No woman in the world dies faster than the heroine.

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    "No" Charles realized that his tone was too stiff after the exit He hesitated to remedy it "I'm a little too tired I want to rest for a while" Tomie was silent and nodded "Then I'll go to see you when you're better" The conversation went nowhere In the end Charles refused everyone's wish to send him back to his room His smile could not even hide that far-fetched "I am not cripple yet I can go back by myself" As soon as he said this everyone was silent Tomie watched Charles leave in silence he seemed too lonely That night Tomie knocked on Charles' door again She waited at the door so long that she almost thought Charles was no Computer Hardware & Software longer in the room-when the door opened he was leaning against the wall with his crutch and his blue eyes were not as bright as they used to be "What are you doing here" Tomie almost couldn't help but sigh What kind of look is this If you are tired of yourself why do Charles's blue eyes still shine when he sees himself If it is against Tomie's approach why do they frown together after Tomie shows a lost look

    He didn't want to go nor did he want to stay This kind of self-esteem and persistence from men makes Charles draw a line between himself and Tomie over and over again but he wavers in Tomie's pressing step by step I'm afraid Charles himself doesn't know what he wants He just can't accept Tomie again Of course this does not mean that Charles really wants Tomie to leave She was in his heart and unfortunately Charles did not think he was in Tomie's heart The girl easily pushed open the door of the room and took out the dinner she had been carrying in her hand "You haven't been out all day I" "We're all worried about you" she sighed He took a step closer and locked the door with his hand When Tomie walked into the room and saw the open bathroom overflowing the bathtub she quickly got into the bathroom and turned off the tap but her mood was better Tomie leaned on the door and watched Charles slowly move forward on crutches "I thought you didn't want to open the door for me on purpose Are you going to take a shower" Charles nodded Then I'll help you "No!" Charles refused without hesitation the mask of calm on his face was broken revealing the panic and confusion inside and the pink climbed on his cheek again apparently thinking of the help given by Tomie when he was inconvenient to move Charles shook his head resolutely almost forgetting that he was not so comfortable in his movements The backward step nearly tripped himself

    Almost Tomie hugged him or rather they hugged each other This hug is so intimate that the body fits together completely Charles's face was red with shame and he was annoyed that he had been shaken so easily China Suppliers but could not escape the shackles of Tomie However Tomie did not obey Charles's strength to let go of the other side in fact Tomie looks like the injured person She slowly rested her head on Charles's shoulder and asked in a soft weak voice "Don't move" Charles stopped moving After they held this position for a long time Tomie asked again "Why do you keep running away" She looked really confused "Can't you just take me with you" Charles did not know how to answer He stretched out his generous palm and gently stroked Tomie's hair He knew that Tomie could not understand himself Before she really falls in love with someone She will never understand the bitterness jealousy sharpness and anger in a relationship These emotions will make even the most graceful people can not help but expose the most sharp side Charles on the other hand didn't want to look too embarrassed His contradictory hope is that even if Tomie doesn't love himself he still won't look down on him

    However Charles thought Tomie did not understand but heard the girl's questions more and more sharp "What kind of love do you want from me" You can't keep silent and let me guess you or understand you and you can't think I should do the same just because you can guess other people's minds! This is too difficult for me! She sounded as if she were sad "I know you must see through my narrow-mindedness Chemicals and selfishness my greed and willfulness my frivolity and indifference to so-called love but you can't look down on me because of that!" There are many ways to love in this world You can't think that my feelings are not sincere enough because I don't love you in the way you want After all I am trying so hard to win your favor want you to like me more but also more happiness and happiness I want you is all whether good or bad you

    Isn't that enough "I won't even ask you for more" Charles felt the skin on his chest wet with tears He wanted to sit up and look at Tomie's face but the girl pressed him harder When she finally sorted out her emotions Tomie also turned his head "If you don't want to see me then you won't see me again" When she slowly stood up Charles inexplicably felt that if she did not keep Tomie this time she would really disappear in her own world If he can't let Tomie see any hope then she won't try any more The girl stepped back slyly and then stubbornly insisted that Charles himself step forward If Charles doesn't come then she'll be back for good Charles kept her The hand tightly grasped Tomie's wrist together with the expression of the bottom of the eyes there was a trace of embarrassment and anxiety "Don't go" Charles said so and turned his face away "You aren't you going to help me take a bath" Charles lowered his head and stared at the still steaming bathtub in front of him The shampoo from Tomie made thick bubbles on the surface of the water Charles almost lost his footing

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