Shangguan Ding Xia's stump

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    Thick eyebrow monk is a move to attack, although the part of the move is wonderful, but it is a little astringent feeling, the old monk in white laughed, left arm a circle to avoid, right palm a wave, the tip of the food has been brushed in the thick eyebrow monk waist soft hemp point. Thick eyebrows and a stagger, half of the body immediately soft down, the old monk in white burst into laughter, forced to raise his hand and hit. The monk with thick eyebrows could not hide, and he was about to be killed. Suddenly, he saw his left hand touch under his armpit, and there was a very small transparent bead in his hand. He used his internal force to shake his wrist, and the transparent bead flew over to the old man in white. The strange thing was that the transparent bead did not fly fast, but seemed to have a sustained internal force on it. As soon as the old monk in white saw this thing, it was like seeing a ghost. He shouted, "Tang Hong, you.." Five-step soul-chasing beads! As soon as he ran backwards, he retreated ten feet, and the skill shown between this retreat was enough to make any master angry today! The little transparent bead flew into the sky above the old monk's original position and "patted" itself to pieces. At this time,pallet rack shelving, the thick-browed monk stood up while rubbing the living acupoint. He said lightly, "Don't be nervous. It's not poisonous. The poor monk has been abstaining from all poisons for ten years!" "Tang Hong," said the old monk in white angrily, "how dare you tease me when you're about to die?" The thick-browed monk smiled and said, "It's not that the poor monk is teasing you. It's all your own business." The old monk in white was stunned. He didn't understand what he meant. "What?" He blurted out. The monk with thick eyebrows smiled and said, "The poor monk doesn't speak wildly. I told you clearly that there is no poison. But if the poor monk takes another pill, you still have to retreat and escape. If you don't believe me, we can try again." When the old monk in white heard this,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, he was very angry, but he had to admit that it was true. He thought to himself, "The bald donkey's words are not just a boast. Five steps to kill him. The hidden weapon from Tang Hong's hand, my old son would rather hide a thousand times than take a risk." "How dare you talk big when you're about to die?" He shouted. The thick-browed monk did not argue with him either. He just smiled faintly and then said, "Tell me something about you." The old monk in white said, "What?" "If you beat the poor monk to death today," said the monk with thick eyebrows, "that's what the poor monk wants." "You know you're going to die," sneered the monk in white. "Why are you making such sarcastic remarks?" "It's not a sarcastic remark," said the thick-browed monk. "It's just that --" Here he paused, and the old monk in white couldn't help asking, "Why?" "It's only because you saved the life of the poor in the past year," said the monk with thick eyebrows. The old monk in white said with a sneer, "Gratitude and resentment are clear. A real man, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,industrial racking systems, hum, Tang Hong, don't do that." "What you said just now makes a lot of sense," said the monk with thick eyebrows. "What did I say?" Asked the old monk in white. "Didn't you say just now," said the monk with thick eyebrows, "that you might as well give me your old life?" "Yes," said the old monk in white, "aren't you convinced?" "I'm very convinced," said the monk with thick eyebrows. "It's just that your words are reasonable and wrong. The sword and clothes are external things. Even if it's this old life, isn't it? It's up to you to save him or kill him. What's the matter with the poor monk? When he said this, his face looked very solemn. Suddenly he mentioned the spirit of the Dantian and shouted, "If you want the life of the poor monk, come and get it!" Then he lifted his breath and drank. He had the air of a Buddhist lion roaring. His voice was as thick as a tangible thing. He sent it far away. With a sneer, the old monk in white raised his palm and said in a gloomy way, "Tang Hong, I want to ask you one last question. Will you hand it over?" The thick-browed monk smiled and shook his head in silence. So the old monk in white shouted a slap down, and the monk with thick eyebrows did not fight or dodge. By this time, it was already late, and in the valley several miles away, Qian Baifeng and the White Iron Army were on their way quickly. "At this speed," said Qian Baifeng, "we'll reach the Shaolin Temple before midnight. ” "Shall we go to the temple at midnight to see the abbot?" Asked Bai Tiejun. "What do you think?" Asked Qian Baifeng. White iron army way: "We don't have any great friendship with Shaolin Temple. I'm afraid there's something wrong with such a night." "It's urgent," said Qian Baifeng. "I think the sooner the better." Bai Tiejun nodded and said, "Let's go up and act according to the camera." "That's the only way," said Qian Baifeng. Just then, not far from the sky came a strong shout: "You … …" Want Poor. Monk. Of. Life. Then. Come here Come here Take. "" Qian Baifeng and Bai Tiejun stopped at the same time and looked at each other. Bai Tiejun said, "Shaolin Temple?" Qian Baifeng nodded and said, "Probably yes!" The White Iron Army carried the hill due west and said, "It's on that hill. Let's go!" The two men galloped forward like meteors, several miles away in a flash. They went up the hill and found the winding path. They followed the path and saw a stream on the left and a jungle on the right. At this time, however, there was only silence all around, and there was no movement. The White Iron Army looked around and wondered, "Did I misjudge the direction?" Just as he was about to open his mouth, Qian Baifeng knew what he meant. "You're not mistaken," he said in a low voice. "My judgment is also here." "A forest of people?" Asked Bai Tiejun. Qian Baixiang nodded and said, "Be careful." The two men went into the forest head to tail, but the forest was darker. They were alert and moved very slowly and carefully. They groped around in the woods, but found nothing until they were about to come out of the woods from the east corner. Qian Baifeng suddenly stopped and shouted in horror, "Look!" Bai Tiejun followed the direction he pointed to and saw a naked old monk lying under a big tree trunk. It seemed that he had been hit by a slap and hit the tree, as if he were embedded in the tree trunk. "Look around for me," said Qian Baifeng in a low voice. Cautiously, he stepped forward and examined the body carefully, and saw that the monk, though dead, had no pain on his face,Automated warehouse systems, and his face was solemn, as if he were out of the sea of suffering. "Strange, strange.." said Qian Baifeng. 。

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