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    They all ran back to take a nap. They didn't get much sleep last night. Murong went to the computer market to see the mouse, and his mouse looked like it was dying again. Velvr smiled. "You were able to sleep yesterday." "Tired." Zhang Peng said Murong this guy, his mouse has not been changed for a long time, and he can not, it seems that his training volume is much larger than mine. That's not true. He said he finally won the game yesterday and accidentally smashed the mouse. "Ha ha, this guy." "Zhang Peng, will you go together?" "Why?" Zhang Peng turned his head and looked at Velvr. Suddenly I think Velvr is a little strange. Velvr did not make a sound, walked slowly along the main road, suddenly smiled and asked Zhang Peng, "Zhang Peng, have you thought about what you will do in the future?" "Later?" Zhang Peng shook his head strangely, "I haven't thought about it yet." "Will you consider becoming a professional player?" "Maybe.". But I want to play CUPL again. Zhang Peng once again remembered his promise to Ai Jing. Yeah. Velvr smiled, "My goal now is to be admitted to Huazhong University of Science and Technology as a graduate student." "Be admitted to Huazhong University of Science and Technology as a graduate student?" Zhang Peng was stupefied. Yes Velvr looked at Zhang Peng and explained, "Well, my father came from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.". After the resumption of the college entrance examination system. The earliest group of college students may be that it was very hard to get into Huazhong University of Technology, so he always wanted me to get into Huazhong University of Technology and become an alumnus with him. Now Huazhong University of Science and Technology has been merged and called Huazhong Science and Technology. After a pause, Velvr smiled and said, "This is also a wish of my father. My first choice was Huazhong Science and Technology.". But when the college entrance examination, because I play star play more addicted, so more or less affect the point of learning, plus that year the score line of Huazhong Science and Technology is much higher than Zhongda, so I missed more than 20 points,large ficus tree, to the second volunteer Zhongda. In fact, when I think of this later, I always feel guilty that I played too much Starcraft and failed to live up to my father's expectations. But I still can't give up the game. If it were someone else, he would say to Zhang Peng at another time that he would change his family. To be a member of Huazhong University of Technology, Zhang Peng will certainly despise him, he said. Damn it, is our CUHK worse than Huazhong University of Technology? There are so many great people in our school, and there are so many academicians of the two academies. But now hear velvr say so, although velvr said is very indifferent, but Zhang Peng felt that velvr also has a lot of persistence for this game, felt that because he was fond of playing this game, velvr who was not admitted to Huazhong University of Technology faced the long-term guilt of his disappointed father. Thank you At this time, outdoor palm trees ,fake blossom tree, Velvr suddenly said to Zhang Peng. Velvr, boss. What are you doing? Zhang Peng felt very trembling. "Why do you say thank you to me?" "Thank you." Velvr looked up at the sky and breathed a sigh of relief. "Before, my dream was always to be a professional player, like Fang Shaoyun, but later I knew that with my talent and strength, it was impossible to be a professional player. Later, I always thought that it would be good to win a CUPL championship.". So I have never been able to give up Starcraft. I thought as long as I could win a CUPL championship. I can give up starcraft and fulfill my father's wish all the time. But the opponents in CUPL are also so strong. Later, I even thought that if I could lead CUHK into the national competition, I would give up Starcraft and prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination with all my strength. This CUPL was the last game I decided to play, but I didn't expect that you had fulfilled my dream and was the champion of CUP. We won the crown together. Yes, we won the championship together, so I will be proud and have no regrets. "Velvr smiled, pushed his glasses and said," Now I have the last year, I can concentrate on preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, and the graduate students of Huazhong University of Technology are not so easy to take the exam. I have to work hard. Since you say you have to play at least one more CUPL, the CUHK team will be handed over to you. "Leave it to me?" Yes, this is the tradition of the school team of CUHK. Teacher Xiao Li doesn't know that, in fact, every captain is appointed by the last captain. Velvr looked at Zhang Peng with a fiery light in his eyes. "And only you are the most suitable captain. With you, we will definitely continue to make history and win the CUPL championship as we did yesterday!" "The same as yesterday?" Zhang Peng looked at Velvr and suddenly smiled, "I like it!" If you don't win the championship next year, you will go to Xinqian Square and run naked for an hour. Next year, our CUHK team should be stronger! "I don't have a hobby of streaking.". If you don't get it. Punish Books to run, because I am the captain, and I have the final say. Zhang Peng smiled and hooked Velv's neck, "but, boss Velvr, you really won't give up interstellar from now on, will you?" Of course not. I just shift my focus to the postgraduate entrance examination. When I succeed in the postgraduate entrance examination of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, I will play Starcraft as I do now. "Ha ha!"! But then you'll be a traitor! After Zhang Peng smiled, he suddenly said to Velvr seriously, "Boss.". Come on I feel a little dizzy at the gate of the brain city. He suddenly found that he had been a little out of touch with the outside world for two years. In the past two years, my life seems to be in the canteen, the classroom, and then in front of the computer. Because he wanted to buy a mouse, he took a taxi directly to the computer city in Zhongguancun. As a result,silk olive tree, he found that several big computer cities were linked together and computer accessories were sold everywhere. There was a surge of people everywhere, and looking at the brilliant LCD screen outside the building, Murong found himself really a little uncomfortable.

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