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    Feng Xinglie and Gu Zixian turned pale at the same time and understood what Mo Boyou was worried about. You should know that if Fang Yeyu and Li Chi Mei can leave at will, it proves that even without them, the power left behind can still be enough to deal with the Nu Jiao Gang and any forces that want to help the underworld gang, including Shuangxiu Mansion, of course. That's the problem. Nu Jiao Gang has Ling Zhantian and Qi Changzheng in terms of martial arts and Zhai Yushi in terms of wisdom. Plus Shuangxiu mansion and fashion, strength can not be lightly insulted, and Fang Yeyu and Li Chi Mei still dare to leave, that is to say, he left behind a person who can deal with all of the above people in the town of the overall situation. Gu Zixian looked at the wind and gave the decision to his man. Mobo turned to Fengxinglie and said, "Fang Yeyu controls several forces, including the Zunxin Gate of Divination and Mao Baiyi, the old forces of Ganluo, the Evil Sand Castle and Xiaoyao Gate, as well as a group of drama thieves with a reward price in Jianghu.". Is going to the city of Changsha, where Qi Changzheng had openly appeared, and the purpose is unknown. Feng Xinglie was surprised and said, "This is really strange. Qi Changzheng is a person who is used to eating Jianghu food. Why should he act as if everyone knows where he is when he should be hiding?" The three girls were moved together and admired the popular and meticulous mind. He also felt strange about Qi Changzheng's behavior. Mo Bo also said admiringly, "My uncle saw through the most crucial point at a glance. We have traced the source of the news, but to no avail,plastic pallet supplier, someone must have deliberately spread the story of Qi Changzheng. Otherwise, it would not have been known to the world in such a short time." Bai Suxiang said, "It is very likely that the people behind the news are Fang Yeyu's people. The purpose is still to make the people of Nu Jiao lose their composure." "What's the news from the government?" Asked Gu Zixian. Mo Bo said, "Hu Jie's navy has besieged Nu Jiao Island and sent people to occupy Nu Mosquito Island. As for the masters who serve the court, including Zhan Yu, they are still secretive, and people can't see through their next move." Feng Xinglie sighed and said,spill plastic pallet, "It seems that Qi Changzheng is the one who needs help most at present." Looking at Gu Zixian, he said, "Let's change our itinerary."! "Go to Changsha City first and see where you can play, otherwise I will feel that I have failed your brother Lang's trust." Gu Zixian exulted and said, "Zixian obeys all the orders of Lielang." Turning to Mo Bo, he said, "Tomorrow morning we'll go to Changsha by land. Mo Bo will arrange it for us." Gu Qianlian said to Linglong disappointedly, "I can't take you to the capital to broaden your horizons for the time being." Bai Suxiang said with a smile, "Xiaolian won't see the old thief Fan and the little thief Han for the time being.". Hee! Didn't you tell me yesterday that they were fun? "" I won't tell you anything anymore, "said Gu Qianlian." I'm laughing at people in front of me. He smiled and asked Mo Bo, "Is there any news of the old demon?" "There is no doubt that he has gone to the capital," said Mo Bo, with a deep hatred in his eyes. Gu Zixian gave Feng Xinglie a charming smile and said, mobile garbage bin ,plastic bulk containers, "Xinglie!"! Linglong will take you to the guest room to rest first, and we will arrange the trifles to go to Changsha with Mobo. Gu Qianting grinned. "You'll accompany the husband for us," said Lou Linglong. Looking at Linglong, who was blushing, she couldn't help but be moved again. Qi Changzheng strutted along the alley. The cold green bird leaned against him like a man, but what he thought of was Chu Hongyu's brilliant way of being made. He thought to himself that if he could not solve its ban, he would not be laughed at by the eagle flying in the Central Plains, but he hated that he really had no confidence in cracking it. Qi Changzheng stopped in front of an ordinary bungalow and asked her, "Is this one?" As soon as Han Bicui woke up, she remembered what she had come to do. She blushed, bit her silver teeth, and went over the wall. "Come on," she said angrily. Qi Changzheng forced behind her, looking at her moving figure, unexpectedly involuntarily, thought to himself: "Do not pursue such a noble beauty.". I will regret it in the future, but it seems very inappropriate to get her in this way. How should I, Lao Qi, choose? The two men came to the small hall inside the house. Han Bicui turned around, put her hands behind her back, and straightened her chest. He closed his beautiful eyes and said, "Qi Changzheng, if you have any questions about your conscience, just bully Bicui." Qi Changzheng startled to look at the expression of the sultry cold green, gas to the upsurge, the original mature beauty until this moment is still not willing to give their bodies. Still acting shamelessly. He should be able to take advantage of the opportunity to tease her and stop at the last moment to see its embarrassment. But it's too ungraceful to do so. "I don't have any sense of conscience," he snorted coldly. "But Laoqi never forces a woman. I'll go to find Hongxiu, and you'll go back to be a chaste master who will never marry." Han Bicui suddenly opened her beautiful big eyes. Her pretty face turned white with anger and she said, "Go, go, go to the street and find a woman to do your dirty work. I, Han Bicui, swear that I will never talk to you again.". Ah The last call was because Qi Changzheng moved over and picked up her whole body and went to the inner room. Han Bicui's whole body was weak, her hands were feebly wrapped around Qi Changzheng's neck, her pretty face was buried in his broad shoulders, and her whole body was burning hot. Qi Changzheng giggled and said, "I'm finally willing to admit that I love old Qi. Only in this way can I be willing to do things." Han Bicui's heart was beating wildly. Don't say anything against it. You can't even move half a finger. Qi Changzheng sat down on the edge of the bed and put her on his lap. Then he pulled her pretty chin and looked at Jiao Rong carefully. "If you don't open your eyes again," he said. My hands will not be polite to you. Han Bicui was so frightened that she opened her pretty eyes. She blushed and said angrily, "Is it respectful for you to hug someone like this?" "What?" Asked Qi Changzheng? Did you bring me to this good place to have an affair to show my respect for you? Han Bicui could not resist the flower language of the old hand in the field of joy. With a sound of exhortation, she could not turn her face away, and dared not close her eyes. She saw a pair of color eyes of the "villain", staring at her crisp chest,collapsible pallet box, which was tightly disguised as a man. Her body was soft and her heart was beating. She felt the intimate contact between her body and the other side, sniffed the strong man's breath of the other side, and was silent and silent to refute. cnplasticpallet.com

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