan who took Guret with him, but when he asked Skeen for the so-called goods today, Skeen put forward his colleague's statement and gave a reason. He had something important to go to the General Association of Commerce, so he planned to go with him. Naturally, the thing was also kept by him. To this, Tang Fan thought a little, also did not refuse. However, Tang Fan has a feeling that this time the action will not be so smooth, there will certainly be some changes. However,Drive in racking system, Tang Fan is not afraid at all, but some expectations, because he urgently needs the soul power of the strong, to upgrade his level. This line of work is surging. The speed of the galloping horse beast is very fast, but Tang Fan and other three people are all successful professionals, so they let the galloping horse beast gallop away and leave the city of Kamaza. The day passed quickly. Tang Fan three, who had left the city of Camaza for more than eight hundred miles, were resting. Although the galloping horse beast is full of endurance, running continuously for more than ten hours also consumes a lot of physical strength and needs rest. But from the city of Camaza to the city of Orange, it is nearly ten thousand miles, and it is not so easy to arrive at all. At this time is the night,Pallet rack beams, the sky, a huge moon wantonly emitting a white faint light, enveloped the earth, as if to the earth covered with a layer of white coat. And in the midst of this white sheen, there seemed to be a trace of scarlet. Faintly, above the white moon, there seems to be blood shining. A bonfire, Tang Fan three people form a triangle, and Tang Fan looked up and looked at the bright moon in the sky. It seems that tonight should not be calm. Tang Fan exhaled gently and said. What? What did the Master say? Tang Fan's voice is very small, Si Jin did not hear clearly, can not help asking. Nothing. Tonight, be careful. Tang Fan smiled and said. Skinn nodded and said nothing, but his face became grave. Tang Fan, on the other hand, closed his eyes, but his mental strength spread out silently, directly enveloping a radius of three thousand meters, and showing a broken mesh, making it difficult to perceive. Look at Gulet to know, heavy duty warehouse rack ,warehouse rack manufacturer, so close to Tang Fan, but for Tang Fan's mental fluctuations, but there is no awareness. However, hearing Tang Fan's words, Guret was also preoccupied with vigilance. Time passed little by little, Tang Fan closed his eyes, did not open his mouth, a fugue outside the appearance, and Gulet, is a stuffy pot, even though Skeen is so eloquent, at this time it is difficult to play any role, finally had to secretly smile, simply shut up, do not intend to open his mouth to say anything. Therefore, the night, it seems unusually quiet, only with a trace of blood red moon and the wind blowing constantly. Whoosh, whoosh. Suddenly, a very slight sound of breaking the wind sounded, a black figure, like a ghost appeared, forming a circular encirclement, just surrounded by Tang Fan three people in the middle. The scope of the encirclement is about 100 meters in diameter, and the number of people is as many as twelve. Twelve people, each wearing black tights, and even the face are covered, only showing a pair of eyes, under the moon, flashing a faint black light, very frightening. The moment these shadows appeared, Gulet immediately noticed that his eyes were full of fine awn and a cold surge, while Tang Fan, like an old monk in samadhi, had no reaction at all. Skeen felt a sudden cold breath, a shiver all over his body, and immediately found more black figures around him, suddenly startled, and his face changed. President Skeen, that thing is on your body. Hand it over obediently and spare your lives. Said one of the shadows, in a sharp, hoarse voice, like a cold wind. Skeen's whole body trembled, but his face did not change. "What is it?"? What are you talking about? "President Skeen, we won't do it if we're not sure. Hand it over, or we'll look for it on your body." Said the shadow again. Although there was no change on the surface, Skinn was very anxious. Because he felt that the strength of the twelve black figures was very strong, any one of them was not something he could resist, and even in an instant, he would be killed. Si Jin can not help but look at Tang Fan, how I hope that now, Tang Fan can speak ah, otherwise this pressure, let him feel very uncomfortable. Just look at Tang Fan's appearance, but still closed his eyes, motionless, as if he did not know the arrival of the enemy, really let Skeen heart very anxious, and even some regret. Regret oneself at that time how so impulsive, no longer consider, entrust Tang Fan. Volume 2: Chaos New Age 810 Kill All 810 kill all "President Skeen, do you expect them both?" Said the shadow again. It's no use. No matter how powerful they are,pipe cantilever rack, once they intervene, they will only die. Without waiting for President Skeen to answer, the shadow said again.

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