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    In fact, it was the amazing "bang" sound caused by the magic in the direction of Bi! He put his finger under Bi Fang's nose and said angrily, "Why did you die like this?" "Did you kill someone?!" Onlookers almost blocked the front of the mansion, surrounded by watertight. Wan An was so angry that his face turned blue. "What are you calling for?"? I didn't hit her at all! He calls the bodyguard on one side, "drag this little girl cheater to bury." As soon as the bodyguard bumped into Bi Fang, Bi Fang's body stood straight up like a board. She jumped into the air and saw countless slaps on Wan An's face, which made people's eyes blurred. Bi Fang jumped back to the ground. Wan An's face was swollen into a pig's head. The onlookers were stunned, and then the applause was thunderous. Bi Fang raised his fist toward them, then looked at Wan An and said resentfully, "I've mistaken you for someone else.." I have mistaken you for someone else. Sorry, you are not my father. I forgot that my father died early. "Alas." She patted Wan An on the arm and said apologetically, "Forget it, I've mistaken you for someone else." She turned around, raised her head, and walked proudly in the stunned sight of the crowd. When she reached a deserted place, she proudly said to me, "Master Feng, I didn't expect such a silly person as you to be everywhere." Yuyao's Predictive Induction In the night sky, white clouds float on the top, fluttering slowly. In the evening, Bi Fang turned into a wooden bird and lay on the roof with me. "It's easy to find a mortal," she sighed, "but it's really difficult to find a heavenly emperor like the Jade Emperor." I turned my head. "Master Feng," she said,Inflatable dry slide, "your birth is rather boring." She suddenly let out a crackling cry, and I suspected that she was playing smart again, and I didn't want to talk to her. Suddenly I heard a voice that I could recognize as ashes, "a talking bird?"? Golden Phoenix? I haven't seen it. Before he could react, he was caught in a net. I didn't even have to struggle. I looked straight into Wan Zhen'er's charming eyes. Wan Zhen'er was also sitting on the roof with a lazy voice: "Birds, you can be presumptuous in the room of the cold hall of this palace.". Don't blame this palace. Isn't it a cold palace? Why do you say it's a cold temple? Bi Fang looks fearless. Wan Zhener was stunned and then laughed. "Do you think the emperor will keep the palace in this palace for a long time?" She sniffed, "He comes to the cold palace every day just to take a look at the palace." "Is that so?" Bi Fang tilted his head and looked at her with burning eyes. I cried out in my heart that it was not good. Bi Fang did not know whether Wan Zhen'er was a demon or an alien who could not hurt immortals or people. Wan Zhen'er gritted her teeth and said, "When I get out of the palace,inflatable air dancer, I'll kill that boy, Zhu Youyu.." Youyu, I think of the clever and pitiful child. He must be fine now. Wan Zhener suddenly grabbed me with the palm of his hand, pinching me in pain. "Phoenix, say a few words to listen.". Otherwise, this palace will swallow you alive. I asked for help and looked at Bi Fang. She looked at me anxiously and floated out of the net like light smoke. Her body changed, but she turned into a handsome man. Under the broken moonlight, he had a light silver short hair, fluffy. The temples hang down to cover the sides of the face, and the uneven shallow bangs on the forehead are messy. His eyes were large and silver, and his nose was straight. Moonlight like tassels and shadows flowing on his face. He was born extremely beautiful. A man as beautiful as a flower. But it is only beautiful, which is totally different from the handsome and natural king temperament of the fox. Wan Zhen'er chuckled and said, "I can't believe you're such a beautiful little bird." She threw me casually and caught him. Bi Fang caught me quickly, held me in her arms, and ran away like smoke. Wan Zhener ran after him and shouted, "Birds, I want to catch you and watch you." I was confused for a long time, Inflatable water obstacle course ,large inflatable water slide, but I couldn't make a sound. Bi Fang can fly to the Nine Heavens. Naturally, he is not a demon. I have no way to tell him that Wan Zhen'er can't hurt the immortal. Yuyao's Predictive Induction (2) He escaped breathlessly, but Wan Zhener was still following him. "This woman is not a human being," he exclaimed in pain. I gave him a dirty look. Finally, I do not know how long to escape, he saw Wan Zhen son is still behind, finally decided not to run. Wan Zhener floated in front of him, laughing at the demon, "why don't you run away?"? This palace has been bored for a long time, and I feel that the game of chasing you is very interesting. "Bi Fang lifted his lips and shouted," I said, sister, why are you chasing me? I have no quarrel with you. Wan Zhener rubbed the long nails on her hand. "It's rare for you to be so beautiful.". This palace wants to catch, put all day long beside, it is good to have an eye addiction. Bi Fangjun blushed and said angrily, "Evil, what do you think I am?"? I'm a wooden fairy. Even cursing, are so no momentum, not as good as the fox's calm in the face of change. If it were a fox, he would say, "Well, if you catch me, you can.." When Wan Zhen'er heard the word "immortal", her face changed greatly. When Bi Fang saw that her face had changed, he was even more aggressive. "I said, this sister, you should leave quickly now. This immortal will not embarrass you. If you don't leave again, this immortal will be rude to you." Bi Fang, you say you are smart all day long, but you are also like this "bird". Wan Zhener pursed her lips with a shallow smile. "Bi Fang?"? So you are the wood fairy. She said, "I have the greatest respect for immortals, and naturally I have no malice towards you." With a wave of her sleeve, she walked away. Bi Fang finally took a long breath, "Feng Zhu, finally scared her away.". I hate fighting with demons. If you fight with Wan Zhen'er, you will know that she is the best in the demon world! As different as I am. I flew out of his arms, and he flew into the air, flying beside me, his eyes shining, his silver eyes, his warm charm. "Lord Feng," he said, "there's another reason why I turned into a girl. The Queen of Heaven said you were difficult to get along with. If you said you looked like this, you would reject me and let me turn into a girl to help you." I did not have the good spirit to stare at him, under the broken photon, his good-looking face, somehow, suddenly turned into a raging fire, red flames like snakes entangled everywhere. And a man flew into the fire. A woman dressed in red flew down from the sky and said to the man in the fire, Bi Fang, now I, Yu Yao,Inflatable outdoor park, have sealed you in this great fire and let you be the God of fire forever. Wherever you go, there will be a great fire. Forever and ever, you can't get close to me. I hit my heart hard. joyshineinflatables.com

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