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    Lei Xiaoming didn't succeed in snatching the cup from her hand. Fortunately, Cheng Jie came back with the gold ingot. As soon as she pushed the door, she was surprised to see this posture and said, "What's going on?"? Xiao Xuan. Xiao Xuan, why do you drink so much wine? She finally let go, covering her mouth with the back of her hand and looking at Mu Zheng with a subtle expression. One of his hands was on the gift box, and as he watched her drink one glass at a time, his knuckles tapped the surface of the box, like impatience and boredom, like some deliberate reminder. Seeing that she had been staring at him, he finally put down the cup, held the gift box in his hand, and planned to get up. You As soon as Liang Zhixuan let go, he felt the smell of alcohol surging up again. He staggered to his feet before him and pointed at him. You come out with me, what do you want to say. Let's talk alone. Lei Xiaoming was a little surprised and tried to stop her, but she waved her hand and said, "Brother Ming, sit down." I can handle what I have with him. Mu Zheng followed behind her, she staggered to touch the door of the box, just pushed open a whirl, he was directly pulled into the next empty box. Next door did not turn on the light, she did not see anything clearly by his lips up,push back racking system, kiss her almost suffocated before letting go. Mu Zheng is also short of breath, chest can not suppress the ups and downs: "the ability ah, in order to protect other men to drink with me?"? I haven't seen you for a few days. Have you made a solemn pledge of love so soon? He knows about your family's mess. Does he know that you've been with me? His high-pitched voice pierced her eardrum so sharply that she could not escape or move, and when she moved, she would touch his body and his lips, which would only make her feel shameful. Her lips trembled slightly. "You don't have to threaten me. Brother Ming knows everything." I told him everything. "Is it?" He smiled eerily. "Then why didn't you dare to open the box just now? What are you afraid of?" Not knowing whether it was because of fear or the effect of alcohol in her blood, she trembled even more, even her voice changed,metal racking systems, and she could only say two words: "Mu Zheng.." "Well, that's a nice call. I haven't heard you call me so decently for a long time." His thumb twirled her lips ambiguously, and quickly slid down the outline of her cheek to her earlobe, gently stroking, "So you should remember that we took some beautiful pictures, and the evidence of your father's false accounting is still in my possession, ready to be taken out as a birthday gift or a New Year gift, all of which are enough to see!" Liang Zhixuan couldn't speak any more. Tears flowed down: "You promised me that you wouldn't take it out.." "Yes, I promised." He smiled and changed into a fierce look. "Do you remember what you promised me?" She did not speak, and her tears suddenly fell more violently. Do you think that the last time we failed in Ancheng, your brother's business was over? He's not in Anson. There's got to be somewhere else to go. The world is not big, I will dig him out even if I dig three feet into the ground! Would you like me to remind you again that before he reappears with Xiaoxiao, you have to stay with me well, otherwise I don't know whether to inform you to identify the person or the body! In fact, he did not need to remind her that such a condition was like a magic spell in her mind, warehouse storage racks ,metal racking systems, and even appeared in a midnight dream to wake her up. As for the photos, I'll enjoy them myself, but if you're so out of touch with Captain Ray, I don't mind letting him see them, too. Men have bad habits, can not get, high above is the best, once you see that way. He paused for a moment and said, "Maybe it's boring, or put it somewhere else to share with others. It's not certain." She wanted to say that Lei Xiaoming was open and aboveboard and would not do such a thing, but her mind was blank and she could not say what she wanted to say, and her body and language were already out of control. She just felt tired, sliding down the wall to the ground, tears kept flowing out, and she didn't care to wipe them. Mu Zheng, however, seemed to think it was not enough. He looked down at her and said, "Isn't it lofty sentiments when you drink together? What is this now?"? Get up, get your things and go. I'm going back to Beijing tonight. ” She sat there motionless as if she had not heard. Mu Zheng covered his stomach with his hand and frowned. Not only was his patience running out, but the alcohol burned his stomach so much that he couldn't stand it. He didn't care much, so he reached out and pulled her wrist and asked her to stand up and go with him. But her consciousness has been somewhat free, muddleheaded to let him pull, the body is not moving. He was so angry that he tried to lift her up by her shoulders, but when he bent over, his stomach hurt as badly as a stone. In fact, he also drank too much, some can not control themselves, I do not know who is competing with, it is not easy to support her to stand up, see her empty eyes looking at him, and can not help but be stunned. Chapter 23 the eternal separation of business. "Uncle Mu, Aunt Liang, what are you doing?" yuanbao poked his head in and saw Mu Zheng pressing Liang Zhixuan against the wall, thinking they were playing games. Liang Zhixuan, like a hypnotized person, was suddenly awakened, covering his mouth and rushing to the bathroom next to him. yuanbao didn't understand the situation. He looked up and asked Mu Zheng, "What's wrong with Aunt Liang? Why did she vomit?" Mu Zheng tidies up the mood in the eye, cold next face: "Who lets you come here, go out!" yuanbao was still a little afraid of him, but he was not as afraid as before since he heard him play the piano last time. He pointed to the door and said, "Mom, they are right next door. If you and Aunt Liang don't go back for a long time, they will think you have gone." He went into the bathroom and saw Liang Zhixuan sitting on the ground vomiting. He turned out a tissue from his pocket and handed it to her. When she saw yuanbao, her eyes finally had a focus. She took the tissue from his hand, as if she had finally found a small fulcrum. She hugged him and cried even more: "yuanbao.." The little fellow did not know why, touched her face, touched her tears,industrial racking systems, his little mouth also beeped up, "Aunt Liang, why are you crying?"? Don't cry.. Don't be sad. Liang Zhixuan drank too much and could not control her emotions. The grievances and worries accumulated on weekdays could only be vented by a big cry at this time. The purity and tolerance of the child allowed her not to have any burden.

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