Peak of reincarnation

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    In that case, why did he deliberately let him hear the inexplicable soliloquy? The self-confidence of the original, is from where … Chu Xiang is uneventful, originally toward the track of his own approach, but in vain. In his all-pervasive, once again under the expansion of spiritual consciousness, the expression of the original, the kind of observation, become more worth pondering … … Omniscience, that is, close to omnipotence. Perfect spiritual suppression means perfect information control. I have seen all of you, and I have seen your heart. Where does your confidence come from. I don't understand, but it is necessary to completely destroy your groundless self-confidence in front of you! We're not enemies, we're fighting. Unfortunately, fate separates each other. Earthly, overseas, moral. In front of the mountain gate, two men and a woman appeared like shadows, like flashing holographic patterns, falling from the sky. In the past ten years, there have been occasional anecdotes about the ten forbidden places in the world. The Hanhai Lan River was cut off, and the ghost fog forest was miraculously razed. The culprit of all this, Shi Tian, is unknown. Ten years is not a long time, for ordinary people, I am afraid it is not enough to travel a whole continent. As for practitioners and immortals,massage bathtub manufacturers, ten years have passed in the blink of an eye. In the past ten years, the eighth higher plane, the most well-known and popular, is undoubtedly the rebellion of the Great Qin Dynasty. Ten years ago, Prince Mo Yichao of the Qin Dynasty led a mysterious strong man straight into the palace, killed Emperor Ying Pan of the Qin Dynasty, and killed all his brothers and sisters. Iron-blooded wrist, Ying Mo successfully ascended the throne, but after all, the seniority is too shallow,outdoor hot tub, unable to deter Kyushu. Apart from the capital city, no one dares to rebel because of the world's military forces, the generalissimo sword washes his heart. Next to the territory, the nine lords rose up one after another and declared themselves king. Ying Mo had the intention to raise troops to suppress the rebellion, but it happened that the capital city was eventful. In addition, the number one general, Jian Xixin, was seriously injured in the battle of that year and often closed the door. After all, the heart is more than enough, but the strength is not enough, so we have to settle down in a corner. To say that Jian Xixin is undoubtedly the strongest man in the world of mortals, killing Ying Pan alone is enough to be famous forever. The other "heroes" beside him, the living ones, of course, have their own awards. Those who died in the same year's service.. The realm of cultivation, like the eventful world of mortals, has seen the emergence of many mysterious strong people. One is yuan Tiangang, Chu Ming, indoor endless pool ,whirlpool hot tub, some people say that they are husband and wife, some people say that they are brother and sister, even master and apprentice, father and daughter, in short, speculation about the mysterious duo, association. It's a pity that these two lone rangers can't see the end of the dragon. It is doomed that it is very difficult for them to obtain the glory equal to their strength since they beheaded the ten elders of the Daodezong Sect eight years ago. They have proved their own strength, but underestimated the moral essence. Moreover, heaven issued an order five years ago, and it seems that it will no longer pursue the loss of the shuttle of time and space. Many "outsiders" frequently came to the eighth higher plane, setting off one bloody storm after another … Chapter 58 cluster When a country is about to perish, there must be evil spirits. At the end of samsara, evil spirits are dancing. To say that the world has produced a great strong man, how many big factions have accepted how great disciples, or the change of the imperial Dynasty, the disappearance of the forbidden place. These have nothing to do with the secular people. People like ants, very cruel, is also a fact. Few people will care about how they live, at least for the great monks, for the strong people who hit the peak of martial arts, it is true. The sage regards all things as insects, and the way of heaven regards the sage as fly ash. Different horizons will pay attention to different scenery. Often at different heights, the scenery is also different. This does not mean that the nature of things has changed. In fact, different heights, through careful examination, can also find the approximate omen of the change of trajectory in reincarnation! Just when the grassroots people could not make a living, Zhang Wang and Li Si complained that the pig eight next door had given birth to a demon cub. The great Dynasties, the aristocratic families, the hermits and the sages, also often watch the stars at night, looking at the shining stars and sighing deeply. Perhaps they do not know that in the past ten years, the ten sects of the right path in mainland China, and even some overseas sects, which are arranged in the right order of the world, have frequently contacted the world in an attempt to obtain the guidance of immortals. They are also aware of the strange changes in the vitality of heaven and earth, such as the seal of a forbidden place in Daodezong, and the power of the passage of ten years is more than that of the past hundreds of thousands of years. All this only foreshadows the only simple and unconvincing fact: The sky is going to change! … "The sky is falling!" "Zheng!" From the sound of the harp, the clangorous sound ambushed on all sides, killing thousands of troops. In the past, I don't know when the small bridge and flowing water in the pavilion of the sea of flowers will be cut off, but now, every time the forbidden place behind the cliff of Dao De Zong comes from the killing of Qin Yan, the music is harsh and dazzling. The current suzerain of the Daode Sect, Changkongzi, unconsciously began to tremble under the sound of the harp, praying to God and Buddha at random. It is impossible for outsiders to see through the illusion of the Forbidden Area. Since two years ago, even Chang Kongzi has not dared to follow the ancestral precepts and go to the Forbidden Area to worship every year. Without him, the mysterious strong man who was imprisoned in it became more and more murderous! How many people in this world can stand the sacrifice of the first suzerain in the world? Who else in this world can afford to make the first suzerain in the world dare not even kneel down? A few years ago, Chang Kongzi braved the immortal's anger and contacted the world in an attempt to inquire about the Forbidden Area from a rising senior. Without waiting for him to report the change of the Forbidden Area, he was scolded by Xianhao. At that moment, Chang Kongzi sensitively discovered that it seemed that a certain senior Jinxian, who always appeared at the other end of the image transmission and seemed to be hanging, was very secretive about this matter. Be prepared for danger in times of peace, and Chang Kongzi resolutely dismissed his own family. Of course, the name is only to send all the sons and daughters to the Central Plains and set up branches. He was the only one who understood that he was afraid! He was afraid that some monster would suddenly rush out from the back cliff and level the whole mountain gate of Daode Zong, just like the mysterious disappearance of the ghost fog forest and the lost mountain gate of Yangyan Zong ten years ago. Even if the literature records, the suzerain of the moral clan can be said to be extremely respectful to the one in the forbidden area. Even that one seems to have some unclear involvement with the predecessors of Daode Sect,garden jacuzzi tub, otherwise he would not always use the title of "Blessed One". Xiao is like this, an old monster who has been imprisoned for at least hundreds of thousands of years, but still has normal thinking and reason. Chang Kongzi could hardly agree with such a naive and beautiful idea.

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