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    Of course, Ye Li is an exception, looking at not listening to the wind to eat shriveled, his heart only a cool word, almost called out, in the heart secret way, sound bamboo, good boy, grandpa did not love you in vain. Purple light disappeared, amethyst sword as if it had never appeared before, purple tiptoe on the ground a little, the only remaining hilt of the Yellow Dragon Sword shot in front of the wind, he subconsciously caught. Go back and play with yourself and go straight to Huanglong. Dropping such a sentence, purple, as when she came, went away proudly. Wei Li Feng's face turned blue and white, and he was so angry that he spurted a mouthful of blood. His face was really the same color as the chrysanthemum now, and he staggered towards his own side. When he passed by Ye Li, he faintly heard Ye Li murmuring to himself, "What does it mean to go straight to Huanglong with himself?" Between the anger, not listening to the wind could not help but spit a mouthful of blood, not listening to the wind under the help of reluctantly stand back, he lowered his head, eyes shining with resentment, the whole body is trembling. From childhood to adulthood,calcium nitrate sol, he has always been the leader of the Chrysanthemum Sect. When has he ever been insulted like this. Violet's words were even more painful than killing him. With a flash of cold light in her eyes, Lan Ruxue was about to come out from her side to fight, but she was stopped by the unknown elder beside her. "A scholar can be killed but not humiliated. It seems that we must give these aliens a heavy lesson before they can surrender.". The suzerain of the Chrysanthemum Sect has been humiliated. As the supreme elder of the Chrysanthemum Sect, how can I sit back and do nothing? Elder Lan, let me have this battle. As he spoke, he had walked out of the East Dragon Empire and was heading for Ye Yinzhu. Not listening to the wind is his son and nephew generation, looking at the side of the dark cool Ye Li and the angry vomiting blood not listening to the wind, the anger in the heart of the Taishang elder has reached its peak. In the eyes of the killing machine, looking at Ye Yinxiu side of the vision is extremely bad. See not clear to fight in person, Ye Yinzhu is also in the heart awe-inspiring,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, before Mei Qing Taishang elder that style a cut cold plum left a very deep impression on him, not clear in the East Dragon Empire in the position is still above Mei Qing, obviously for the better. Through the matter of not listening to the wind just now, I'm afraid the Supreme Elder will not stay in the battle, in case he wants to kill, can't say, his own referee can only stop it. In the heart of Ye Yinzhu secretly calculated at the same time, Qin Cheng side of the sixth candidate has also come out. Anya and purple are discerning people, naturally can see the east dragon eight side is dominated by this unknown elder, they know, as long as the victory again, and defeat the other side of the strong, leading by four to two, at least occupy an invincible position. Therefore, the appearance of the sixth battle, is also the strongest side of the Qin City, the four orcs ranked third, Magnesium Oxide price ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, adult mountain giant, Ming. When Wei Ming saw Ming, who was taller than Purple, he couldn't help thinking to himself, could it be that these aliens grew up eating forage? One is stronger than the other. Before the purple shot, he had already seen that purple was not a human, but a nine-level Warcraft. Although he failed to guess the true identity of purple, but also pay more attention to the strength of Qin City, at this time to see the momentum seems to be inferior to purple in the heart secretly sneer, with him out of this bad breath just now. Ming's character has always been very kind, just as the breath he releases is the same. When it comes to real strength, mountain giants are by no means inferior to war giants, and it is precisely because of the aloof character of mountain giants that they rank behind war giants. The Taishang Elder of the Eight Clans of the East Dragon is unknown. He didn't even say the three words "please give advice." In his opinion, this was a battle to win. My name is Ming. There was a smile on Ming's simple and honest face, and he nodded to the unknown elder. "No need to say more," he said lightly. "Let's start." As he spoke, he immediately stepped forward with his right foot, and suddenly, a dark purple fighting spirit rose into the air, burning instantly as strong as the seventh order of purple, surrounding his body like a dark purple flame. Although it is not clear that he may not be better than Mei Qingtai in fighting skills, when it comes to fighting spirit, he is the first in the whole East Dragon Eight Sect. Otherwise, he would not have sat in the position of the first supreme elder. Purple level seven strength, he already has the ability to fly a short distance, with the unique skills of Donglong Bazong, he believes that even when he meets Anya, the second player on the side of Qin City, he also has the confidence to win. Feeling the pressure brought by the unknown elder, Ming did not move, but quietly looked at the unknown. Without knowing his identity, he wanted to wait for Ming to launch an attack, but when he saw the other side looking a little stupefied, he could not help getting angry. Without using any skills, he punched Ming directly. So what if I do it first? At the worst, I don't need a sword. As the chief elder of the East Dragon Eight Sect, he really has the capital to be proud of himself. The real strength of the first master of the East Dragon Eight Sect is enough to make him look down upon these alien strong people in front of him. Unfortunately, what he met today is a mountain giant, one of the four ancient mythical beasts. WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Chapter 149 the battle of the two mythical beasts (part two). Of the four alien powers in Qin City, the one with the worst fighting experience is Ming. As a ten-level mythical beast, his natural breath is enough to become his umbrella. May I ask, in the Far North Wasteland, which Warcraft feels his breath and dares to attack? Just like when Dees and Perkins first met Violet, they were obviously stronger than Violet, but they couldn't resist at all. Therefore, as a fighting experience is not rich God beast, Ming is very clever to choose to imitate. He has no less wisdom than human beings, and when he imitates, he naturally chooses the one that suits him best and is the easiest to imitate. Violet's previous way of fighting was undoubtedly like this. Therefore, when the unknown fist slanted upward toward Ming, who was far taller than him, Ming imitated the appearance of purple and stood still, looking silly and letting the unknown fist go to the upper body. Elder Weiming's fist was originally just a tentative attack, but when his fist, which was full of the fighting spirit of the seventh rank of purple, reached his opponent,Magnesium Sulphate price, his opponent didn't even mean to dodge at all. He immediately made Weiming furious. The chief elder, did the other side look down on him? Suddenly, two more points of force were added to the fist. stargrace-magnesite.com

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