People who cultivate immortals are cheap and invincible _ Yufengxuan rain

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    Fang Lei lost face and was unhappy in his heart. Pacing in the room for a while, finally curious about what the two followers were looking for Xing Baiming to do, he gritted his teeth and quietly followed. Xing Baiming is in the house. Xiao yuan and Huang Yang are sitting at the bottom of Xing Baiming, although Xing Baiming is the late repair of the foundation, where there is a strong breath. But Xiao yuan and Huang Yang had no fear in their hearts, and naturally did not show any timidity on their faces. This is the bottom line, if not behind them standing Huang Mao two people, Xiao yuan and Huang Yang will never be so. Xing Baiming had no intention of embarrassing them. He looked at the gifts they had given him. Xing Baiming said with a smile, "It's hard for those two boys to remember me. It's true that they were sorry for them at the beginning. They shouldn't have come to see me." Xiao yuan was more tactful. He immediately shook his head and said with a smile, "Old Xing misunderstood me. The two gentlemen didn't have this idea." Xing Baiming's age, although Xiu Wei is not high at this age, but that's because he put most of his energy into refining. At this age, I am very proficient in dealing with the world. First, I saw the two meanings of Xiao yuan and Huang Yang, and it seemed that it was not as simple as simply talking about the old days. As soon as Xing Baiming knew in his heart, he immediately beat around the Bush and chatted with Xiao yuan all over the world. In the end, he lacked experience. Even Xiao yuan was confused by Xing Baiming and took away a lot of things. At this time, Fang Lei had already sneaked in from the back door and was hiding to listen to the three people chatting again. When I heard it, I was happy. Huang and Mao haven't found a good school yet, and they are interested in their building. I just want some benefits, but it's not good for me to say. Let two followers explore the bottom. Xing Baiming also heard this meaning, the advantage is simple. Like Huangfu Ao,push back racking system, I heard that Xuantianmen had already offered a lot of conditions, so he joined Xuantianmen. Just as Xing Baiming was about to speak, a voice came from his ear: "Promise them!" Elder Fang!? Xing Baiming startled, secretly looked around, suddenly a black face. Listen to the corner, or listen to his corner! "Promise them!" Fang Lei hid in the dark and repeated it again. He didn't want to waste time bargaining with Huang Mao, and the sooner he made a decision, the better,radio shuttle racking, so he could rest assured. Anyway, if you can't recruit people, at most two or three hundred years, the building will be swallowed up by Fu Zong, and then the bottom of the building will be cheaper for others, it's better to give it to Huang Mao now. Xing Baiming came to his senses, and his heart was full of confidence. Fang Lei has agreed. What's wrong with him. So Xing Baiming smiled and said, "Well, if you reply to Huang and Mao, you can say that I won't treat my disciples badly.". Tomorrow is the clan meeting, if possible, they can come here in the afternoon, everything is easy to discuss. "Thank you, Elder," said Xiao yuan. "That's what we're telling you." Xing Baiming nodded with a smile and sent Xiao yuan to the door before turning around. He had given enough to the other side, asrs warehouse ,medium duty racking, and when he returned to the house, he saw that Fang Lei's face was obviously happy. Originally he felt that Xing Baiming was a bit of an eyesore, but now he felt that Xing Baiming was pleasing to the eye. "I'm going to get ready. You see, I'm still a good teacher." Fang Lei Le Dao. That's my apprentice! Xing Baiming said angrily in his heart, but he dared not say it, so he could only see Fang Leile leisurely leave. Xiao yuan two people went to Dengxian Lou, agreed that Huang Mao two people then wait for their news in that place. I just waited for more than an hour at Dengxian Tower, but I didn't see anyone. Xiao yuan and Huang Yang felt something was wrong in their hearts and went back to the bamboo house to look for them, but there was no sign of them. Now two people are really a little anxious, go out to inquire. Huang and Mao are celebrities, and many people recognize them as long as they don't cover their faces when they go out. Soon, Xiao yuan two people knew the general process. Finally, Huang and Mao were invited away by a middle-aged man, who was a member of the Zou family. The Zou family is one of the four big families in the ancient domain, Xiao yuan also knows one or two, they invite Huang Mao two people probably also to win over, but this time is too long. After consulting with Huang Yang, Xiao yuan and Xiao yuan planned to go to Zou's house to look for him. To the Zou family, two people reported their names, the Zou family is quite polite, a little as the four big families of the domineering also do not have. Hearing the purpose, the housekeeper led them to see a man named Zou Ziyan. When Zou Ziyan heard the whole story, he said strangely, "Didn't the two little brothers go back?"? More than half an hour ago, someone came to them and said something about Miss Huang Ying, and the two little brothers left in a hurry. Did something happen to them? If something really happens, my Zou family still has some weight in this ancient land. Do you need my Zou family to send someone to help? Zou Ziyan's face was sincere, and the more he said, the more anxious he was to find someone to help him immediately. Xiao yuan looked at each other and suddenly changed his face at the same time. Just now they were busy looking for Huang Mao and Huang Mao, and when they returned to the bamboo house, Huang Ying was indeed not there, but they did not link the two things together at that time. It must be that Hong Cheng failed to be framed on the road today, and he became angry from embarrassment. While there was no one in the bamboo house, Huang Ying was deceived into opening the door and catching her, so Huang Mao and Huang Mao left Zou's house in a hurry. As soon as the logic was clear, the three words'Red Dust Sect 'appeared in Xiao yuan's mind at the same time. They must have caught the warbler and forced Huang Mao to go! The more I thought about it, the more I felt it was possible. As for suspecting the Zou family, Xiao yuan really didn't think of it. After all, the Zou family and Huang Mao had no grievances in the past and no enmity in recent days. Besides, the Zou family invited Huang Mao to be guests, but it was fair and aboveboard, and many people saw it. To harm people, who would be so silly, fair and aboveboard, just need to engrave on the forehead that I am the culprit. There is Elder Lao Zou, and the two of us will go to find someone else to help. Xiao yuan got up and hurried. Zou Ziyan looked anxious and said, "That's right, that's right.". You two go quickly. I'm going to find someone, too. If something happens to my little brother,push back racking system, it will be terrible. After waiting for Xiao yuan two people to leave, Zou Ziyan face expression one closes, cold hum. But he turned around and left the hall. He had to tell the master of the house that they didn't have much time.

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