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Discussion in 'Help & Support' started by Emad Zedan, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    I just found the Live Wallpaper Creator application from Google and I think it is a great application (from the demos) but I want to make a Live Wallpaper that has some custom settings:

    but first I had downloaded the trial version and I think it do not build or export to eclipse or preview the animation and gives me an error with continue button but still do not work is this normal, and if I buy the 2.6 version is every thing will work OK and I can build to android or export to eclipse?

    My Questions:
    1) can i make a 4 backgrounds options that the user can switch to?
    2) I want to add 3 GIFs or videos if it is not supporting the GIFs but I want the user to control visibility of the 3 Animations, I mean if he want just one animation to show in the background he/she has this control and if he/she wants 2 or all of them to show he/she has this control, is this customization doable with Live Wallpaper Creator?
    3) I just learned the basics of android development on eclipse using Java, but I want to know if I imported the live wallpaper to eclipse is the code easy to understand and manipulate and well commented?
    4) is making a button to control the setting use a custom activity doable if the Live Wallpaper Creator do not have this support I asked for above? are there any video or text tutorials on how we can customize it and make extra functionality using Java?

    thanks in advance

    Emad Zedan
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    Hey @Emad Zedan,

    Welcome to the forums. The trial version of Live Wallpaper Creator does not allow for exporting of code. The full version does allow you to export the code at this time, but future versions will not (as far as we have been told), due to the complex and valuable code that will be used to create these wallpapers.

    On to your questions. Most of this I am pulling out of the 3.0 feature thread
    1) Not at this time. This is a feature that will be available in version 3.0.
    2) 2.6 (current version) and 3.0 support gifs for items, but as far as I can tell, animated gifs are not supported for backgrounds. I am not sure about video support. I thought 3.0 was to have video support, but now I am failing in finding where I saw that information. Users will have many more options to choose from.
    3) Again, the current code can be viewed and edited, but future code will not be. From my experience, there are enough comments to figure out what does what, but not everything is commented, and most comments are around 5-10 words tops.
    4) There is an entire board on this forum dedicated to tutorials. You can find it here:

    Hope this helps.
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