Record of the villain's whitewashing

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    In the hall, Tao Ze is still wandering, he did not expect to run out, he is squatting to look at the candlelight, he just stared carefully, there is indeed a figure in the flame, it seems that he has not worn clothes? Or a woman? He could not see clearly either, and his eyes studied and looked at it. Gradually, the candlelight in the hall somehow became more and more intense, burning more and more vigorously, and some of the flames were already two fingers high. He remembered that the female temple owner said that this was the soul of the ancestors of Qingyang Temple. For a moment, he felt guilty, thinking that they were not aware of what they were doing, were they? That view Lord also did not say with him, these souls can feel what the outsider is doing, he thinks, then open one's mouth to ask carefully: "The old-timers have worked hard?"? Can you see me? The next moment, all the flames suddenly jumped up a finger, he was startled, to the flame of the highest candle way, "former, senior you how?"? Are you angry? The fire was really burning more and more, obviously there was no wind,warehouse pallet racks, but the fireworks were all shaking violently, the nine halls were all like this, and the flames on the walls were extremely ferocious and horrible. Tao Ze felt that the fire was so strong that he began to sweat, and his ears were full of the sound of the flames burning. He had never thought that the fire would burn like this, like a mountain torrent. He really began to panic, looking at the candles in a muddle, with only one thought in his mind, this is not crazy,heavy duty cantilever racks, is it? Outside the door three courtyards away from the main hall. The disciples of Qingyang Temple were all fleeing, but they fell down one by one. At the moment of landing, blood gushed out from their bodies everywhere. They could not make a sound in their throats, except for the muffled sound of falling to the ground. The boy on the ferry looked at the familiar scene and was stunned for a moment. He suddenly turned around and ran to the hall, but fell down. He looked back and saw that his ankle had been wrapped with a thin thread. His eyes were wide open for a moment. The next moment, he saw a little nun of 14 or 15 years old running away from him in panic. He lay on the ground for a long time and suddenly reached out his hand and pulled off the silver thread on the female disciple. The little nun looked back, and the little monk sat where he was and did not continue to run. He stretched out his hand and pulled the thin thread from the disciples who ran past him one by one, all wrapped around himself. The next moment, the little monk's soul was all burning up, and in an instant, he and the threads were all scattered as fly ash. The little nun opened her eyes wide. "No!" She only had time to say this word, the whole person suddenly turned back and continued to run forward, her eyes were red in an instant, she had almost no way, was running to the hall, while running while pulling the thin line on her body, asrs warehouse ,mobile racking systems, she was originally running with a group of brothers, but eventually the brothers fell down one by one, leaving her alone, she stared at the hall. But when she was about to run in, she was wrapped in a thin line and fell on the steps. She suddenly fell down. The moment she looked up, she saw the people inside along the gap. She was stunned. Tao Ze crouched in front of a very high flame, wiping the sweat from his forehead, and seemed to be saying something in his mouth, as if he were apologizing. The steps were very high, and the nun suddenly looked back and looked down at the corpse-strewn Gushe Mountain. She looked at it for a moment, and tears rolled down directly. "Master.." She suddenly looked back at the hall and looked at Tao Ze's back along the crack of the door. Scenes flashed through my mind. How old are you this year? "You are very good-looking." Me? I'm from Xuanwu! My name is Tao Ze. My courtesy name is Runchun. I'm a medicine man. What's your name? You haven't been down the hill, have you? How about I tell you a story? The nun looked at the crack in the door and trembled unconsciously. The next moment, she raised a hand knot, suddenly isolated the hall from the outside world. She took one last look at Tao Ze and wrapped all the threads that had gone into the temple around her. She whispered the words, and her soul burned. With a shock, her whole body disappeared into the fire with those threads. Without a sound. In the main hall. Tao Ze looked at the hall full of candles, which could almost be called a group of demons dancing in disorder. He was so confused that he could not even speak. Why is this happening? He finally got up to call someone, but because he was frightened, his elbow hit the lamp beside him when he got up, and the next moment, the lamp fell down. One falls, another knocks over, one after another, one after another. Tao Ze's eyes almost popped out. Bang. There was a loud noise and all the lamps were smashed to the ground. All the candles seemed to take off their shackles and fly into the air, rushing out of the hall. Tao Ze was stunned. "Hello?!"! Run away? No, no! My God. He reacted and hurried to hold the lamps, and when he saw the fire running away, he hurried and chased them out like a fool, but he didn't know what seal he had collided with when he walked out of the hall. He took two steps back, and the next moment, two flames came back and knocked him back with a thump. Before he could react, the flames seemed to be alive, bursting with dazzling light, and his eyes flashed. He gradually lost consciousness before he fell. He saw all the candles in the hall running out, the wind blowing everywhere, the flames suddenly turned to shade green, he was dizzy, struggling to stand up, but suddenly his eyes were black. All the candles in the nine halls were hanging in the air, rushing out like the water of a big river. Outside the hall, there were countless Yin fires hovering, and the next moment, the Yin fires turned into a Taoist. All of a sudden, countless Taoist souls appeared side by side on the steps, wearing Yin robes and carrying long swords. Their clothes were slightly different with the change of age, but they wore the same crane crown as the disciples of Qingyang Temple. They were all looking in the same direction, and their gowns were blown up by the wind. In front of the mountain gate, the four-character tablet of "Heaven and earth are furnaces" stood firm in the wind, the fire was everywhere, and the river buried with souls made a roaring sound, roaring to the east. The east is white,heavy duty rack manufacturers, beside the spring stage. Wu Ling held the teacup and turned it slowly. The woman was propping up the table. Blood dripped down the corners of her mouth and fell on the table. Finally, she whispered, "Demon!" 。

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