Peerless Wind and Cloud

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    "No, Hong Fei, I have been worried that this monster siege, there will be a super BOSS behind the command, super BOSS already have their own thinking, the system is very likely to put a famous book of the art of war into its mind, then we are not fighting with a group of monsters, but with everyone in the art of war." None of us knows what monsters will appear below, perhaps flying in the sky, running on the ground, jumping in the grass, swimming in the water, if there is swimming in the water, where will it be? "A moat?" Hong Fei exclaimed. There is only water in the moat on the left side of Longwei City. Yes, is the moat, you only put less than a company of troops there, in case of a situation, they simply can't drag to the reinforcements arrived, this offensive and defensive battle is very much like the encirclement point in the war, when attacking the ring fortifications, choose one side to attack, the other side to feint, but now we have no way to determine which side is the main attack direction of the monsters. So it was unwise of you to transfer all your staff. I said slowly. I'm going to redeploy right now, M, I hope you're just scaring me, this is also called a monster siege? The whole joint operation of the Navy, Army and Air Force,facial recognization camera, if there is a super BOSS in command of all this behind it, as you said, then he is really a military genius. Hong Fei went out muttering. I smiled faintly and secretly said that this was really an unprecedented decisive battle. When the monster knew how to use strategy, I was sure that when the next batch of monsters arrived, Longwei City would face a stormy attack. Now it was so comfortable that it was the calm before the storm. I took Yiyi and Xiaobing around Longwei City and looked at Hong Fei's arrangement in detail. I had to admit that Hong Fei did have some military talent, especially in the use of troops. The archers and mages in the distant attack and the berserkers in the close attack were arranged very reasonably both in terms of the number of personnel and the quality of combat. If he can be a little smarter and have insight into the enemy's opportunities, he will definitely be a tiger general and a real commander in chief of the armed forces. Ruthless boss! "Ruthless boss.." ..” “…… "Everywhere I went, there would be soldiers greeting me warmly. The nine army commanders under Hong Fei were looking for trouble. They transferred hundreds of soldiers to welcome me. As a result, I was scolded. How can you transfer troops casually on the battlefield? A little carelessness will make your brother troops misjudge." Now I have moved all my sets in the Blood Shadow Gate to use. Ruthless boss,face detection android, just now this big battle lasted for several hours, how long do you think the next one will last? 01 The army commander asked. I turned to look at him, said: "You go to ask the siege of the monsters, how long they will attack, ask me?"? I do not know With this spirit, you can incite your men to fight, instead of coming to me to annoy people. Uh. Hey hey, I forgot, ruthless boss is not a monster ah, make a mistake, make a mistake. . Ruthless boss, you are busy first. I have to go in advance. As he spoke, he ran, because when he saw that my face was as cold as ice, he slowly showed his death, where did he dare to delay, and he ran away in fright. It made Yiyi laugh. Coming! Attention, everyone! The monsters are coming! With a loud shout from the front observation post, all the soldiers quickly returned to their posts and looked ahead intently. The atmosphere in Longwei City suddenly became tense, temperature scanning kiosks ,smart whiteboard price, and the air seemed to be filled with a kind of smell, the smell before the war, the touching smell. I hurried to look out of the city, only to see the distance gray, forming a black line, like a flood rolling toward the city of Longwei. I can not help but excited blood boiling, although in the scene I have seen a lot, but it is some small-scale special operations, where will be like now, the monster is like the ancient battlefield against the two armies, thousands of horses charge into battle. That kind of momentum, that kind of power shocked all people in spirit and soul. It makes people feel their own insignificance unconsciously. Yes, in such a large-scale offensive and defensive battle, the strength of the individual is indeed insignificant. "Ah!"! You see.. A soldier exclaimed, "Look at the sky, what is that?" I looked up. Damn, it's the fiercest vulture in the sky. The air force is all there, but what about the water? Thinking of this, I quickly contacted the 05 army commander on the left side, "I found a flying monster in the air here, where are you?"? Is there any aquatic monster in the moat? "Yes, there are many more, merciless boss, let you say, but I have learned a lot today, a four-legged fish, a fish that can walk freely on land, have you seen it?" 05 army commander said gas is very strange, there is surprise, there is dementia, may be to let those strange fish to make trouble. I cold hum, scold a way: "You boy give me sober a bit, which so much nonsense, how much is the grade of those strange fish?" What time is it to learn here? I said, "Premier, what kind of people are you sending in? Are they soldiers?" Level is not very high, but very strange, skills we can not identify, it is said that the level of these strange. Shut the *** up! I .. Forget it I'll go and see for myself. M, after the end of guarding the city, I must go to the Prime Minister to ask a clear, what kind of people are these? He's not sending in a bunch of trash, is he? Do not want to really let me guess right, this time into the game, most of the people are soldiers, usually training him to pretend to have a stomachache, you let him go to target practice, he can give you a cage of birds, you let him go to hit stones, hey, left in the morning may not come back until the evening, a stone did not hit out. But these people also have a characteristic, the brain is flexible, for new things to accept very quickly, so this time they were sent in, originally wanted to let them give full play to their cleverness, mix some special occupation or something, but "peerless" is too close to reality,digital signage kiosk, there is no good thing for nothing, in addition to a few lucky mixed to the hidden occupation, the other is all in vain.

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