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    Looking at the thoughtful Han Jiali, Meiyu quietly reached out to turn off the light, turned over and went to bed, and soon fell asleep. The next day, Meiyu and Han Jiali slept until the third day of the day. Near noon, they got up with unkempt hair. After washing, Han Jiali simply cooked a side dish and some porridge. Two people eat hastily, Han Jiali goes out to go shopping, the plum rain bag is shy and remembers to call the broker, then shirks something not to go. Meiyu did not think of introducing Han Jiali to Li Ronghua's agent, but she thought twice, this is Liu Dong's good intentions, but also took Liu Dong's favor, she is not good to rashly take Han Jiali again, this is a very impolite behavior. Let's talk about it later when we have a chance. Meiyu picked up the business card, which was exquisitely made. It was a thin piece of metal, shining with silver. Li Ronghua's name and telephone number were engraved on it with gold foil. It was very simple. This kind of business card is a very personal thing, and the telephone should be Li Ronghua's personal contact information. Meiyu felt that he had to buy a mobile phone, so it was very inconvenient to contact the outside world, determined, Meiyu grabbed the business card out of the house, was about to lock the door,wire mesh decking, just met Qin Rong back, she smiled at Qin Rong, Qin Rong looked at her lightly, did not speak, directly into the house. Mei Yu shrugged her shoulders. She faintly guessed where Qin Rong's strangeness came from. For Han Jiali and Qin Rong, who were originally intimate, she was like an uninvited guest inserted in the middle. The uninvited guest got Han Jiali's friendship. Qin Rong probably couldn't change her role for a while. Meiyu has had this kind of experience before. She used to be intimate with a girl. Later, the girl had another handkerchief. When three people went shopping together,heavy duty rack manufacturers, the other two people would comment on the same clothes. She was like an outsider. She lost for a long time. Sometimes, friendship is also very selfish. Meiyu shook her head and put aside these meaningless emotions. For her, she just wanted to go as far as possible on the road of performing arts. The emotions of these little girls were gone with the wind. Meiyu arrived at the convenience store at the entrance and dialed the public telephone. As soon as the receiver prompted to connect, the other party picked up the microphone. Meiyu came straight to the point and introduced himself: "Hello, my name is Meiyu. I was introduced by Liu Dong. Are you Mr. Li Ronghua?" One sentence is simple and clear, let the other party know his identity, and ask the other party if he is looking for someone. Many people pick up the microphone and ask if the other person is so-and-so, which makes the opposite person confused and helpless. In fact, self-introduction is crucial, which can leave a good impression on strangers. After a moment's silence, a deep, hoarse male voice came through the microphone, seemingly hungover: "Are you his new girlfriend?" Mei Yu was stunned and smiled awkwardly. "No." The other side asks with perseverance: "Are you the younger sister that he just recognizes?" Mei Yu coughed and quickly explained, "No." "Oh, the other side, heavy duty cantilever racks ,push back racking system, seems to be thinking, and then suddenly sure to say:" He wants to bubble you, not to catch up! " The muscles on Meiyu's face stiffened. She restrained her smile and said lightly, "Liu Dong and I met once. Please don't misunderstand again." The other party seemed to lose interest and said lazily, "Then he actually gave you my phone number. It seems that he is really optimistic about you. Tut." Meiyu had a strong impulse to drop the microphone. Her slender fingers held the microphone tightly, and the veins in her hands burst. She used to be a woman, and she had studied several popular boxing methods. If Li Ronghua was in front of her at this time, she would not hesitate to break his nose with one punch. < a href = > Qidian Chinese Network welcomes friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! 025 New Challenges (Second Watch) Updated July 23, 2011 17:00:12 Words: 2021 Meiyu's face was black, she bit her lips, if not, she could not keep silent, swearing was not the result she wanted. The other party finally lost interest in molesting her. With a smile, he said lightly, "Well, there is an advertisement for mineral water recently. There is a city-wide audition. If you can get that advertisement, I will sign you." Knowing Meiyu's idea, Li Ronghua jokingly explained: "As far as I know, the advertisement is completely open, without any black box operation. Let me see your strength, Winter Girl ~" In the last sentence, his voice sank, as ambiguous as a lover's murmur. The three words "Winter Girl" made Meiyu's anger rise to the extreme. Instead, she calmed down and began to bargain without hesitation: "Do you mean that as long as I win that advertisement, you will sign a contract with me? So, is it a silver contract or a bronze contract?" This sentence made Li Ronghua sit up from the bed. The black silk quilt slid down from his body, revealing his strong abdominal muscles. The contrast between the bronzed skin and the white sheets under his body was strong, emitting a seductive smell. His lazy face with a bit of interest, this girl is not simple, even the nature of the contract is known, glory agency and its actors signed the contract is divided into bronze, silver, gold three, as the name implies, according to the value of the three metals, actors have more and more freedom. The first kind of bronze contract is a ten-year contract. An actor basically sells himself to a management company. He is not allowed to take a job without permission, take a vacation at will, fall in love, and so on. Silver contract, only five years, while actors have a lot of freedom, as long as a certain number of films and TV dramas are guaranteed every year, the rest of the time can be arranged by themselves. The last kind of gold contract, more symbolic, the number is very small, generally with internationally renowned movie stars, in the case of the other party's convenience,mobile racking systems, priority to the company's script, while within a certain range of the company's performing resources, is basically completely inclined to the actor's contract.

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