Sick pet [crossing]

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    Her heart ached and her whole body ached. The muscles on her face jumped a few times. Suddenly she threw herself on the door and cried, "No, Lord Bai, I was wrong, I was wrong.". You don't care about the mistakes of small people. Don't have the same experience as Aunt Six. The door opened again, but it was Tian Nuo's carriage that appeared. Zhao Shi's expression stiffened. Thinking of Yun Kite's words, he said, "Well, Arnold, it was the sixth aunt who was not good just now. I can't accompany you." The car was quiet without any response, and the flower tree who drove the car seemed not to understand what she was talking about, driving the carriage directly past her, and the dust rolled up splashed all over Zhao. Zhao Shi: "… …" Frightened, she was serious and did not say anything too much! The setting sun projected obliquely, and the mottled white walls covered with green moss outlined golden red light and shadow. People gradually dispersed, shops along the street closed one after another, and Jianye City, which had been noisy all day, began to return to calm. Tian Nuo lifted the curtain of the car and looked at the bustling streets, feeling disappointed in his heart. From then on, she would probably not be able to step into this place easily. Her eyes passed unconsciously from shop to shop, and her eyes suddenly froze, and she moved forward, looking somewhere in disbelief. Suddenly he opened his mouth and said, "Huashu, hurry up and follow the flower in front of you." Even after eight years, she recognized the thin yellow woman with unkempt hair at a glance. Chapter 62 Lady Dong? When she first came to this world, she met Dong Niangzi who had abducted and sold her and yuan Ruyi! Why did she suddenly return to Jianye City? If at ordinary times, Tian Nuo naturally will not pursue. But just happened to the true and false white girl, she immediately thought,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, in this world, perhaps only Dong Niangzi and his wife know where the original body is abducted, know the identity of her biological parents. If she had always been an orphan girl, she would have rested her heart and not necessarily wanted to trace the identity of her own body. But after eight years as a girl with status and clan, she suddenly lost all of them one day, and the huge gap made her curious about the real life experience of this body. After all, she has used her original body for so many years, and if she can find her real family, it will be an account for her original body. The flower tree did not ask anything, driving the carriage to turn a direction. The woman walked slowly through several streets, and as if aware of something, she ran her legs into a narrow lane. The lane was only three feet wide, and the carriage could not get in at all. Tian Nuo bit his lip, put on his hat, got out of the carriage, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, and went after him on foot. The flower tree and the cassia twig knew that she was in a bad mood and did not dare to stop her. One left and one right followed behind to protect her. Three people followed Dong Niangzi more and more remote, the front of the house gradually scarce, Dong Niangzi turned a corner, disappeared in a lonely old house. The three of them stood in front of the house, and the flower tree pleaded, "I'll go in and explore the way first." Tian Nuo nodded and watched the figure of the flower tree disappear in the fence. On the horizon in the distance, only half of the red sun was still on the horizon. Suddenly, it jumped and all sank. The increasingly dark sky was like a crescent moon hanging obliquely like a hook, and the light was pale. The flowers and trees never came out. Tian Nuo gradually became uneasy: "With the skill of the flower tree, it is not easy to deal with a Dong Niangzi.". I haven't come out yet, is it possible. She grabbed the cassia twig and said, "Let's go back first." Inside the broken house, a young man's smiling voice suddenly came: "Isn't it a pleasure to have friends coming from afar?". "Now that the young lady is here, why should she go? Please come in and have a chat." Tian Nuo ignored him and stepped back quickly. The boy's voice rang out again: "Doesn't the young lady want to know who her biological parents are?" Tian Nuo's face suddenly changed and his footsteps stopped. The door of the broken house suddenly opened without wind, and inside I saw flowers and trees falling behind the door, unconscious, and I didn't know where the young man was hiding. Listen to his voice to ring again only: "If young lady wants to know, still come in please." Tian Nuo pursed his lips and, sure enough, turned around and walked inside. "Miss," Guizhi said nervously, "beware of cheating." Tian Nuo asked her: "Is the skill of the flower tree good or your skill good?" "Of course they are flowers and trees," said the cassia twig. Tian Nuo said: "The other side can even win the flowers and trees, obviously with extraordinary skill.". If you really want to deal with me, what difference does it make between inside and outside the house? It's better to go in and see what he wants to do. Guizhi felt justified and stopped her. The courtyard is as dilapidated as it can be seen outside, with dusty walls, overgrown courtyards and dilapidated houses. The two men stepped over the threshold and just entered the yard, only to hear a "bang" and the door closed again. The cassia twig felt something and punched in one direction. In the strong wind, I saw a flash of red shadow, like a burst of beans, with a few crisp sounds. Then the cassia twig snorted, and suddenly fell down. Tian Nuo ate a surprised, rushed to check Guizhi, see her face as usual, breathing smoothly, as if asleep in general, but how can not wake up. Suddenly in her heart, she just wanted to try to pinch her. The voice of the teenager who had spoken before sounded again: "Don't worry. She will wake up naturally in half an hour. I just don't want anyone to disturb our conversation." Tian Nuohuo raised his head, only to find that at some point, there was a handsome young man with a lazy smile opposite her. The young man was about fifteen or sixteen years old, dressed in a coquettish red brocade robe, with gold rings tied around his hair and a jade belt around his waist. His eyebrows grew into his sideburns, his eyes were affectionate, and his thin lips were slightly raised. He was a romantic and unruly man. Which looks like a martial arts master who can easily defeat Guizhi just now? Seeing Tian Nuo's face, the young man's eyes were burning and seemed to be shining. He suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Can you show me the inscription on the little lady's arm?" Tian Nuo: … … Where did Dengtuzi come from? Seeing her face, the boy reacted. He scratched his hair with chagrin and said, "I forgot to introduce myself. My surname is Wei,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, and my single name is Huan. I am the son of General Wei Quji. It may be yours.." Cousin. This series of introductions he said very quickly, like a pearl arrow, listen to Tian Nuo one Leng.

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