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    From man to God, it is the elevation of the level of life. No matter what race, whether it is Warcraft, orcs, humans, metal life, plant life and other strange races, once they reach the God level, they can have the God body and the Godhood. They have the same name-God! Lin Lei has become a God! In the mainland of Yulan, in the high society of human beings, the highest existence is the God of War and the High Priest. And now, there is another person-Lin Lei! "Ha ha." Lin Lei also laughed, "who would have thought of what happened now.". Ah, I almost forgot an important thing. Lin Lei suddenly turned his head and looked at the dark ground in the distance. It was late at night, and what was on the ground could not be seen clearly. What are you looking for, third brother? Yale has some doubts. The treasure left by the great wizard. Lin Lei just took the godhood, but forgot two important things-the wizard's artifact and the space ring. Lin Lei also wanted to know what was in the wizard's space ring. The mental power spreads out, and Lin Lei instantly discovers the black sickle and the space ring. Want to open the space ring, must drop blood to recognize the Lord,disc air diffuser, Lin Lei is not in a hurry to open now, will this black sickle and space ring directly put away. Yale, I'm relieved you're okay now, and I think.. In the past six years, you have done so many stupid things, of course, that can not blame you,fine bubble diffuser, but your father, and other people in the Chamber of Commerce do not know? Think about it, and I won't bother you. To tell you the truth, I have to go back to the Dragon's Blood Castle. Delia and my brother are worried, too, but they're worried that if I come this time, I won't be able to go back. Lin Lei smiled freely. Yale was moved in his heart. He knew that Lin Lei was a holy land not long ago, but now he was just entering the divine land. For his Yale, Lin Lei came over without knowing the enemy's background. This kind of thing is very dangerous, but Lin Lei did it anyway. Even though Yale tried to poison him. Yale believes that he will never forget this time. Thank you Yale has nothing else to say. Lin Lei smiled and patted Yale on the shoulder: "Yale, you will always be the Yale boss in our 1987 dormitory." Lin Lei had a bright smile on his face, and immediately Lin Lei left directly, because in the Dragon Blood Castle, there were still people worried about him! Episode 12 The Descent of the Gods Chapter 29 The Distribution of Godhood Updated: January 14, lamella tube ,Wall Penstocks, 2009 3:00:21 Words in this chapter: 6423 Night, very deep. Dragon Blood Castle has a group of people but can not sleep, Lin Lei set out to fight with the wizard of life and death. Taylor, Gates, they didn't know about it. Only Wharton and Sessler knew, but when Lin Lei left, Wharton and Sessler told everyone about it. Sessler is thinking clearly. If Lin Lei doesn't come back. He still wants to tell Taylor and others about it. If Lin Lei comes back successfully, it will be a great joy, and let everyone be happy together. Anyway, it's better to let everyone know. Candles were lit in the hall of the Dragon's Blood Castle, and a large crowd gathered here. When I learned from Sessler and Wharton. Lin Lei is going to fight for life and death with a god-level strong man. They were all stunned. Now I can only wait here anxiously. Suddenly there was a sound of footsteps. Mother, how did you get out of the customs? Taylor, who had been thinking about the decisive battle between Lin Lei and the god-level strong man, glanced at him. When I found the man. He opened his mouth in surprise. You're all here. Delia tried to force a smile. Originally, Delia was going to wait patiently in the Chamber of Secrets of the Miniature Plane, but Delia found. She could not calm down, and her heart was worried all the time. Simply. She went straight out of the pass. She wanted to wait for Lin Lei's return at the Dragon's Blood Castle. Everybody knows? 'Delia looked round at the others. Wharton, Nina, Gates, the five Buck brothers and their wives and children, Taylor, Hillman, and the housekeeper Hilly all nodded. Delia nodded slightly. A group of people are looking forward to and blessing, and they all look up at the endless night sky. Hoping to see the familiar figure. Don't worry, everyone. It's thousands of miles from here to the Grand Canyon, and it takes a long time just to fly back and forth. Wharton said consolingly. It was father! "A voice of surprise sounded, and it was Sasha who had been staring at the night clearing.". Suddenly everyone looked at the night sky. Sure enough. The figure in the sky-blue robe appeared in the air and floated down, and Delia, Taylor, and Sasha rushed over excitedly. Looking at this large group of people, Lin Lei's heart is also filled with happiness. Delia, Tyler, Sasha. Lin Lei had a smile on his face, but he was the calmest one in a large group of people. Lord Lin Lei. Did you kill the god-level strong man? "Gates said excitedly in the back.". Wharton, Sessler and others also looked at Lin Lei, and Delia was worried. She was worried that Lin Lei had escaped after losing a body. Of course Lin Lei grinned. Suddenly, a large group of people smiled on their faces. That's great. Tyler was thrilled. My father killed a powerful man. Don't sleep tonight. I'll arrange for wine and food right away. Let's have a good night tonight. "Yes.". "Party!" Gates yelled back. A group of people are very excited. Carnival! "Lin Lei also smiled and nodded.". Steady as he is, he is also very happy at the moment. Before the battle, Lin Lei's heart was also perturbed, but now not only did he not hurt himself at all, but also let Yale restore himself. Of course, Lin Lei is very happy in his heart. Dragon Blood Castle tonight. Unprecedented excitement. It was noisy until dawn. All the talents gradually dispersed. But Lin Lei and Delia left Sessler behind. In one of the living rooms of the Dragon's Blood Castle, Sailor looked at Lin Lei and Delia. Yes,Lamella Plate Settler, Lin Lei, what is he going to do if he stays. He had a premonition in his heart. Because he had long speculated that the god-level strong man was a strong man who practiced the rules of death. Lin Lei killed the wizard. There are bound to be some items, and there are some items that no one else can use.

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