Rural daughter-in-law reborn as cannon fodder

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    If people are beaten now, they will not dare to think about it in the future. As soon as he saw everyone coming at him, Guo Ying would sit on the ground and play with him. Luo Yongzhi's eyes were cruel. "If you dare to cry, I will kill you alive today, and then turn myself in. Do you dare me?" Chapter 124: Stay. Luo Yongzhi is really angry, two eyes stare like cattle, looks like to eat people in general, Guo Ying all over the body cold, half squatting and half standing in place, under the stalemate of shame and loss of face so that her face slowly turned red, two eyes of tears like broken beads down. Luo Yongzhi, I have been poor with you for half a year, and you are so cruel? Disappointment, more despair. What are feelings? Especially between husband and wife. In a woman's eyes, as long as you marry this man, no matter what happened, this man will not betray you, leave you, don't want you, so when you hear Luo Yongzhi's words, Guo Ying will be sad, she forgot how she just lost her temper,mobile racking systems, so that her own man moved so much anger, but for her, she scolded him and beat him to make him lose face. She's his wife, and of course she is. Luo Yongzhi was even more disappointed. "Don't you like to make trouble?"? Then you can continue to make trouble. You can't make trouble today. When you've had enough trouble, we'll divorce. Divorce? You're divorcing me? Guo Ying has been unable to withstand the blow, people rushed to Luo Yongzhi's body, tearing and beating, "you this fickle man, where I am not good?"? I live with you wholeheartedly. I have suffered so many grievances for you over the years. I have followed you with all my heart and lungs. How can you divorce me for this little thing? Is your heart made of stone? "It's impossible to live like this. There's no one who can't live without you. You're devoted to me,industrial racking systems, and I haven't done anything wrong to you. Things are like this. Don't blame each other. No one can live with each other for a lifetime." Luo Yongzhi squatted on the ground and rolled up the dry tobacco. "I'll go back to the countryside tomorrow with Brother Zhou's father and son. Think about it by yourself." Zhou Shumin looked at the couple because they wanted to divorce. Also feel inappropriate, so his family is not a sinner of the Luo family? "Look at this couple where they don't blush, if they blush because of this time.". I have to divorce. I don't know how many times I have to divorce your sister-in-law. Besides, it was caused by my family. If you really don't agree with your younger brother and sister, I can't live in peace in my life. Zhou Shumin also squatted on the ground, "it's all my fault that I raised such a child." Luo Yongzhi is the most simple and honest, honest, see Zhou Shumin self-reproach. But this time he was cruel to cure the woman at home, and now he saw that although she was still stiff, Keren was obviously afraid. She must be made to give in. In this way, after Zhou Shumin opened his mouth, Luo Yongzhi did not speak, but smoked. Zhou Shumin ran into a closed door, and his mouth gurgled. Seeing that Luo Yongzhi did not even give himself face now, it was not good to say more. Zhang Guilan looked at her mother-in-law sitting back in her chair sadly and wiping her tears. She wondered how people could do this, shuttle rack system ,asrs warehouse, and how she had brought herself to a dead end. Only then did I know what I wanted to regret? Like to be abused? Zhou Chengcai can now count on Guo Ying to come out, so that he can take Luo Haiying back. "Guilan, you can persuade her, but you are a daughter-in-law." Zhang Guilan smiled, "Cheng Cai, this is Haiying promised to go back with you, you began to provoke the relationship between our mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, see you are a son-in-law, do not know that you are going to marry in the daughter-in-law." So straightforward pick out, Zhou Chengcai relied on a big red face, "you misunderstood, I this is not also hope that all good?" The heart is more and more do not like Zhang Guilan. When in the village, he didn't like Zhang Guilan, because in the village everyone because his father is the village head and give him face, met also said a few nice words, but Zhang Guilan like no long brain, talk to bump into people, ugly to death, who would like to marry Luo Jijun later, Zhou Chengcai thought in the end but also rely on Luo Jijun in the future, the original also want to go down with Zhang But today, Zhang Guilan came out to stir up trouble, and Zhou Chengcai hated him half to death. This enmity is settled. Zhang Guilan did not put Zhou Chengcai in the eye, last life is, this life is the same, and she knows too much about the Zhou family, that is not profitable to get up early, now is looking at Luo Jijun has a good job, playing against the purpose of coming over, which day to meet a better, is not directly dumped Luo Haiying? Just look at what the Chou family has done, and you'll know how thick-skinned they are. Look at what Cheng Cai said. Who doesn't want to live a good life? It's not because of you that this thing happened today. So this person has no chance to see it. Who knows what he thinks in his heart? Luo Haiying is not want to go to the good, intend to go back to make the Zhou family, Zhang Guilan should do all done, people do not leave her also have no way. Zhou Chengcai knew that Zhang Guilan was scolding him in a different direction, and also knew that he could not talk to her well, so he only smiled and did not open his mouth. For a moment there was a stand-off in the living room. Luo Yongzhi finished smoking before opening his mouth, "have you thought about it?"? What should I do? If you want to make trouble, it's nothing. Whoever leaves will live the same. If you don't make trouble, don't feel wronged. Come home with me now. Guo Ying naturally thought about it, but she couldn't face it, so she sat there wiping her tears and didn't make a sound. All right, you mean you want to make trouble. All right, you make trouble, and I'll go. Luo Yongzhi stood up, "Brother Zhou, let's go. It's rare to come out once. Let's go to the city for a walk. Next time, I'll treat you to a restaurant today." Luo Yongzhi, who has always been good at living, can be so bright today. It's really not good in his heart. The girl doesn't recognize her parents,cantilever racking system, and her wife and daughter-in-law make trouble like this. He's a big man who can't do anything well. Since the Zhou family must have this marriage, it's also possible. He will see if the Zhou family is really bad for their daughter in the future. It's not too late to fight with them again. In the end, Luo Yongzhi was frightened by his wife's words about who to marry after divorce.

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