Peerless Enchantress

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    "Oh, wake up quickly.". You can't leave. And Aunt Xue is here. Aunt Xue is always by your side. Wait until you wake up. Xueya's eyes were moist. Borkin watched the old maid's actions. His heart was full of doubts. This old maid of honor really loves this beauty. No wonder, who doesn't love such a beauty. Borkin walked out slowly. He's going to have a look at the princess. Hulan Jinyu ignored him these days. He's still going to see her. After all, she is her own princess. Xueya watched Borgin go. Her heart was at ease. She pressed her face against hers, My child, you wake up quickly, mother can't live without you. If you die, your mother will not live. Son, you can't die. You haven't met your father yet? This is Northland. This is Inujung. This is very close to your father's territory. You must wake up. Wake up, mother take you to find your father, after, no one will bully you. My child, you wake up. The snow bud is telling. Tears slowly slipped down and fell on her snow-white face. One drop,digital whiteboard price, two drops.. Slowly, her eyelashes moved a few times. Slowly, she opened her eyes. The first thing that came into her eyes was Xueya's tearful face. This face is full of kindness and grief. This face, just a few days, is so old. Mother,thermal imaging camera, don't cry. Mother, why are you crying? Mother, who made you so sad? She cried in her heart. My God, empress, you're awake. You're really awake. I'm not dreaming. I Xueya pinched her hand. It hurt. My God, she really woke up. Aunt Xue, how many times have I told you that you still call me empress. "Call me my son." Her voice was very weak. But it's clear. Xueya looked at her doubtfully, and there seemed to be something wrong with her. She should be crying and sad. Why can't she see it at all. She said this to her as usual. Empress, you? "Aunt Xue, bring Bofu here.". How long have I been sleeping. My head is so dizzy. Where is the king? Haven't you come down yet? She said slowly. She put her hand on Xueya's arm and motioned Xueya to help her up. Look, face recognition identification ,touch screen kiosk, how long have I been sleeping. The body is still too soft. She smiled, and the smile on her face was pale and beautiful. It's like a delicate flower that suddenly opens in the wind. Empress, me? Xueya's words were swallowed in her throat, and she could not say anything. She did not know how to answer her son's words. This child must be very sad. Forget everything. She forgot the bloody scene. Her? Poor kid. Xueya helped her up. Let her sit at the head of the bed. Turn around and bring the soup. Here, have a drink. You are too weak. "Yes, a little hungry.". Didn't I have a meal? How long have I been asleep. Where's Bo Fu? Ask the maid of honor to bring him over. Xueya fought back her tears. The most urgent thing is to let her eat something first. She had been in a coma for ten days, and only a little medicine was added to her nose by the royal doctor. If you don't eat, you will collapse. When she came to her senses and recalled the truth, she would not eat anything. Don't worry about uncle. Drink this soup quickly. I have tasted it, and it tastes good. It's your favorite light soup. Drink it and I'll help you out. She smiled at Xueya, knowing that Aunt Xue loved her the most. She said no more and put her mouth to the edge of the bowl. Took a sip. The taste of the soup is light, with a little fragrance of lotus leaves, which is her favorite jujube and lotus seed soup. Aunt Xue just loves her. I know it's her favorite. I'm really hungry. She finished the bowl of soup in one breath. Xueya wiped her mouth with a handkerchief. All right, let Bo Fu come in. Xueya didn't know how to answer her, so she turned around and put the bowl on the table. I feel a little cold. Aunt Xue. Why is the king suddenly so cold? Isn't it winter yet? She felt very cold. Pull the quilt on the bed subconsciously. "Ah." She suddenly found that what she pulled was not a silk quilt, but a bed of fox felt. Look again, the bed is not silk, it is fur. When did Nirvana change into a blanket like this. How can she have no impression at all. Then she raised her head in surprise and looked around. This is not the Cuihua Palace where she usually lives. Everything here is strange. She had never seen the furnishings here. Aunt Xue? She called Xueya in surprise. She stood up at once. As she was too weak, she fell on the bed again. She fell on the bed, in a bed of furry fur, she fell in a long, white hair like snow. Aunt Xue? The sound was terrible. White hair like snow With trembling hands, she grabbed her long hair. Oh, my God, this? Her eyes were wide open and she couldn't believe it was her hair. Is this snow-white hair hers? "My child." Snow bud called out, tears can no longer hold back, flow out. Looking at the tears on Xueya's face, she suddenly understood something. Countless images flashed before her. The rain of blood all over the sky, the figure of Ji Gong Nie falling off the cliff, the horse, so many horses running towards Bo Fu and Snow Aunt. Ah,digital signage screen, ah, ah.. She put her head in her hands and screamed. My child, my child. Don't do this. Don't. The snow bud hugged her and began to cry. Beauty? 。

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