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    Now Wu Di simply has a blind worship of Zhou Ziwei, even if the black market killer network no matter how cattle B, as long as Zhou Ziwei found the headquarters of the organization, he believes that Zhou Ziwei can do it. The power of that roar, more than once in Wu Di's dream, until now he can not come out of that nightmare. "Your leg." Zhou Ziwei glanced at Wu Di, who had been sitting in a wheelchair, and said lightly, "You should still be able to walk."? Why are you in a wheelchair all the time? Zhou Ziwei felt that Wu Di had helped him a lot for a while, and there was not much conflict and contradiction between them at the beginning. Now Wu Di didn't owe him anything, but he owed Wu Di a lot, so he planned to do something for Wu Di. So he saw Wu Di sitting in a wheelchair all the time, thinking that he could help him cure the injury on his leg. However, when he used the power of his soul to penetrate Wu Di's legs and examine them, he was surprised to find that Wu Di had only suffered a gunshot wound in his left leg, which had injured the bone, while the other leg was intact. Even though the injury to his left leg would affect his walking, he would not be in a wheelchair all the time. .. Netizens upload chapter The Rebirth of Evil Chapter 265 The Water of Samsara The Rebirth of Evil Chapter 265 The Water of Samsara Zhou Ziwei was completely out of concern to ask Wu Di like this, but Wu Di was so frightened that his face turned pale. He stood up from his wheelchair in a panic and said in a trembling voice, "Mr. Zhou, Wu Di absolutely did not mean to deceive Mr. Zhou. I.." I can walk, but.. After this leg was injured once, I found that the way I walked was really ugly, so. So then I just sat on the wheel. When Zhou Ziwei heard this, he nodded and said, "Oh.." It's like this. To Wu Di this kind of answer Zhou Ziwei is still quite understanding, man. Will have a self-esteem, limping will attract other people's strange eyes, but no matter where they go to sit still, but more momentum. Just like the last time Zhou Ziwei saw Wu Di in the fitness club for the first time,Teardrop Pallet Racking, Wu Di had been sitting on a sofa that could run, talking and laughing calmly. After saying a few words with Zhou Ziwei, he sat on the sofa and quickly retreated behind more than a hundred big men. If Wu Di had not been sitting on the sofa at that time, But if you limp back. Then how to look at how to look embarrassed. But Zhou Ziwei's words were uneventful, but Wu Di was still frightened and hurriedly continued to explain: "Of course.." I I do so also have a deliberate intention to show weakness to the enemy, if there is a business enemy who wants to plot against me, see me sitting in a wheelchair every day will naturally treat me as a disabled person, then if you want to deal with me according to the platoon, of course, will not take me as the main thing, will only calculate the fighting capacity of these people around me, so.. When someone really encounters a plot, I can play the effect of a surprise soldier and catch the other side by surprise. It's just, Mr. Chow.. Please believe that I, Wu Di, asrs warehouse ,industrial racking systems, have absolutely no intention of trying to deceive you from beginning to end. It's just that you haven't asked me all the time, so I haven't said it, I'm true. I really didn't lie to you. For you, if you really want to kill me, you can easily destroy me by blowing your breath. How can you care whether I am lame or paralyzed? To you, there doesn't seem to be any difference at all. Zhou Ziwei didn't expect that his casual question would frighten Wu Di like this. He waved his hand with a wry smile and said, "Don't be nervous. I didn't mean to blame you. I just asked casually." Well, you helped me a lot some time ago. I, Zhou Ziwei, am not an ungrateful person. I will not treat you badly if you help me like this. I know a little about medicine and think about it. It can help you cure this leg completely. But if you want to use this lame leg to paralyze the enemy, this.. I'm not good enough to help you cure it. "Ah," Wu Di was dumbfounded when he heard this. He was stunned for a long time before he said hurriedly, "No, no, no.. I I use this trick to paralyze the enemy, which is also a matter of grabbing grass and beating rabbits. If my legs are all right, I can walk like a normal person and live a normal life. Why do I have to dress up as a paralytic, Mr. Zhou? If you are really sure to help me cure this leg, I.. Even if I spend all my money to repay you, I am willing to you. You must help me! Before I was rich, I always wanted to make money at all costs, even at the expense of my health in exchange for wealth. But now that I really have money, I realize how stupid I used to be. Money.. For a person, it is just an external thing, and the body is his own. If you don't have a healthy body, what's the point of having more wealth? Wu Di said that he remembered the proud seven-foot man when he was young. Although he had no money to spend, he was as healthy as a calf. Now he has money, but he is only in his thirties, but he seems to be in his seventies and eighties. He sits in a wheelchair all day long. Occasionally, when he meets an ignorant child on the street, he even calls him Grandpa. If this is the price that must be paid for money, then Wu Di really would rather not have money, as long as he can return a healthy body, he would rather change back to the poor boy who had no money but was full of vigor, health and self-confidence: Lao Long despises himself here, it seems that Lao Long is a fool who sacrifices his health for money, in order to earn a little more money. Complete the book's daily update of 10000 words, only five hours of sleep a day.. Er, well, I tell the truth, in fact, I am complaining, in order to win the sympathy of the book friends, I hope you can support the original, subscribe to the reward, don't let the old dragon body collapse, money is not earned, that is not a fool,warehouse storage racks, but a fool fork, I don't want to be a fool fork.. Whoo, whoo..) 。

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