Solitary sail, distant shadow, blue sky (end of Jinjiang VIP)

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    The author has something to say: Hey, book review! ~ Collection Oh! I'm starting to refine everyone's good comments. Alas, when I see your previous replies, I want to say that the reader is too smart and the author is a failure. Do you miss me in the second watch today! ~ Let you know what happened in ten years! Then hit me with book reviews and collections. I want a long review. Recall ten years "Still here." Fan Ying sighed and looked at the man who was already in front of him. Mo Zihan did not allow her to say anything cruel this time. He gathered his arms and took her into his arms. You know all about it? "Yes, we all know.". I'm sorry I thought I was going to say something other than that, but I still changed it when it came to my mouth. There is nothing sorry, I said that there is no relationship in the future. "Fan Ying pushed away his embrace, although he had to admit that he was nostalgic, but he knew clearly that he did not belong to himself, so he should not be forced." Still won't forgive? Mo Zihan looked at her and asked word by word. Fan Ying bit his lower lip, turned around and walked slowly. It stopped under a tree not far away. Quietly recalled that dust-laden memories do not want to open. Ten years ago, just came to the demon world, Fan Ying did not go out, she seemed to want to stay away from the world, often alone in the house. But before long, he fell ill. Demon Zun has invited a doctor. After feeling his pulse, the doctor stood up and said to the demon, "I want to die, but I have no way to save the day.". Pity the fetus who is only two months old. Two months, the abdomen has not been protruding,drum spill containment, to three months when it will be highlighted, this fetal sitting is very stable, there is no little reaction. Therefore, the sail shadow will not know. After the doctor left, Demon Zun summoned the Heart Demon King. Enter her demons and tell her if she doesn't want to live or have a child, and if so, let her die. The heart demon king is stupefied. Nodded not much words,plastic pallet manufacturer, into a blue smoke into the body of the sail shadow. I found her demons very smoothly. As expected, everything inside is the scenery of Cangyao. Smiling in the peach blossom forest. Master, it's so beautiful here. The sunlight incense burner rises the purple smoke, looks at the waterfall to hang in front of the river. Flying down three thousand feet, it is suspected that the Milky Way falls nine days. Master, is that what Li Taibai saw in those days? ? "Master, you have to walk around more. You are too lazy. You have lived here for hundreds of years, but you have only found such a good place." Suddenly the picture changed again. It was in Mo Zihan's room. Master, let's double practice. In the pool that day The little person closes his eyes and concentrates, and the gas becomes the Dantian, which is perfectly round and congeals into the art, and the week begins to protect the body. It's done! Master, I did it. Fan Ying suddenly shouted, and suddenly the art that had just been formed completely dissipated. He pouted with chagrin and wrinkled his little face. "Don't worry, stackable plastic pallets ,plastic pallet manufacturer, it's already very good. Once you calm down, you will naturally disperse. Just practice more." Mo Zihan restored his former gentleness, and his slender hands, like jade, rubbed the head of the sail shadow again. In the face of unruly snow and dust "You'd better give up the idea. I won't accept you." Mo Zihan answered lightly. God, why? Xueyangchen is obviously not reconciled. I don't want to be a chef yet. When the God said this, everyone was stunned and then covered his mouth and laughed. Snow dust is a loss of face. God, aren't you being too partial? "The shadow is my apprentice.". There's nothing wrong with being partial to her, and if your parents are present, they must be partial to you. Then he turned to look at the shadow of the sail. Stop fooling around and go back with your teacher. "Oh, oh." Fan Ying nodded. Fly to Mo Zihan's side obediently. The scene changes again. It was when Zhao Xian won the first place in the meeting that he hugged Mo Zihan and acted like a spoiled child. The scene turns again and again, stopping at the sunrise glow, the distant shadow of the solitary sail.. Demon Zun looked at the sleeping sail shadow lying on the bed, perhaps she did not know, although sleeping, eyes will still overflow tears, down the cheeks. It's time to wake up. The heart demon king stood in front of a stone statue and said with an expressionless face. The stone statue did not respond at all, and its eyes were still closed. Demon Zun said, if you don't want to live and have children, then go to die. ” A voice came from the statue. "What did you say?"? What child? "Don't you know you're two months pregnant?" "You say I have a child?" Believe it or not. I don't want to spend any more time with you. The word has come. Then he dodged and left. The stone statue began to crack, and a little light began to overflow. The stone statue began to fall off rapidly, the light became bigger and bigger, and finally the stone statue cracked in an instant. The real body of the sail shadow appeared, slowly opened his eyes, and gently stroked his lower abdomen. Kid, you shouldn't be here. How can I face you when I was born without a father. I want to sleep like this. With the awakening of the real body, the physical body also regained its sanity. Staring at the roof, so staring, eyes without focus, face without expression, heart beating, blood flowing, but also on a corpse to add some traces of the living. It seems that you really love him so much that you can't bear to part with the child. Can't help but taunt. You wouldn't understand. Sail Shadow opened his mouth leisurely, and his voice was dry. Demon Zun also did not speak, walked to her side, bent down, "you say if he knew the existence of this child will not find you back." Fan Ying grabbed his arm and begged, "Please, don't tell him, please.". You can kill me, take me as a hostage, or even take me as a concubine. Don't tell him, don't tell him. Demon Zun broke her hand. "Why?"? Afraid he won't have the baby? No, really no,euro plastic pallet, I can do whatever you want, really. Let me have the baby. This is my last thought. He wouldn't have the baby. That day was a shame for him. It was a stain that could not be erased. Don't tell him. I would rather live humbly. Do whatever you want me to do, just let the baby live. "It's sad." Then Demon Zun walked away with a sneer.

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