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    Just now, Ying Qiong saw that the two men she had captured were not the first class of evil spirits on the left, and that the blue light of protecting her body was especially the first time. Remembering the lessons of the teachers and her father before and after going down the mountain, her teacher, Mrs. Miaoyi, repeatedly exhorted her: "This school will soon be carried forward. You will have a bearing on the rise and fall of this school in the future, but you are too murderous. Of course, because of the misfortune, you must still be. Besides, you have deep roots and are young in Taoism. Zilai has a long way to go. His fame is high and there are many taboos. The evil spirits of the left way will let you go. However, even a group of scattered immortals who have attained the Tao at home and abroad for many years will inevitably not be bewitched by their fellow disciples and be embarrassed with you. After that, when you are on the road, you must be careful everywhere. If you are not really extremely evil, you may as well be tolerant as long as you can repent and return to the right path. There are a lot of hidden immortals who have attained the Tao at home and abroad for many years. Although many of them were born in a heretical family, they all went through one or two major disasters and knew the advantages and disadvantages very well. They hid themselves in the Fairy Mountain and no longer came out to trouble. The last time Emei opened its mansion, I wanted to invite all of them to come by watching the ceremony. After consulting with my close friends and colleagues, in order to solve some problems, and at the critical moment when many powerful enemies were plotting against each other, all of them were at their own disposal, except that I had sent an invitation card to my acquaintance. There are many people in it, and you haven't even heard their names. In case of unintentional encounter, if the other party is not a leftist evil spirit, no matter what the purpose is, it can not be hurt. It is best to turn an enemy into a friend if you can find out where he came from. Otherwise, you can only try to frighten him away and make him retreat in the face of difficulties. You can't embarrass him. Ever since I moved into the Magic Wave Pool, I have always been vigilant when I think of my teacher's kindness and fatherly expectations. It is not as bad as natural disease,smartboards in classrooms, and it is hard to avoid being angry at that time. It was not until Wu Nangong attacked and turned Zixu Shenyan Dou into an incarnation that he began to calm down a lot. Recall the past and evil against the enemy, although not kill one, after all, it is hard to avoid manipulation. Fortunately, most of them are unpardonable criminals. Otherwise, they will cause a lot of trouble like Ling Yunfeng. They will run around all day long, hinder their cultivation, and be punished by their teachers. Wouldn't they be wronged? Originally, I made up my mind that I would never act rashly against the enemy from now on,smart board whiteboard, and I would kill him at will. Recently, I met the immortal fate, and received the deep grace of the holy aunt. I combined the primordial spirit left in the past year with myself, and refined it into the second primordial spirit and the external incarnation. My mood became more and more ethereal, and my kungfu improved greatly. Ordinary monastics, who have spent hundreds of years of hard work and suffered all kinds of hardships and hazards, may not have such a realm. How long will it take for me to get started? When I meet this immortal fate, it is very easy to have today. If you are not careful and conscientious, the more enemies you will make in the future, the more difficult and dangerous the road ahead will be. If you are advanced in the same month, you will also think that it is because of the love of your division, your unique advantages, your arrogance and pride, and your disgust. Isn't it a mistake? Recently Wan Zhen, Qin Han calyx and other men and women of the same door, by Shen Ruolan flower festival together, all day long banquet joy, not to worry about the enemy at present, digital touch screen board ,electronic board for classroom, in addition to Lin Han, Zhuang Yi with Lian Hongyao, Xu Xiang goose, wooden chicken, Lin Qiushui and so on in Dongling West Xiaofeng recuperation, and according to the instructions of the elders set up a fairy array, ready to meet the future injury of the same door, only for the love of Wan and Shen. Separately came once and then did not come again. Among the rest of the people, Nvxian Yu Luan and Li Nvyun Jiugu came here for another purpose. After the enemy's defeat last time, they only practiced in the quiet room of the Fire Palace in the Magic Wave Pool. Occasionally, they were invited to go, but they were only perfunctory. Zhang Yaoqing went back and forth and arrived yesterday. After Li Jian waited for Han Xuan to recover, he flew away together, saying that he had the order of a blissful real person, and that he would arrive together when the two evils came. This group of evil attack, a lot of strong enemies, the number of magic wave pool was not enough, even with the injury to go to a few, even if the time can come out, it is difficult to deal with. Besides, Yi Jing is trapped in the Demon Palace, and good or bad luck is hard to predict. Jin Chan, Zhu Wen and Yu Yingnan, the three most powerful ones, walked away again, becoming more and more empty. Only Fang Ying and yuan Hao were able to listen to advice, but the rest were not naive and childish, so they were as arrogant and careless as Wan and Qin, thinking that such a powerful enemy as Wu Nangong and Pang Huacheng could still be defeated, not to mention others. Laigu is usually easy-going, unlike Yi Jing's solemn expression, and when she speaks, people dare not disobey. Apart from secretly consulting with himself and working together to cope with the situation, he never spoke to the public. Oneself always heart straight plan quick, if according to before, early and people argue. Others can not control, if Lan friendship is the thickest, has been forced to ban. Also because the mood is more and more gentle recently, to the same door is particularly modest, gently advised twice not to listen, fear of reaction, had to use the second yuan God to divide a person into two, and Laigu, Fang, yuan four people, together with the fire harmless and other capable people, at any time to pay attention to, step up vigilance. In the first half of the night, there was a strong wind and thunderstorm, and suddenly there was a warning sign. I had doubts in my heart and hurried there. When he captured the enemy, he saw that there was no evil spirit in his body, and that there was no feeling when the dark luck and wisdom shone, so he expected that there must be a source, and the hostility had been subtracted. Just as he was about to go back to the cave to inquire, he was warned one after another by Zhuang Yi and Lai Gu, who knew that the other party had too much background, and that a young woman inside was very strong and arrogant. There were many difficulties,interactive flat panel display, and it was even more difficult to control the spiritual shuttle used to shake the palace. Once the other party did this, an earthquake would occur, which would destroy the mountains and hurt the people. It was absolutely unavoidable.

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