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    But the two in the field.. It is no exaggeration to say that they represent the top players of the archer profession in destiny! For the archer's standard attribute agility, certainly not less! Moreover, the leaf and I are together, big and small PK, playing BOSS experience can be said to be many, in addition to the recent challenge of the dragon in order to save me and hang a level, the leaf she was stunned not to hang! Of course I can't remember that I've never been killed by a player. The only time I hung it was when I took the essence of fire and triggered a magma eruption. This is strength! (…… Change it to: This is luck! Of course, the strength of the leaf is obviously higher than me, these look aggressive arrows lost, it is estimated that she will be avoided, right? Sure enough, the leaf again sent out a cold hum, the body stopped in an instant, a sudden brake, the momentum quickly turned into backward power, jumped up, five arrows missed, rubbed her legs into the soil. Looked at the leaf unexpectedly to avoid the advanced skill, Rao is sad Zhe don't also face a change! You know, how much agility and judgment does it take to avoid advanced skill attacks? Advanced skills are no better than ordinary attacks, almost instantly,Magnesium Sulphate producer, the arrow will reach the target, otherwise, the archer's skills are so easy to escape and play a fart! But sad Zhe don't have the slightest panic, hand up, a series of ordinary attacks like a meteor side toward the leaves still in the air rush away. A low servant's voice sounded, and the leaf was obviously hit. Now the two of them are even. One hit the primary skill shadow kill, one hit a normal attack, counting up,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, the attack power is almost the same. Ha ha, Miss Leaf is really skillful! The sad philosopher chuckled, his figure suddenly disappeared, and then, without warning, a hot, extremely beautiful and luxurious arrow rose into the sky, with a hot tail flame and a magnificent turn in the air, like a real meteor shooting at the leaves that had just fallen to the ground! Even the air around it seemed to be slightly torn! Damn! Sad Zhe Bie actually advanced the ultimate skill of divine shooting, meteor arrow! The archer's magic shooting series skill is known as the magician's nemesis-in the stealth state, the attack power of the magic shooting can reach four times! The most frightening thing for wizards is that the ultimate meteor arrow can even pass through the magic shield and bring direct damage to wizards! The only drawback may be that any effective attack by the archer in the stealth state will lead to the failure of stealth. And the assassin with the thief won't. Rao is the leaf, also when facing this arrow again, showed a slight panic, took out two bottles of medicine and drank it as soon as he looked up. At the same time, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, the fiery arrow hit the body of the leaf mercilessly, with a dull hum, the leaf clattered back a few steps! No wonder the sad Zhe don't want to fight with the leaf after seeing the leaf's action. There is no doubt that the level of the leaf is 7 levels higher than that of the sad heart. But Leaves or angels, their two levels, almost all of them are brought up by me! Or play BOSS, such as the dragon general BOSS to give the super level experience really let us a few levels up very quickly. But this also has an obvious disadvantage, that is, it hinders the advancement of their skills. But sad Zhe Bie is different. The Jihad guild won't run out of high wizards to lead him. However, I prefer to believe that sad philosophers are not shot out one arrow at a time-it is not difficult for the president of a guild to equip him with a professional team of bishops. But when has the infinite mana to make the supplement, a senior archer also has the artifact level weapon, the promotion speed should be very quick. Skill proficiency, of course, is faster. If you remember well, all the archer's advanced skills at the moment are still at the advanced level. And, up to now, there is no ultimate skill book! Watching the leaves raised their hands to wipe the blood from their mouths, and then coldly gazed at the sad farewell that had just appeared. My heart also gradually calmed down-as long as the second is less than the leaves! Just before the battle, I had stuffed the leaves with a handful of salted eggs! We can't do anything else, but we have too much medicine! Eat him to death! "President Zhe Bie, the meteor arrow is so beautiful that the little girl has seen it today." The leaf raises the hand, the snow God's anger to the sad Zhe farewell, "unfortunately, I this archer is incompetent, until now has not advanced the ultimate skill." Language, with infinite regret. Alas! I really regret that I took them to upgrade. If I hadn't left the angel for such a long time, I guess the angel wouldn't have learned to summon the Black Knight by now. It seems that our six-person combination needs to be adjusted, after all, it is not possible to rely too much on professional suit equipment. Come on, let me see the true power of the Wrath of the Snow God! Sad Zhe don't say, once again slowly raised the bow of the phoenix wing, gaze in the eyes, the tone becomes extremely dignified. The Wrath of the Snow God is inherited from the Elves, while the Bow of the Phoenix Wing comes from the ancient mythical beast Phoenix. Both are the extremes of ice and fire. Without words, the leaf quietly raised the anger of the snow God, and the arrow began to rise a little white awn. The power of ice and snow, I call your power with ice and snow. Listening to the singing of the leaves, I secretly shook my head with a wry smile. This is the spell of the arrow of ice and snow-I don't think that the ice and snow of the leaves can kill the heart in seconds. Unless, she is able to cast the Star Arrow and Dream Combo immediately after casting the Ice Arrow. Of course According to Sadness Zhe's other agility and experience, it's really hard to hit him twice in a row, very hard! Almost at that same time, the chant of the sad philosopher began. The power of the flame, I call your power with the ancient flame artifact. As the sad philosopher sings, an arrow is lost and rises into the sky, and then countless flame spirits converge rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye, while the arrow is lost, as if dancing, with the flame spirits forming a huge whirlpool in the air! On the leaf side,potassium sulphate fertilizer, the ice and snow spirits summoned by the arrow of ice and snow also gathered at the top of the lost arrow of the wrath of the snow God, gathered and compressed into white ice crystals like shining stars, emitting a compelling cold! "Arrows of ice and snow!" "Arrow of fire!" 。

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