Step on the sand line

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    The boy jumped to his feet, folded his fists and said with a smile, "The eight of you are really trustworthy, and the time is exactly the same." Eight people were silent, standing in the cold wind, their clothes rustling in the wind. The white-browed old man threw away the last piece of chicken bone in his hand and said, "I'll come out of Jianghu again with my hidden body. I'll give you a helping hand if you have trouble." "I dare not," said an old voice. "I will keep my promise, but only for one thing." "Of course," said the white-browed old man with a smile, "I just want to get the treasures of the Lilong Valley." The eight of them seemed to be in a daze. Suddenly they heard a sharp voice saying, "In that case, you must have got the precious picture and understood the mystery." The Pai Mei old man burst out laughing and said, "If that's what you said, what can I ask for?" "It's not just one thing," one man sneered. Pai Mei Sou said angrily, "The affairs in Jianghu are complicated and complicated. How can I ask for the Eight? The ultimate goal is to get the treasures, no matter what means the Eight choose." "No," said Zhao Chuncheng in a low voice. "I've put a lot of effort into this. I've been planning for a long time. How can there be any complications?" As soon as the body jumps, the electricity falls down, kneads the body to lie low, and looks forward. The two girls could not help but feel uneasy about the danger of Yan Xiaoxing. Zhao Chuncheng's body was swift, and his eyes were ten feet away from the old man with white eyebrows. Suddenly the old man's voice rose again and he said, "Can I wait until I think it over before I make a decision?" The old man with white eyebrows was so frightened by the fierce light in his eyes that he immediately restrained himself. "I agree to your request," he said suddenly, "but there is not much time left. I still have something important to do." Several people slowly sat down in a circle and talked with the sound of ants. Pai Mei Sou and his disciples also closed their eyes. Zhao Chuncheng took out a Bodhi bead-like size, pale white beads popped out with dark strength, and automatically burst out a faint fragrant mist above the eight people sitting place. With the cold wind drifting away, Zhao Chuncheng popped up more than ten shadows in a row and exploded in different directions. The fragrance was so weak that it went into the noses of ten people. The white-browed old man was in a trance and drowsy. Zhao Chuncheng rushed out like an electric shot, took off the grimaces on the faces of the eight people, looked at them carefully, memorized the appearance of the eight people, and searched for the things in the bag. He made a secret note on the eight people and still put on the mask. Search the whole body of Pai Mei Sou and his disciples again. A cup of tea time passed, the faint fragrance was blown away by the cold wind, and the ten people gradually regained their senses in a trance. Zhao Chuncheng had rushed back to the top of the tree, only to hear the white-browed old man say in a deep voice, "The eight of you have made a decision. I wonder if you can help me." Although the eight felt slightly different, they suspected that the white-browed old man had secretly used his hands and feet in order to force him to submit. They could not help being excited and angry. They secretly tightened their breath of True Qi and searched the officer's acupoint. They only felt that the Yin and Yang Qi was unimpeded, and they looked at each other in surprise. The old man replied in a voice, "Well, we promise to help you get the treasure, but we will not be forced to do so, nor will we accept any other conditions. We can do whatever we want." The white-browed old man burst out laughing and said, "Your words are like a mountain, and you will never go back on your words. What more can I ask for?" As he spoke, his right arm led his disciples, and both of them rushed into the air, Jumping castle with slide , and the pill threw a star to shoot. The eight grimace men watched the Pai Mei Sou and his disciples disappear and left together. After the eight people left, Xu Feiqiong's mouth released a birdsong, and a white crane suddenly fell from the air. The crane was psychic, and Xu Feiqiong told her to flutter her wings and rush into the sky. Three people rush back to the stone room, Tao Shengsan's body has been removed, Huai Shang Yin Sou Zhu Qiufan and the two rats stealing the sky, the sick King Kong Meng Yilei four people gathered in the stone room to talk, the table is warm with a pot of wine and mountain delicacies. Without saying a word, Yan Xiaoxing ordered the two girls to remove the food and wine, and asked for the four treasures of the study. With his pen, he meditated and drew the appearance of the eight people. Jiang Danian, the second rat to steal the sky, has traveled all over the famous mountains and great lakes in his life. He has seen a lot of people, ranging from dignitaries to ordinary people. He doesn't know how many people he associates with. His four sharp eyes are fixed on the eight painted oak. "You two have traveled all over the world," said Zhu Qiufan. "You've seen a lot. You don't know any of these eight old men. Do you know where they came from?" Lv Kui shook his head blankly and replied, "Forgive Lv's clumsy eyes. I really can't imagine that there is such a thing in Wulin.." "With a cry of surprise, he said," Look, second brother. " The finger pointed to a picture. It was a thin, needle-free old man with only three points of hair under his chin. "This man looks like a monk," said Lu Shan. "He hasn't shaved his head for a long time, so his hair is three points long. His face is very familiar. But for a moment I can't remember him. Think carefully about where you've seen him." Jiang Danian frowned in one place, gazing at the portrait and meditating. The stone room is as silent as water, and the breath can be heard. For a long time, Jiang Danian raised his eyebrows with a look of surprise on his face. He cried, "Ha, Jiang Laoer remembered. Seven years ago, on the moonlit night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to hunt down and kill Cai Zhang, a prostitute who picked flowers and bees, my two brothers changed their appearance and became mountain herbalists. They went deep into Wutai and chased him for two days and one night. They died under the Longpan Stone. Because they had run out of dry food and had not eaten for a long time, I'm waiting in a guest room next to the Xiangji Kitchen. Isn't he the layman who delivers the food? Lu Shanlue thought for a moment and said, "Yes, we've been talking with this monk for a long time. We only feel that we can't stand the vulgar and talk too much foolishly." "It seems we must go to Wutai," said Zhu Qiufan. "Of course," Lu replied. Suddenly, there was a sound of crane jittery in the outdoor sky with the wind. Xu Feiqiong swept out of the room like lightning, only to see a middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and big eyes and a dark complexion standing in the snow with a red-crowned white crane. Seeing Xu Feiqiong, the middle-aged man said with a smile, "Younger Martial Sister, the foolish brother has been ordered by the Master to take a message to Younger Martial Sister. The old white-browed master and his disciples seem to want to go to Wutai. The eight-faced Jianghu people with grimaces are scattered in all directions." Surprised, Xu Feiqiong said, "Where is the Master now? Why does he know?" The middle-aged man said with a smile, "The master and the foolish brother were passing through the jungle. They happened to find the old man with white eyebrows and his disciples sneaking around, as if they were waiting for someone. So they hid on the spot to see what was going on. As the master had expected, outside the forest, they saw eight martial arts masters with grimace masks come in and sit together to discuss in a low voice. Half an hour later, the eight suddenly stood up and said to each other," Take care of yourself. "When spring comes, they Master Pai Mei Sou and his disciples appeared in a flash with a smirk on their faces. "Where do we want to go now?" His disciples asked. Pai Mei Sou said, "Before you do anything,Inflatable water park factory, you must clarify a few doubts so that you can get twice the result with half the effort. As a teacher, I want to go to Wutai, but I'm not in a hurry." 。

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